How can you propagate a cherry?

Cherry is a pretty popular tree that is often planted in areas. You can do this in several ways. Each of them has its own characteristics that you need to find out before work.

Reproduction of cuttings

This method of breeding is the most suitable for novice gardeners. It allows you to quickly grow a young tree with almost zero. It should be remembered that to the process of rooting the plant will need proper care. Without it, it will not be able to take care.


Planning plant falling late in spring or summer, you need to prepare for soothing in the fall. Cut cuttings need from well fruitful and healthy tree. It must be younger than 10 years. You need to choose for breeding strong branches that are at the bottom of the crown. Each of them should have several healthy kidneys. Cut future cuttings need to be sharp knife. Do it need one rapid movement. Otherwise there is a risk to damage the bark. Cutted cuttings need to be stored in a cool place. As a rule, they are neatly binding, and then turn the transparent film. From time to time cuttings you need to carefully examine. They should not be traces of mold or rot.

Before planting cuttings, they need to get from the food film. To make it easier for them to germinate, shoots need to leave for a day in a special solution. Such a product to accelerate the root formation can be bought in specialized stores.


Looking out cuttings Most gardeners prefers in the second half of summer. Unfortunately, many plants due to this do not have time to root before the start of frosts. To increase the likelihood of rooting, cuttings can be planted in the first days of June. At this time they are quickly covered with green leaves. It is necessary to plant them in the prepared in advance. The soil must be cleaned of garbage and old leaves. Prepared Plot need to move well. Next to the soil requires fertilizer and ash.

On the plot it is necessary to dig the right number of small holes. The twigs are plugged into the soil so that only the upper kidney remains upstairs. As a rule, gardeners sit down at once several cuttings. After all, not all shoots are coming.

Subsequent care

Immediately after planting the plants you need to pour and inspire. In further, care for them will also have to pay attention. Young seedlings should be watered as needed. It is impossible to allow soil drying. It should be remembered that the cherry does not like too much water. If you water it very actively, the roots of the plants can start climbing.

It is also very important to ensure that the seedlings do not hurt and have not been subjected to pest attacks. If you ignore this moment, it will not be possible to dilute the cherry.

How to grow a bone tree?

The process of growing young trees from the seedy takes a long time. He is very troublesome. In addition, the gardener will have to plant a large number of stones. Only in this case, you can choose a strong and healthy sprout. It is necessary to harvest the seeds during the active fruction of cherry. Choosing a bone of sweet and large berries. All of them must be healthy and beautiful.

The process of growing is sweet consists of several stages.

  • First of all the bones need to be treated with cold. This is done in order to awaken the life forces of future plants, as well as harden the seed material. As a rule, for this bone simply placed in a container with wet sand. She is sent to the cold place. There are seeds and should stand up to spring.
  • After the end of winter, you need to start preparing a place for landing. To bones quickly sprout, they need to start to fall into the container. Capacity should be filled with high-quality soil. It is best to recruit it under the tree from which the berries were collected. To fill the container, you can also use a mixture of fertile soil, high-quality peat and humus. On its bottom you need to lay a layer of drainage.
  • Bones before landing, like a cutlets, you need to dug one day in a high-quality growth stimulator. After that, they can immediately put in the soil at a depth of 2-4 centimeters.
  • After disembarking the bone you need to pour right away. The container must be covered with polyethylene, and then send to a cool place. It is very important that the plant at this stage is in the light.
  • A young sweet cherry grows at home pretty quickly. Already in a year it will be possible to transfer seedlings to bed. Choose for this you need the strongest plants, focusing on the appearance of young sprouts, as well as on their size.

After disembarking, the plant must be regularly water and feed as needed.


Another popular method of breeding is cherry – grafting with cuttings. For this procedure, it is important to choose the right material. You need to take twigs of trees who are fruitful very well. Best cut them off the sunny side of the crown. Each twig should not be shorter 60 centimeters.

It is possible to harvest the cuttings at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. In November, the branches must be cut after all foliage falls from the tree. You can store the harvested material in different places.

  • In the cellar. Branches for Cherry Growing It is worth putting in a bin with wet sand or peat. Next, it should be attributed to the cellar. There cuttings can be stored until spring.
  • In the fridge. This method is suitable for storing a small amount of blanks. Cut branches need to wrap in several layers of the food film. After that, they are immediately placed on the loose shelf.
  • In the container with sawdust. For storage, you need to take a large container and to strip it with a dot wet sawdust. They need to put all the cuttings. On top of them sprinkle with the same material. The branches prepared in this way can be stored in any cool place.

In order to prevent damage to damage, the branches must be carefully monitored. They should not germinate or be covered by mold. Check the state of branches usually once every two weeks.

We can vaccinate a cherry in the country in several ways. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Copuling. On the stock and on the cutlets you need to make two slices. They must be combined and wrapped with a transparent film. If you do everything correctly, after a couple of years, the location of the cut will be practically imperceptible.
  • In crap. Instilling plants in this way begin in early spring. The edge of the selected branch must be carefully cut. Using the ax, on the edge it is necessary to make split. In it and fit prepared in advance twigs. At least two kidneys should be on escape. Lower of them should be at the cut level.
  • Behind Corus. This method of vaccination is suitable for adult trees who have a good bark. It is necessary to make a neat longitudinal cut. Craer needs to be slightly separated. It is necessary to fix the supplied stalk.
  • In butt. Before starting work on the break, you need to make a slice. From the selected area it is necessary to remove a small part of the bark. To the place you need to attach prepared in advance. This site must be immediately fixed using the isol.

Engage in vaccine is best in the summer or in early September. In this case, the plant will definitely be adapted to the onset of cold.

After vaccination, the tree needs special care. You need to pay attention to a number of moments.

  • Moisturizing. Vaccination location should never disappear. This can lead to the death of the. It is important that water droplets are not going between two cuts.
  • Sun protection. In place of vaccinations should not fall straight sun rays. Well, if it is protected from the sun larger branches. If the site is not shaded, protection can be easily made with your own hands.
  • Reliability. So that young escape does not break, it can be additionally fixed with a small pole. In this case, the wind will not harm the cutter.

Usually the vaccination takes good enough quickly. After 2-4 weeks, you can delete all mounts.

Breeding with letters

Another way to propagate a cherry – airbag of shoots. This method is rarely used, because the process takes a long time. In addition, it is not always possible to breed a tree in this way. But some gardeners still choose exactly this method, so it is also worth familiar with it. The process consists of the following steps.

  • First you need to choose a good and healthy branch. It is best to choose the escape that is on the sunny side of the crown.
  • On the surface of the escape you need to make several cuts. These areas of the branch also need to be carefully cleaned from the bark. Cutting places should be treated with a product that stimulates the process of forming roots.
  • The branch prepared in this way should be placed in the package with the soil. His edges need to securely fix.
  • The root formation process may take several years. During this time, the condition of the plant must be regularly verified. The soil should be water from time to time.
  • As soon as the roots appear on the branch, the young escape must be cut off from the tree, and then put it in a greenhouse. There he will be able to root. As a rule, this is done in the second half of autumn.
  • Spring Prepared Escape Locks Open Soil. To root the plant, you need to take care of the same way as behind the usual stalk.

For breeding cherry can also be used. You can find it almost on any plot. She grows straight at the trunk. Seed the pigs are quite simple. Sprouts need to be prepared back from autumn. For this, the roasting zone with annual pig thoroughly molded. Spring plant digs. Do it usually in April. Next they are transplanted into prepared in advance pit. Wells should be big, but not too deep. Roots must be almost at the surface itself.

After planting the plants, we must abundantly. Special attention should be paid to the trimming of a young tree. It is necessary so that the berries on it grow tasty and sweet.

The process of breeding the cherry may seem rather complicated, but the result is worth. If you do everything right, you can grow a healthy and strong tree on the plot, which will be good fruit.

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