How and when to transplant blackberries to a new place?

From one bush of garden blackberries, you can collect up to 6 kilograms of delicious and useful berries. This culture is rapidly growing, so every gardener has been faced with the need to transfers the plants.

Need to transplant?

In a natural environment, black-based bushes can grow in one place under 30, but in the garden you need to transplant the berry and do it every 10 years. Thus, the plant is rejuvenated, you can propagate it if required.

Transplant is subject to unnecessary dense shrubs, which over time there were. Sometimes the change of space is due to the redevelopment of the site.

To ensure that the process passes safely for blackberry, you need to follow a special algorithm.

First, the bush is completely removed from the ground, then pruning shoots, and only after that the plant is again placed in the ground for a permanent place of growth. It is important to ensure that the root neck is to be at the same level at the same level as before.

Blackberry transplanted in spring and autumn, it is worth choosing an optimal time depending on the region of residence and climatic conditions, which are observed in the area.

If you transplant the plant in the spring, then it will take enough time to take enough time to take a new place, to put additional roots. This option is available in the northern regions and where the cold is early. The only minus of early blackberry transplant is difficult to determine the exact time when it is worth starting the plant transfer procedure to another place. It is very important to choose such a moment when the soil is already warmed enough, but the sloping in shoots has not yet begun.

With an early transplant, you can not lay a lot of fertilizer to the landing pit. They injure the root system not yet faster blackberries, and it can just die.

In the south in the gardens, the transfer of berries are made in autumn.

There is enough heat so that the plant can quickly adapt in a new place. Over the summer, it gains the required amount of nutrients and is ready to change the place. But the transplant is necessary two months before the onset of frosts. And even if you have a frost-resistant grade, it is better to hide it for the winter.


Not so easy to choose the change period of blackberry transplant in spring and autumn. If it is the southern region, then you can conduct a procedure in October, in the Moscow region – better in September.

Especially carefully you need to be with a spring transplant, since it is necessary to choose the right time in these months, so that the soil is already prudent enough and the shipping has not yet begun. In the northern regions, gardeners are more often oriented not on the calendar, but watch the weather.

In April, you can begin the procedure, it is no longer worth it, because the growth phase begins.

It is much easier with the autumn transplant of berry bushes: for the south this is the end of September and the beginning of October. In other regions, up to the first frosts should remain at least 60 days.


The process of changing the place for blackberries takes place in two stages. Preparatory work is performed on the first, there is a plants transplantation on the second. Regardless of the variety, the first stage for all bushes is the same, it includes:

  • selection of the plot;

  • preparation of soil;

  • Plant preparation.

Selection of site

Not every place on the site is suitable for planting the described plant. No matter, a young or adult plant is transferred. Blackberry loves the sun, does not like drafts and a large cluster of groundwater. For this reason, a place is suitable for her well-protected place, where the sun remains most of the time, and groundwater is far from the surface.

A good option is a small elevation, which perfectly protects blackberry from flooding.

It is better to make a small groove around the bush, where the water required for normal growth and fruit formation will be maintained.

Perfect primer for this plant:

  • loam;

  • Summer soil.

It is impossible to plant a blackberry in areas where grated or other berry cultures grew earlier.

Preparation of soil

This stage involves several important events.

  • If the soil is not suitable for the level of pH, it is required to fix it before landing shrub. In this case, the sulfate iron helps, which makes the soil less acidic. 10 square meters will need half akylogram. If there is no iron sulfate at hand, then it is permissible to use sulfur, on the same area of ​​the ground is used 0.3 kg means. In the second case, the effect will be visible immediately, so it is worth starting at the end of the autumn, so that the earth is ready for the landing. With too low acidity in the soil, lime is put on autumn.

  • Necessarily the land must be swapped to the depth of the shovel. All roots and garbage from the ground take out.

  • After the steaming on the surface of the soil placed compost. Its thickness must be at least 10 cm. On top of it 3 more centimeters of organic, preferably crushed. Can be made at this stage and complex feeders, which contain a large amount of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

  • After some time (week), a plot prepared for landing, leaving again.

  • The penultimate event – watering the Earth and its mulching. The layer must be at least 8 cm, it is so much that the organic fertilizers are faster rebuilt and gave their nutrients to the soil.

  • Blackberry need to plant close to the cholera. Without such support, just can not do. You can install a metal frame at which a berry will be placed in the future.

Preparation of plants

The planting material is also required to prepare correctly before it is loaded into the ground. Shrub that is planned to be transferred is removed from the ground with root ball and earth. To damage as few roots as possible, it is planted to rock as far as possible from the central trunk as far as possible.

After the blackberry was dug, all shoots are removed under the root. No hemp should remain, because then cuts will become a favorable medium for insects.

If it is planned to transplant a perennial plant that is decently commissioned, it can be divided and seed.

This is one of the methods of reproduction of this berry bush. However, if the plant is very old, then it is impossible to share it.

To cut the root system, use a sharp, processed knife to the disinfecting. You can use in this case a simple bleach. Each new decene must have at least 2 branches, or even more.

Technology Transplant

Depending on the time, which was selected for transplanting berries to a new place, uses its own technology. If you transplanted blackberry to another place thoughtlessly, without observing the elementary rules of the Agrotechnology, then it may simply do not take care and die in winter.


This time is ideal for novice gardeners, because until winter is enough time so that the bush passed on, rooted and acclimatized. Do everything right very simple, you just need to learn technology.

  • At the first stage, the site layout is carried out. Adults big blackberry blackberry bushes can be placed in a row. Depending on the varieties and rising plants, the distance between them and the beds may vary. This is usually at least 180 cm and no more than 3 meters. Better when the gap is greater than less. If this is a variety of a reprehensive, then dealer is worth a minimum at a distance of 2 meters, if it is quenching, then 3 m.

  • When creating landing pit, be sure to look at the sizes of the root ball. If this is a deteen, then the depth of 50 cm is enough for normal growth and development. Bushes, which for several years, is prepared a deeper and wide pit, where a fairly developed root plant system should fit. You can make a trench landing to a depth of 50 cm.

  • On the bottom of each pit lays compost bucket or mineral fertilizers in the amount of 100 g per plant.

  • Earlier, the blackberry buscher is placed in the landing pit and falling asleep in several stages. First until the middle, since this first layer will be required and pole. Thus remove air pockets. After completely closed rhizome to the root neck.

  • Plant is necessarily watered, and the soil around cover mulch.


Time for autumn transplant – after harvest. Before the first frosts should remain enough time so that the plant is rooted. The procedure is the same as with a spring transplant, no differences.

The only thing about to remember is a plant that has been transferred to a new place in the fall, a shelter for winter will need. You can use for this mulch, it is placed on the rustic space.

Not bad protects from frost and snow fir or pine yard. Some gardeners prefer to use a special nonwoven material.

Autumn – Ideal time for landing Dellek, which got from the root row. Convenience is that there is no need to disturb the old bush, and with such a seating, the varietal qualities of the plant are preserved. It will not be possible to use this method for blackberry, which is steel, because it does not form a roasting row.


In the summer, it is rarely transplanted by blackberries, and there is reason – the percentage of survival in such plants is small. When it is hot, blackberry, taken out of the soil, starts to immediately wither and dry, it is much more difficult for it to adapt in a new place. So that everything happens, the gardener needs to be followed by several conditions.

  • Landing produce either early in the morning or in the evening after the sun village.

  • As soon as the plant dug out of the soil, it must be planted immediately, so they prepare a pit on a new plot in advance. Be sure to take blackberry from the Sun, and abundantly water.

  • Watering is carried out every day, and can be 2 times – in the morning and in the evening, if there is an unbearable heat.

Subsequent care

After the transplantation of special care, blackberry bushes is not required. All procedures are standard, among them watering, pruning.

Water give a plant a lot and often, but about fertilizers for a while better forget. The weak root system will not be able to cope with feeders and, most likely, will get a burn. Only when seedlings become strong and well rooted, you can talk about fertilizers. Then they are brought according to the standard plants for this plant, several times a year.

In the spring and autumn, the transplanted bush requires sanitary and forming trimming. Be sure to be placed on the trellis so that they do not harm on the ground.

Before the onset of cold, the supports are cleaned, and the blackberries are placed on the ground and, if possible, is covered with a snack or mulch.

Gallean ticks attack this plant in summer, so during this period, shrubs are carried out. Any insecticide available on the market are suitable. It helps a solution of insecticidal soap, garlic infusion. Special garden oils are often used.

In August, blackberry bushes need to harden. In the evening, when the sun sits down, they are watered on top of cool water.

The next season blackberry needs potash fertilizers. Fertilizer from spring when flowers appear.

If the gardener fulfills all the recommendations, then his shrub is perfectly taken into a new place and will be fruit regularly.

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