How to apply iron vintage for grapes?

Bright, large leaves, bunches of juicy berries, healthy plants – the dream of any grapeter. Fungicidal and insecticidal drugs are used to protect the vineyard from diseases and pests. One of the most useful and universal assistants in the grape case is the iron vigor, which will continue to tell more.

Benefit and harm

Iron vitrios or iron sulfate – a good choice because it is able to solve many of the problems faced by gardeners and farmers when growing grapes. This is a non-toxic substance, and its use directly on the plant will result in the following useful changes:

  • Complete healing of plants from diseases that can spread insects to fruit shrubs;
  • the destruction of harmful microorganisms living on the leaves in the crust, as well as the disinfection of the soil, saturation it is necessary for the development of grapes with iron;
  • ensuring chlorophyll formation and the effectiveness of the process of photosynthesis in the leaves;
  • Grape brushes grow strong, the strings are formed a lot;
  • Strengthening the Lose themselves: they become elastic, the brittleness of the bush is eliminated;
  • Detection of some invisible faces of diseases, for example, oidium – fungal illness, which is manifested by dark spots after processing by iron vitrios;
  • Prevention of diseases and resistance to harsh temperature drops, which is relevant for thermal-loving grapes both during wintering and spring when shelter is removed.

In the gardening, iron sulfate is used to fight not only with such common illness, like spotted necrosis (characterized by drying of the vines and sleeves of the bush), bacterial cancer (breaking the grape bark), anthraczn (die away and taking leaves, their sweets, ridges of grape clodes), but and with many other infections.Iron vigor does not allow to attack grapes harmful parasites. Thanks to the processing of grapes with iron vitality, yield increases at times, culture is growing better.

It is possible to harm grape sulfate iron, if you do not comply with the dosage, use the incorrect concentration of the substance. This will lead to the formation of burns on the leaves.

Remember that if you use the drug, ignoring the instruction, then you can not get the expected positive effect.

There are a few more points:

  • Unexime treatment with iron vitriors will not allow grape kidney to reveal, and the fruits will not have time to mature on time;
  • The use of the substance simultaneously with other chemical compositions will spoil the effect;
  • If we prepare solutions in iron containers, the reaction may also be unfavorable.

So as not to apply harm grapes, you need to follow the rules for using the drug compiled by experienced gardeners. Then the Iron Court will show its best properties, and the result in the form of a blooming vineyard will not make himself wait.

How to dilute?

The solution of iron mood is pretty easy if you follow the elementary rules and observe the known proportions of water and powder. The concentration of iron sulfate depends on the age of the plant and the purpose of the application of the solution. So, to process young grapes should be added to a solution slightly smaller dose of iron vigor, rather than for an adult plant. If a healthy plant is processed for the prevention of diseases, then the dosage should be not so big as in the treatment.

Before you begin the preparation of a suitable solution, you should first take care of the selection of protective clothing in order for the mixture by accidentally did not hit the skin, in the eye, inside the body. After cooking the desired equipment: Capacities for breeding and sprinkler or soft brushes that you will apply iron vigor on a plant.

Iron containers for dilution of such a composition are not suitable, it is better to use plastic, ceramic, glass models.

For processing grapes, iron sulfate solutions 3 and 5%. Three percent composition is prepared as:

  1. take 10 liters of outstanding water;
  2. Prepare for mixing with water 300 g of iron vigor powder;
  3. Powder dilute with water, mix until complete dissolution.

Such an iron vigor is used in preventive purposes.

The five percent mixture is prepared according to the following scheme:

  1. We take 500 g of iron vigor, water consumption former – 10 liters;
  2. We connect water and powder, thoroughly stir.

In the case when a disease has been found in grapes, the dose of iron sulfate should be 5%.

Use iron vigor immediately after cooking, because the mixture has a short shelf life, it is quickly oxidized. If the concentration of the substance in the solution will be higher than the norm, it can harm grapes.

Application options

Iron vigor with regular use will allow to get rid of most problems with grapes. There are certain schemes that indicate the time of processing of vineyards sulfate iron.

Spraying is carried out in spring and autumn. In the spring work is performed when the kidneys of grapes are swollen, but not yet blocked. Autumn processing must be carried out after harvest when the leaves are faltered, and the trimming has already been done. Such a spraying is carried out before the shelter of culture for the winter. Spring spraying, the deadlines of which fall in February-April, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of grape vine fungus. In this case, the air temperature should not be lower than +5 degrees.

Also at this time, the gardeners use iron vigor to, To protect the vines from frosts with reliable film appearing on culture after spraying.

Late frosts make harm to the kidneys sensitive to drops and reduce the future vintage grapes. The film protects the plant for two weeks after it is processed by the drug. The process of dismising the kidneys is postponed, grapes will not suffer from frost.

How to prepare a suitable solution, will tell the following instruction:

  • Take 10 liters of water and 50 g of iron vigor;
  • dissolve the iron vapor powder in the liquid;
  • Spray the vine of grapes completely, as well as the Earth around: there may be causative agents of diseases.

After processing grapes with iron sulfate on the side cuttings, the roots will appear. Grapes will be resistant to weather changes. In October-November, grapes spray before the shelter so that he will be better overwhelming and harmful mold, rot, rot. In the fall, it is important to get rid of all diseases, because with the onset of spring, a weakened plant will lose chances of good growth. For this prepare the following iron vigor solution:

  • It takes 300 (for a young plant) or 500 (for adult) grams of iron vigor;
  • In 10 liters of water, the desired amount of iron sulfate powder is divorced;
  • Vine is carefully processed, especially where there were amazed plots.

In the last number of autumn, grape letters are cut and they can also be sprayed with iron vigor. Processing of such cuttings is especially important before storing in winter. When the cuttings are already cut, you need to prepare a five-percent solution of iron sulfate and immerse the letters into it for 5 seconds, and after drying. This method of processing is struggling with mold and perfectly retains cuttings during the winter and until the landing.

Both in the spring and in the fall, the processing of grapes must be carried out 2 or 3 times with an interval in two weeks. Grapes spray in a windless and dry weather. After this work must pass several hours without rain.

If the weather is cloudy and precipitated constantly, then the Iron Court use every day.


Iron sulfate are used as soil fertilizer in order to feed grapes with minerals. Iron sipop eliminates the lack of iron, which is often manifested in falling into the leaves of grapes, slowing down the development of the plant as a whole. The shoots of the plant brighten from the tops, and then can dry and the whole bush.

But, fortunately, iron chlorosis is treated simply, and this can be done by following such instructions:

  1. Take 10-20 g of iron vapor and 10 liters of water;
  2. dive into water powder;
  3. Pour the soil.

Iron vigor is a valuable drug because it is very easily absorbed by plants. Often the composition of the soil in which grapes grows, it does not allow to absorb iron from her. In this case, it takes on the aid of the feeding of iron sulfate.

Useful and watering grapes by iron vitriol with urea. Additionally, such a mixture can be used for insecticidal treatment (it is good in the fight against insect larvae). Need to water the soil and spray stalks.

The composition of such feeding is prepared as follows:

  1. We make a three-percent solution of iron sulfate (300 g per 10 liters of water);
  2. We take 100 g of urea;
  3. We mix urea and iron sulfate solution.

From diseases and pests

Properly cooked mixture of iron sulfate cure grapes from a variety of pathogens pests. Therapeutic processing will be needed to spend 5-7 times. Need to apply a solution on the affected areas of the plant and water them soil around.

Iron vigor treats only infectious diseases of non-bacterial nature, such as Mildew (leaf fabrics are brightened, an easily erasable gun appears, the grape shoots are taken out), gray rot (discoloration of shoots without capturing leaves, and in the future – the dedication of whole inflorescences), black cancer (leaf deformation , short-sized shoots, drying sleeves). Against bacteria sulfate iron plants do not handle.

You can not spray grapes with iron vitrios during fruiting. Spraying grapes from diseases is possible after harvesting either before the ripening period of berries. The processing of grapes affected by mildew, gray rot and oidium is carried out using concentrated composition. A four-percent or five percent solution is prepared from 400-500 g of iron mood taken on 10 liters of water.

Lichens and MAs are also unwanted objects in the vineyard. They weaken the plants on which are located. When they are detected on grapes, gardeners spend spraying with a three-percent solution of iron sulfate (300 g of powder on 10 liters of water). The growths die away, and after 3 hours they can mechanically scrape.

When processing against moss and lichens, try not to splash the solution on the young foliage of grapes.

Disinfection of wounds and cracks

If cracks and wounds appear on the vines of grapes, then the danger of infection of the plant with infections arises. Also because of the violation of the integrity of the cover of the bark of the bush can break. Iron vigor disinfects the locations of damage and forms a film, strengthening grapes and not allowing pests to penetrate into the wound. A single object is used.

100 g of iron vitriol powder and 10 liters of water are taken to prepare the mixture. Dissolve powder in water and process them culture. Make sure it is not going to rain. Otherwise repeat the processing every day. And in order to correctly treat cracks and wounds on grapes, you will need a soft brush.

The same composition is treated with a hollow on culture and whites trunks.

Security measures

To safely carry out grapes, follow the rules.

  • Working, use personal protective equipment (gloves, respirator and t. NS.) not to get random skin burns with mortar.
  • Strictly observe the dosage of the substance, because a very high concentration is able to burn grapes, and he will die. Instead of therapeutic drug, the solution may be poison.
  • In the summer, use the substance only on painful sections of the vine.
  • After work using iron vitality, other drugs and phosphorodorganic connections can be used only two weeks later.
  • Keep iron vigor in hard-to-reach places, far from small children and animals. Processing the vineyard, limit the movement of family members.

Frequent errors

Failure to comply with the instructions for use and safety rules is the most common error in grape processing by iron vigorous. But there are other nuances.

  • It often happens that iron sulphate is mixed with lime or alkalis. Do not use other drugs with iron vigor. It is allowed to mix iron vapora only with citric acid, carbamide.
  • Too low concentration of the substance will not bring due results. To combat mineral starvation, pests and infections, use the dosage indicated in the instructions.
  • Treatment of bacterial infections with iron vitrios will not bring the result.
  • Do not forget about the timing and processing sequence. Following the schemes, you protect grapes.

Grape growth and its high yield are achieved by the right concern and attentive care when growing.

About how the grape processing is happening by iron vitrios, look in the following video.

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