Grids for grapes

Grape vines, in fact, the same lianas, which without proper support will be shaved on the ground, but will not grow vertically. The cultivation of high-quality grapes on the ground is impossible, since it is not only fruitful from contact with him, but also the shoots themselves. Such plants lack sunlight, the berry is fine and sacking.

The grid allows you to correctly distribute the vine in the vertical plane, so far the fruits get the necessary lighting, the period of fruiting increases, however, like the sugar content of berries.

Advantages and disadvantages

Slearman performs not only an important role in supporting the grape vines, but also decorative. With it, it is easy to direct the plant in the desired side, while you can create unique designs.

This is a unique and inexpensive option to replace the wire. Especially well, the grid is suitable if there is a winter-hardy variety. Create a living fence or wake up any part of the site with such a grid is quite simple.

Garden grids of this type have plenty of advantages. Plastic products are increasingly acquired, since they have great opportunities during operation. From the main advantages of such a product must be allocated:

  • strength;

  • flexibility;

  • variety of assortment;

  • durability;

  • availability;

  • unpretentious;

  • convenience.

The grid for grapes can withstand a large load, while it, constantly being in the fresh air, is not deformed, does not break, do not bend. Even if large clusters fall on the vine, the grid will endure and will not fall. Such a product is well suited for wild grapes.

If fantasy wakes up, you can give a regular grape vines. Special bizarre. Such products are widely used in decorative landscape design.

It is worth saying that the lattices of this type are not calculated on one use and are considered reusable. No need to clean their cleaning for winter, because the material from which they are made, withstands the temperature to -60 degrees Celsius and may not lose its qualities for 50 years.

If we compare garden grids for grapes with wooden, metal or plastic supports, then they do not rot, do not oxidize and are not covered with rust. Such a product does not lose color under the constant impact of ultraviolet, so it does not require painting.

Among other things, plastic is quite lightweight material so that it can be easily mounted even alone. Motions with a grid do not occupy a lot of space, there is no need for their transportation to hire a special car. Installation is made by one person.

The low price made such material in demand in the modern market.

The only minus is if grapes are grown, which requires shelter for the winter, then it is almost impossible to remove it with such a support, because he intertwined with it.

Review of species

As for the species, i.e. mesh on the wall and on the bunches of grapes, intended for protection against birds. In the first case, they can be metallic or plastic. In each of these categories, you can find the range of products, characterized by the dimensions of the cells. The larger the width of one cell, the easier it is to gain a vine on it.

Mesh from birds are two sizes of cells – 1 and 2 mm.

As for color, the range recently becomes more and more, but the grids of green are very popular, as they perfectly merge with foliage and do not stand out.

Nuances of application

Depending on which the grid is selected – from birds or on the wall, it is necessary to understand the nuances of their use.

When buying a product as protection against pests, it is necessary to remember that The size of the bag should be more ground, and otherwise the berries will be injured, the oxygen access will be very reduced, and as a result, the fruits simply rotate.

In order for grapes to do not fall with the grid, if it is used as a support, it is better to qualitatively consolidate the product on the wall or metal frame. When you need it, the product can be removed and transferring to another desired place.

Moreover, vegetables and flowers grow perfectly between the rows of the steller, this is a good solution, how can you save space on the plot.

Choosing one of the options, it is worth paying attention to the proven manufacturers.

A good option is considered grids from polypropylene, which perfectly withstands any weather conditions, is considered to be very durable and economical. When it is necessary to cut off a piece of mesh from a bobbin, it is easily affected by scissors or a secateurs.

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