How to distinguish female strawberry bushes from men’s?

The main reasons for scant strawberry crops in the presence of numerous landings on the site, some beginner gardeners consider poor-quality care, bad weather or climatic conditions. However, the experienced owners of household sites argue that such a problem is most often found in the case when men’s berry melts are dominated, and not women’s plants. How to find out which bushes of strawberries are female, and which are male, why do you need to do, how do men’s bushes are different from women and whether to delete them – tell me in this article.

Why detect Pol?

To begin with, it should be noted that the separation of strawberry bushes on “men’s” and “female” from a scientific point of view is incorrect. Strawberry (she – homemakers garden) is a monocotted plant, which has pedestal (men’s) and lamb (female) flowers formed and develop on flowers almost simultaneously. Subsequently, an ovary is formed on the site of each flower, and then the fruit.

However, often on berry molds of beginner gardeners can be found strawberries related to aggressive grades (examples – Bakhmutka, Dubnyak, Zhmurka, suspension).

Garden strawberries of these varieties forms a very large number of powerful, long mustache and actively grow up, with time, reassuring the main fertile varieties, as a result of which they stop in growth and even dying.

Wherein The plants themselves are fruiters are very poor, most often forming rare, small and tasteless berries. It is these bushes that are found on the defensions of strawberries, the people were called “men’s”, that is, fruitless (although, as already mentioned above, from the point of view of nerds this is an incorrect designation). To avoid misunderstandings in this publication, the integral classification of garden strawberry bushes will be used, in accordance with which they are “male” and “female”.

The ability to distinguish men’s strawberry bushes from female – the key to preservation on the fruit-growing plant and, as a result, the underlying condition of regular obtaining abundant yields. Aggressively racing on the defense, men’s sockets are removed from the soil a large amount of moisture and useful substances, thereby making the fruit-sized female plants of full nutrition. In addition, the active development of fruitless men’s bushes entails a thickening of landings, which ultimately leads to the oppression of the growth of women’s sockets and a decrease in their immunity.

This, in turn, is negatively affected by the quality of the harvest – the berries begin to become small, and their taste is significantly reduced. Fruit plants themselves begin to root and fade.

Besides, Without the ability to distinguish the fruiting and fruitless plants can not do when breeding garden strawberries. This valuable skill will allow you to dilute on the site only yields.

Main differences

Distinguish men’s outlets from female in their attentive visual examination. So, the main signs of the male bush are:

  • larger dimensions (height and diameter of the bush);
  • powerful structure;
  • A large number of large, aspiring leaves on straight cutters;
  • cone-shaped form with a narrow base;
  • Saturated, dark emerald color of foliage;
  • The presence of a large amount of mustache with formed young sockets.

Unlike female bushes, male plants bloom very rarely. Their single flowers also differ from women’s larger sizes, the presence of a large number of stamens. Basins on men’s bushes is almost not formed, and rare fruits have minor sizes, a rigorous look, low taste qualities. The diameter of the base in an adult male bush usually does not exceed 4 centimeters.

Women’s outlets of garden strawberries differ from men’s smaller dimensions, slightly shiny shape. The leaves and mustows are formed on them – this allows plants to save the forces necessary for the flowering and formation of a large number of groceries.

Leaves of female bushes usually have thin, curved and slightly peeling on the ground.

In general, it is possible to identify a female bush by its modest appearance, a small leaves, rare thin mustache and a wide base. During the flowering period on plants of this type, a large number of small buds are formed, which are not blown up to the end.

However, according to experienced gardeners, the easiest to distinguish female and men’s familys during the fertilization period. With high-quality care and favorable external conditions, women’s bushes will always be decorated with a large number of umbrellas and fruits.

It is important to take into account that on the mustache of strawberries most often the first women are formed. Taking into account this feature, during breeding plants, gardeners usually use first order sockets.

You can distinguish a young female outlet from a male on a small light brown or light red “heart”, lying on the basis of young bustle.

For reproduction of strawberries, the discovered young first order sockets are left on the mustache for rooting. After 4-5 leaves are formed on them, the mustache is cut off so as not to exhaust the parent plant. At the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall, the rapid sockets, if necessary, transplanted to a new defense.

How to remove men’s chest?

Some gardeners believe that completely removing men’s marines with strawberry beds should not be referring to the fact that they are necessary for polling women’s bushes. However, this opinion is erroneous, because the flowers of both sexes are formed on the flowering arrows of the garden strawberries.

In the same time Men’s family is really necessary for breeding strawberry landings, as they are able to form strong mustache with young female rosettes (first queue). For this reason, summer houses are recommended to leave men’s bushes on the plot, based on the optimal proportion: 1 male plant for 10 women’s.

No matter how many male bushes will be left on a strawberry defense, the gardener will have to control their growth and development throughout the summer season and timely remove the extra musty, not letting them grow.

It is important to take into account the fact that the removal of extra male sockets should be made with maximum caution to avoid damage to the roots of adjacent plants. Root system of garden strawberries – superficial, thick branched, so closely planted bushes are often intertwined with roots with each other.

To carefully remove from landing a male bush, it should be tightly clasped with his fingers for the base, after which the slow, twisting movements to remove from the ground with the roots. To simplify and facilitate the process of extracting the plant from the ground, the garden is allowed to pre-shed out rescued (not cold!) Water.

It is ultimately not recommended to remove men’s bushes, rudely pulling them out of the ground. Also should not use knife or garden scissors for this purpose.

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