How to deal with the strawberry tick on the strawberry?

Strawberry tick – a frequent guest on sites with garden strawberries and strawberries. He causes much harm to plants that subsequently affects their yields. How to determine the presence of a strawberry tick, why it appears and how to deal with him, we will tell below.

Description of the pest

Strawberry tick is a segmental insect, which is one of the species of parasitic ticks. He inflicts a large view of strawberries and garden strawberries. If it does not fight with him, then this parasite is able to destroy about 70% of all fruits.

This type of insect is very spread. It can often be found on strawberries or strawberries. The pest looks as follows: it is small, and its caller is almost completely transparent with a pale brown or pale yellow color, has the form of oval and triangular legs. Related this malicious insect with a naked eye, especially at the first time of its appearance, it is quite difficult because of its imperceptible colors and small sizes. The maximum length is about 2 millimeters, and the maximum width is only 1 millimeter.

Areolet of these parasites is represented by those areas in which temperate climate, because of which within our country they are common enough. Their wintering is most often in the area of ​​young bushes, in the cracks of the stem and not only. In the spring, when the temperature rises to the required mark, the insect begins to carry out egg layout.

The development of this parasite from the first stage and until full-fledged adult lasts about 30-40 days. It affects exclusively weather conditions, humidity and climate level.

The most favorable for the formation of this parasitic insect is Air mass temperature at 15-25 degrees and moisture level up to 80%. In the presence of such conditions for one season, the parasite can give about 7 generations. By the summer, the number of these pests begins to actively increase and already in August reaches his peak. By this time, the parasite, if it is not exterminated, usually spreads around the site.

Harm these parasites predominantly the green part of the plant, that is, its leaves. They actively feed on their cellular juice, which subsequently leads to the deformation of foliage, it becomes an oily and wrinkled in appearance. It affects the fruits of strawberry landing. Since the berries are sharply lacking the necessary substances they need, they cannot fully formed, because of what small fruits are subsequently dominated in the crop. With the active attacks of the parasite strawberry and strawberry landings in the end, simply die.

Causes of appearance

Strawberry ticks and other malicious insects appear on berry landings for various reasons.

Most often guilt it poor-quality plant care. There is a rare elimination of weeds and loosening the Earth, the deficiency of feeding with a high content of useful nutrients, the remains of the old vegetation on the site, excess water during watering and the infrequent trimming of strawberry mustaches.

Pest, and rather its larvae, can also get to the plant with the help of garden devices, clothes or shoes. In addition, it is often promoted Animals and birds.

Malicious insects may also appear on the strawberry due to the fact that The place for its landing is chosen wrong: it is too shaded, Because of which there is a high level of humidity and dampness, which creates the most favorable conditions for these ticks. In addition, wine can be more infected seed material, A rare change of location for growing plants and the close arrangement of strawberry bushes to landings such cultivated plants that belong to the family of Parenic.

Signs of defeat

You can determine the presence of pest on the plant in many ways. So, The amazed plants begin to grow slightly slower, and then stop in growth at all. Damaged strawberry bushes are usually characterized by dwarf.

As for the foliage of such plants, the young leaves begin to twist and wrinkle, some of them may not reveal at all. The rest are changing the color, the oily yellowness begins to prevail in it. Ultimately such leaves dry.

It is possible to determine the presence of a pest and as a state of fruits. The harvest is very small, and most of it does not even have time to fully mature and dries.

In addition, those strawberry bushes that were amazed by a malicious insect, Lose High cold resistance. Reduced temperatures they are not transferred and soon die.

How to fight?

Special preparations

The use of chemicals is a radical measure that is considered one of the most effective. Such means are able to help you completely remove the pest, but it is worth considering that they have a lot of flaws. Such drugs are very toxic, when used, there is a risk of harm and plant, and. In addition, chemicals will eliminate not only malicious strawberry ticks, but also useful insect pollinkers.

Among such means for processing from a tick, it is recommended to choose acaricides or insectoacaricides of system action.

The most popular among chemicals of this kind are the preparations like:

  • “Aktara”;
  • “Phytoverm”;
  • “Fufanon”;
  • “Svitch”;
  • “Carbofos”;
  • “Aktellik”;
  • “Akarin”;
  • Omaith;
  • “Kemifos”.

Note that all these drugs have high toxicity. Using them, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, do not exceed the dosage of substances, be sure to comply with the safety technique and use individual means of protection – respirator, mask and glasses, as well as rubber gloves.

In addition, the parasites did not produce addiction, it is necessary to alternate drugs with each processing, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.

Biological methods

This method is also not bad in the fight against parasitic insects. It implies the use of entomophages, that is, predatory insects that can eliminate all pests on the strawberry.

The method refers to the number The most effective. In addition, it is absolutely safe for humans, and for strawberry bushes, and for the environment as a whole. You can buy such insect assistants in specialized stores, the only minus is their high enough price.

Folk remedies

Many daches in the fight against the strawberry tick prefer precisely to the funds that are cooked by popular recipes. Their main feature is that they are completely harmless for humans and for the plant. In addition, they are available, it can be prepared for themselves from the remedies at home

However, note that these funds differ much less efficiency than biological and chemical. Extract ticks in large numbers they will not be able, best of all will be used in preventive purposes or in combination with other ways of struggle.

  • So, for the preparation of one of the solutions you will need 0.2 kilogram onion husk and water bucket. All this needs to be mixed and leave to appear on 5 days in some warm place. After time expiration, the solution must be strain, after which it is possible to spray plants.
  • Get rid of the pest can also help garlic. You will need 0.2 kilograms of the main component in crushed form and water bucket. All this must be left to appease for 3 hours. Before use, the mixture must be strain.
  • To combat parasitic insects suit ammonia. You need only 30 milliliters tools to pour water, after which the plants shed them.
  • Velkhattsev tincture – Another mixture that can help get rid of malicious strawberry ticks. It will take 0.3 kilograms of the main component in the chopped form and water bucket. All this needs to be mixed and leave for the tincture for 3 days, after which it is strain. Next, it is possible to water a solution with a solution, it should be done with a frequency of 3 days.
  • Alternative to the velvets may be Calendula or dandelion. You can also take cleanprint, but in this case you will need only 0.1 kilograms of the main component.
  • Another option for the solution – Tomato Tomato. You will need 1/3 buckets of the main component and adjustable water. All this should stand for about 3 hours, after which the solution must be brought to a boil and peak 10-15 minutes. Next, the mixture must cool, it is necessary to strain, add ½ pieces of the coarse soap and water to the bucket to be full. Spray in such a solution of plants recommended 2-3 times.

How to handle?


Monitor the state of strawberry bushes is necessary from the earliest spring. In the presence of symptoms that indicate the appearance of a pest, the plant should be processed. Processing can also be carried out in preventive purposes in order to prevent the appearance of parasites. You can do this by the drug like “Phytosporin” or folk remedies.

Note that during the flowering of plant treatment, the more chemicals, it is better to avoid. Get rid of parasites if they are, you need before this period.


In the summer, the treatment of chemicals, folk remedies. It will not be superfluous to take advantage of biological methods.

It should be borne in mind that after the processing of strawberries, chemicals eat its berries only at least 2 weeks later.

In autumn

After the final harvest collection, the plant also needs to be protected from pests. Culture can be protected using chemical and folk remedies. It is recommended to conduct processing in dry, rainy and mad weather or in the evening, in order not to put harm to landing. At the same time, processing should be carried out carefully, paying attention to each side of the leaflet, stems and soil, as parasite larvae may remain there.

If after processing the rain went, the processing should be re-conducted.


Compliance with preventive measures will help to avoid the appearance of malicious insects or, in case of which prevent their distribution in the early stages.

  • So, initially need to use Healthy seedlings, in which you are exactly sure.
  • For growing plants you need to pick up a good place, so that it was not overlooked and raw. It is recommended to choose such places that are found from old plants and Parenic crops.
  • It is also necessary on a regular basis Eliminate weed plants, Periodically carry out soil and trimming strawberry mustache.
  • Old plant residues need to be removed After the final harvest, Since they can remain pest larvae.
  • Garden inventory should be periodically Disinfect, Since it is one of the main pest carriers and its larvae.
  • When disembarking strawberries, it is recommended periodically Alternate plots. Re-plant the plant on the site is allowed not earlier than after 4 years.
  • In addition, in preventive purposes you need regularly handle Plants by folk remedies.

    Sustainable varieties

    In order for your strawberry less suffering from attacks of a tick, it is recommended to choose such varieties that are highly resistant to parasites. Such varieties include:

    • “Viola”;
    • “Kokinskaya Zarya”;
    • “Mommy”;
    • “Slavutych”.

    About how to deal with strawberry tick, look in the video below.

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