How can you grow apple tree from seed?

Apple trees are not reproduced according to the type, which means that a tree grown from a certain variety of seeds will almost certainly produce fruits other than parental.

Almost all modern varieties are incapable of self-pollution. This process is due to insects that transfer pollen. If the gardener himself does not pollinate the tree manually, there is no way to learn about the qualities of another parent tree.

Choosing a bone

The method of breeding fruit trees by bone has many advantages and disadvantages.

Positive aspects include:

  • Apple tree, which is grown from seeds, it turns out High, demonstrates good anchor and frost resistance;
  • Seed seedlings can be grown in the house, but only then transfer to open soil;
  • landing does not require special knowledge.

The main lack of growing new seedlings from the apple seeds – after landing will be held for several years until the cuttings be fron. The disadvantage is also the need to produce several transfers at the beginning of the development of seedlings.

For germination, it is recommended to choose seeds of varieties that are unpretentious in terms of care, sustainable diseases and complex climatic conditions. Not the fact that the seedling inherits their features, but there is such a chance. Apple seed can be collected, then save until spring and start training with the onset of heat. Storage is not a complex process, you can simply put them in the package and remove into the refrigerator.

Material for landing should be externally without damage, evenly painted, tight to the touch. Bones need to be collected from ripe, even better than having fun.

Dates of sowing

If the seeds land at home, then sowing pots can be performed at any time of the year. In the case of open soil, the optimal sowing period of seed is the beginning of autumn. Also allowed to plant an apple tree at the end of summer. In this case, the seeds after washing immediately immerse in the soil. In the fall and winter grain swells, exposed to natural stratification and gives shoots with the onset of spring.

The main rule that should be observed when landing – the seeds of an apple tree must be placed in open soil for 3-4 weeks before the expected offensive of frost.

How to prepare seed and soil?

Grow apple trees from seeds is easy – just need patience and compliance with some basic rules. For the procedure, you will need to prepare:

  • apple bones;
  • compost;
  • pots;
  • paper towel;
  • plastic bag;
  • knife.

The first step in the preparation of seeds for growing apple trees is their washing. To do this, place the bones into the water container, heated to room temperature, and gently mix for 5 minutes. Then it remains to drain the water and decompose the seeds on the newspaper. The flushing process is necessary in order to eliminate the top layer that can slow down. Water can be drained through fine sieve.

The second procedure whose purpose is to mitigate seeds – soaking. For about four days, bones are left in water in a warm place. The temperature of the fluid should be 20-25 degrees. To increase the ability of seeds to gem and avoid the appearance of infectious diseases, you can add growth stimulants into water. Specialized gardeners have a wide range of these drugs, which can be chosen taking into account the variety of crops.

Seven bones – the hardest part. They must be wrapped in a paper towel, moisten it and put in a plastic bag. Searate the latter and put it in the refrigerator. There the landing material must be about a month, from time to time check the bag and wet the seeds again if they seem dry.

When bones start germinate, they are ready for landing. The described process in the professional world was called “Stratification”. There are several varieties of her. Can be placed in a small container, adding sand, peat and activated carbon, observing a 1: 3 ratio; Everything will be necessary to dilute with water until the liquid starts to flow. Keep seeds during the week at room temperature, then remove in the refrigerator. As a result of stratification, seeds are preparing to natural germination conditions.

Artificial imitation of winter conditions increases seed immunity, which favorably affects further maturation and yield.

There is also a natural way of stratification at which it is necessary to extract seeds of fruits of apple trees at the end of summer or September. In this method, they are thoroughly washed and planting into the ground. After the onset of the first frosts, the adaptation of the seed begins, and the spring appears sprouts, already ready for changes in weather conditions.

How to plant?

Put on the apple tree and at home. Earth must be saturated with nutritional components. When growing in the house you need to fill containers of fertile soil, peat, wood ash. Such a composition is required when landing in open ground. Make it yourself quite simple.

It is necessary to plant seeds in shallow grooves (no more than 5 cm). The distance between the bone should be 10-15 cm. If planned to grow plants in one place for several years without transplanting, the gap must be twice as much. But it is when disembarking a seedy directly into open ground.

At the bottom of the drawer or pot laid drainage (small pebbles), you can use pebbles or clay. Most suitable for soil germination – chernozem. Each bone is deepened by one and a half centimeters to the soil, the distance between them – up to two and a half centimeters. Soil moisturizes, better from a spray gun so as not to wash the earth. The sprout started soon two pairs of leaves, the shoots control and remove the weakest.


At home, you can grow an apple tree from the seed without difficulty, but the seedliness will require further care. To ensure intensive growth of young fruit trees, it is necessary to pour it right, fertilize them. After moving germed seeds to an open area, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the development of roots, rising crown and apple ripening.

An important role is playing and trimming trees.


After landing, the central escape is reduced by two – three kidneys, thus you can stimulate the growth of the side branches. Then pruning is performed if necessary. Every year sanitary processing. The procedure is to remove all dry, damaged or frostbed branches.

The formation of the crown is to start doing from the first year. It is necessary to carry out the procedure correctly, then the apple tree grows quickly, and a beautiful tree appears at the cottage.

The formation allows you to give the tree the right form, to form a skeleton. This is such a trimming is the key to the successful development of young apple trees. It is worth removing young shoots that compete with the central, branches growing inside the crowns and intersecting.


When growing an apple tree from seeds, subsequent feeders play a big role. If when transplanting fertilizers was already laid in the landing hole, then in the first year you do not need to feed the tree. Heavy organic, such as manure, for young plants is undesirable: she can burn roots. To increase the green mass at the beginning, you can use infusion of chicken litter or wood ash.

At the end of the summer, fertilizer use phosphorus-potash, brought in small quantities. While the trees grow, they are feeding from three to four times in the season:

  • after winter for greens (nitrogen);
  • during flowering (potassium and phosphoric acid);
  • During fruiting (potassium phosphorus).

In the summer, for the active development of trees and improving the quality of the yield, fertilizers are also required. Common organic additives, such as chicken litter and manure, should not be used in the first year of growth of seedlings, as they can negatively affect growth. Concentrated mineral fertilizers will be more suitable for food.

Before the onset of autumn frosts, grown seedlings are watered with a solution of potassium phosphorus, which acts as a growth stimulator. During the loosening of the Earth, you can use superphosphate and potassium chloride. When using mineral fertilizers, it is necessary to complete the process of feeding.


The main principle – the soil should be wet at all stages of wood development. First (after transplanting seedlings in open soil) should be watering twice a day using a small amount of fluid. In addition, in the first year of life, while the root system does not reach large sizes, watering can be carried out once a week.

It is recommended to moisturize the seedlings early in the morning or in the evening when the sun begins to go. In hot weather you do not need to water the trees, because most of the moisture is instantly evaporates, and if the water falls on the leaves, they can burn.


Separate seedling seedlings several times before disembarking. This is because its root system grows and requires more space, but the transfer to a permanent place on the street should be carried out in the end of spring.

Useful advice

Trying to grow a new apple tree from seeds, even experienced gardeners may face many problems.

We offer to get acquainted with the list of typical difficulties.

  • Transplant is required. At the initial stages of the plant development, it is necessary to transplant several times. When moving immature trees to a new place, there is a risk of damage to the root system or stems.
  • The likelihood of damage to diseases and pests is high. Violation of agricultural technology and unfavorable climate lead to damage to leaves and fruits.
  • Damage to seeds. In preparing the sowing material, it is necessary to observe the set of nuances, because in case of violation of the technology there will be no germs.

In accordance with the standard cargo rules, it will be possible to grow healthy trees that will delight in many apples.

To grow a healthy apple tree from the seed, which will consistently bring a big harvest, experienced gardens first get a sprout from the seed, and then put it in the container and only with the onset of spring tolerate wood into open ground.

Every year it is necessary to carry out preventive measures to care for seedlings, which include:

  • deep cleaning of the soil in the trunk, including the removal of weeds;
  • moderate watering without excess moisture;
  • preventing crown thickening;
  • timely destruction of insects;
  • Preventive spraying drugs containing copper.

In the spring as a preventive measure, it is worth treating a young apple garden Bordeaux liquid or copper vitriol. Commercial fungicides and insecticides help well.

Summing up: You can grow a tree from the bone – you only need to follow the rules. From further care of young seedlings depend on the development and fruiting of the apple tree in the future. Attention and care will quickly bring their fruits.

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