How to bother strawberries yeast?

Perhaps there is no such dacket that would not grow strawberries on his site. It is easy to care, and bushes are pleased with a decent harvest. But the more attention to the fertilizer of strawberries, the larger and sweeter will be a berry. Therefore, it is worth learn how to bother strawberries yeast, which recipes exist, and what time to do this.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

Pros and minuses of feeding

What fertilizers do not invent gardeners and gardens to improve the quality of plants and the amount of crop. About what can be filled with strawberries yeast, many know. But here, that gives such a feeding, and what it is worth achieving with its help in the garden, it is worth considering more.

First, pay attention to the pros.

  • Yeast is rich in greasy acids, amino acids and other chemical elements, who are able to benefit plants.
  • Strawberry with such feeders will always receive vitamins of group in, What will give the opportunity to more actively ripen fruits.
  • Yeast can be bolded to call Activator of height, Thanks to which bushes grow more actively, they develop well sockets, the mustache is better, the root system is strengthened.

In addition, yeast helps the plant to resist various diseases. All this in aggregate improves fruiting.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

How to bother strawberries yeast?

But it should be understood that in everything good measure, and if you overdo it, you can get the opposite effect. So minuses of feeding can manifest themselves in this case. Consider them.

  • With too frequent use of yeast In the soil, the lack of calcium and potassium begins, and the plants should receive all the necessary substances.
  • The solution cannot be stored for a long time. It needs to be used immediately after cooking, otherwise he will lose its properties.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

How to prepare a solution from different yeast?

Make yeast feeding from different types of yeast. Use most often ordinary bakery yeast, which can be bought at any grocery store. Consider various recipes and cooking process.

From dry

Most convenient many consider the preparation of infusion from dry yeast. To do this, we need to dissolve one teaspoon of dry powder in a liter of warm water, then add sugar (one teaspoon) and insist for 2 hours. After that, it remains to dilute the resulting mixture with 4 liters of water, and you can start watering.

There is another recipe. Mixed on one tablespoon of sugar and yeast, add a packet ascorbic acid, and poured it a liter of water. Then it is possible to strengthen for several hours, and then breed a solution with water in the proportion of 1: 10

How to bother strawberries yeast?

How to bother strawberries yeast?

From fresh

Live yeast are also used quite often. Recipe simple. In one liter of water, 50 grams of yeast are bred. After a few hours, the solution is adjusted to 5 liters, then used by appointment.

If there are extruded yeast, you can grate them for convenience and dilute water liter. Next, it should be pushing it, and immediately before irrigated with water. 20 grams of extruded yeast use 20 liters of water.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

On bread

Yeast feeding may turn out when using bread and sugar. To do this, it is enough to open the loaf of bread, it is quite suitable for a stalking option, but not moldy. After that, sugar and half liters of warm water are added. Such a composition will cause fermentation after a while.

But some for a more reliable effect are addicted by yeast, although it is optional. After insisting during the day, the solution is brought to 10 liters, diluting with water, and fertilize plants.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

Based on wheat

The grains of germinated wheat are complemented by two tablespoons of flour and sugar, a little water is added, bring to a boil, and boiled a few minutes. In order for the mixture to wandered, it is left for several hours. Then it is bred in 10 liters of water, and fertilize strawberries.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

On the basis of hop cones

Hop cones can be bought in a pharmacy. A cup of cones is poured into a water container, and boiled within an hour. Next add on a spoon of sugar, flour and to accelerate the fermentation process – yeast. All this is left in a dark place for several hours, then diluted with water, after which we get to garden work.

How to bother strawberries yeast?


So that the process of feeding has passed successfully, the beds should be prepared with strawberry properly. If this happens in early spring, then you need to remove the shelter from strawberries, spend a thorough inspection, remove all frozen and dry fragments. The following stages will join the soil, garbage cleaning, which remained from autumn. Next, it is necessary to irrigate, and only then you can proceed directly to the fertilizer of bushes.

If the feeding occurs during the season, the preparation will be a little different. First to remove all weeds, slightly bragging the soil. In the event of traces of pests, it is worth treating bushes with any means, but if berries are already present, folk recipes are chosen (for example, garlic tincture, ammonia alcohol). In addition, you need to walk along strawberry beds, remove bad sheets, remove extra so that the bush spend the power to ripen berries, and not on the foliage.

Then the bushes need to be poured, and only after that produce all manipulations with making feeding.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

Do not mix several fertilizer options at once. If it is planned to use yeast infusion, then other fertilizers can be made of weeks after two.

When and how to make fertilizer?

To feed the strawberry for a large harvest throughout the season, but not often, but at certain times. Some gardeners believe that there are several stealing for the season. It is permissible to use both the root feeder and the extraxornica in the form of spraying. It should be remembered that it is necessary to fertilize the plants correctly, that is, at first it is necessary to irrigate, water should be clean and resistant.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

In early spring

The first time the strawberries fertilize immediately after removing the observed material, if the garden was protected from frosts. As soon as they made cleaning on the beds, the land was shuffled, you can easily eat yeast mixtures, using one of the recipes. Even if freezing will be returned, the plant will transfer this stress much more calmer if he gets its portion of fertilizers.

During flowering, strawberries also make sure. Flowers appear in late April – early May, and sometimes in June, it all depends on the region of cultivation and variety of strawberries. When blooming must be careful.

In order not to damage the flowers, you need to pour fertilizers neatly under the bush, spraying is better to postpone until the end of flowering. Water should also be careful.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

During fruiting

Ripening berries is just the moment when feeding is needed. From timely fertilizer, the magnitude, sweetness and juice of berries depends. You can pour the fertilizer for the root, as well as spray bushes. In the process of ripening berries should increase the amount of irrigation, especially if the weather is hot, and there is no rain.

Do it better in the evening, as a last resort, early in the morning. In the middle of the day, no manipulations with plants are carried out, it applies to fertilizers.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

After harvest

In the summer after harvesting, the strawberry can be fertilized with yeast additives again, and then simply periodically water bushes, remove weeds, extra mustache, prepare plants gradually by winter.

Fertilizers after harvesting are very important because they give the plants to recover after fruiting and make the necessary supply of nutrients for the future season.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

Useful advice

Feeding all the dackets are required, because without them you should not wait for a good harvest. But often do not recommend them. Many experienced gardeners believe that three feeding the yeast for the season is quite enough. It is very important to do this during flowering and fruiting, the third dressing is carried out at the discretion of the gardener, or the yeast is replaced by other types of nutrients.

Applying yeast, do not forget that watering should be abundant, especially in the process of ripening berries. Otherwise they will be small and tasteless.

Yeast formulations will also be useful and even necessary when:

  • Strawberry transplant to a new place;
  • rooting mustache;
  • soaking seeds before falling into the soil.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

As for the excerpt of the composition, here the opinions are divergent. Some prefer to limit ourselves to a few hours, others insist a mixture of a day and believe that only then it reaches its maximum benefit. But the main thing that the solution prepared for all rules is used immediately as soon as he is ready. Leave it until the next feeding is not impossible.

Other gardener tips will help.

  • So that the strawberry gave a good harvest and was healthy, one feeding with yeast little, Other options should be applied, including nitrogen, phosphoric and potash.
  • It is worth considering that long in one place strawberry is actively not fruit – Berries with time will be smaller, the number will decline. Therefore, once every 5 years need to update the soil, and Ideally look for other beds for strawberries. Kostics should also be new.
  • In order to rummage strawberry more time, on the site it is better to plant different varieties: early, medium and late. Many choose the removable strawberry, which is fruit to the autumn itself.
  • So that moisture in the land remained longer, and watering had to do less often, Gardeners recommend growing bushes on black material, which also does not allow weeds. It greatly simplifies the care of strawberries, and the beds look well-groomed and neat.
  • You can also use mulch in sawdust, she will also allow moisture in the ground, and weeds will grow not so actively.

How to bother strawberries yeast?

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