Grapes Monarch

  • Authors: Pavlovsky Evgeny Georgievich
  • Purpose: Table
  • Berry color: yellow
  • Taste: harmonious, light nutmeg
  • Ripening time (filter): Rannestered
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -25
  • Synonyms names: Chrysolit
  • Weight bunchy, g: 500-600
  • Type of flower: Oboy
  • Sorrow: No

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Monarch Cutlery Grapes is also known as chrysolite. Is a unique hybrid of a private author’s collection. The variety highly appreciated gardeners from different countries primarily for impressively large size of fleshy berries, juiciness pulp and superb nutmess. Thanks to these characteristics, this variety is of interest for industrial and summer houses.

History of removal

Grapes monarch – the fruit of the experiments of the Evgeny Georgeiyevic of Evgenia Georgievich Pavlovsky. He brought a novelty, crosses of the Mascian and Cardinal variety, which, in turn, was mixed with pollen of other varieties. After checking the quality of the fruit, he received his deserved name and the popularity of the gardeners, but the Russian State Register was introduced under the name Chrysolite, since the German Monarch is already a variety in the German selection collection. But glory about this grade entrenched exactly called Monarch.

Geography distribution

Monarch perfectly feels in the southern regions, since it comes from the Krasnodar Territory himself.


For a variety, loved by many agronomes, characterized by the bunches of medium size with very large berries. One of the most serious deficiencies of the variety is the tendency to shower the strings.

Ripening time

Maturation of a table hybrid occurs in medium. Vegetation period 120-140 days. Plants are characterized by rapid growth. Due to the high sugar content, the vine can quickly ripe. In the south of Russia, the sweet grape variety is sleeping in the first decade of August, and in the middle of the lane only by mid-September.


Each bunch on average weighs about 500-600 g. Conical form. All the fruits have the same size and ripeness.


Grapes of this variety distinguishes the impressive size. Each separate berry can weigh an average of 20 g, which is comparable with a mass of small plum. In the form of egg-shaped berries, with dense yellowish-green skin. At the peak of ripeness, with the active sun, the berries acquire amber tint with a slightly reddish “tan”. Fruits can stay on the bush without sprinkling and not shuffling. Seeds small, for every berry no more than 3 pieces. A distinctive feature of the variety is a gentle nutmeg fragrance.


Very nice, full-style taste due to the high content of sugars and nutmess. Fleshy pulp very juicy and gentle.


Monarch Vintage Cruca Giving High Vintage – On average 10 kg of ripe berries.

Selecting planting material

Gardeners with experience recommend newcomers to take cuttings and seedlings for those who made them from their vine and is engaged in the production of such material professionally.


You can evaluate the quality that cuts a small amount of bark. When growing a bush from a cutting and compliance with agrotechnology rules, the survival rate is about 90%, high quality plants are practically guaranteed. There is the ability to control the development of grapes at all stages.

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Under the compliance with the Rules of Agrotechnology, the survival rate is about 100%. Saplings must be healthy. Pay attention to the absence of fuses, growths and other signs of diseases.

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Features of cultivation

The success of growing is largely solved by the right landing and care.


The hybrid refers to thermo-loving plants. For full ripening needs sufficient solar light. The variety does not tolerate the northern winds. For landing more suitable areas from the south side of buildings. Grapes are not recommended to plant outdoor and clay soil. Plant prefers chernozem. Can grow on sandy soil, but young seedlings there are pretty bad.

The bush grows large, which requires compliance with the 3-4 meter distance between the rows when landing. Do not do without high sleeper and large sand. It is falling asleep by the top layer as a conductor of moisture. Seedlings before landing need to be reduced in the fresh air. Keeping bankboards, crushed roots, transfer to open ground, or use. Cuttings are coming without problems. Young vigrets of grapes are characterized by rapid growth.


In order to 3 years old, the vine gives a signal harvest, it is necessary to take into account the set of factors – from the type of soil on the plot to the nearby plants.The best time for landing most varieties – autumn, and in the cold regions, preparations for landing start in August. Saplings are transferred to the ground at the end of September or in 1 decade of October. For autumn landing, only plants with ridiculous vines are suitable, with a developed root system and with 8-10 eyes.Tips for beginners will help to figure out the optimal schemes for the location of seedlings and cuttings, as well as in other subtleties of this process.

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Type of soil

Grapes grown on sand, black earth and clay soils. For each of the options for the composition of the soil, the preparation process will noticeably differ.

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Planting vegetative saplings

The basic rules are the same for weird and vegetable seedlings. Vegetable call seedlings obtained by a greenhouse.

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Landing Cherenkov

Cuttings – processes without its own root system. They are always rooted in autumn. The procedure is starting after the foliage will be.

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The following plants have a favorably affect grapes: Siderats, cucumbers, strawberries, onions and garlic, roses, Early grades of white cabbage and greens.

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The flower at the grapes of the monarch variety is obo, that is, the independently pollinated. Agronomas celebrate better pollination on the shutters from the shaded side.


Cut bushes begin when they are in the rest phase. After the formation of berries, it is important to cut forward shoots. Sluorrow until the bush flourished, is a big mistake when caring for the monarch. Maximum from the main trunk can be released 4 shoots. On the bush need to leave about 30-35 eyes. Monarch variety needs strong trellis. Light plastic structures can break under the weight of the tall bush.


Watering grapes need infrequently, more moisture plant is required only during drought period. If in the grapes of grapes dry soil, and moisture evaporates quickly, perhaps you have to water the culture more often. If there is no particular need for this, watering kousov is needed only before the start of flowering and at the beginning of the formation of uncess. Next, the state of the plant and soil is monitored. Based on this, an additional watering is carried out. In most cases, watering is carried out every 2 weeks. To preserve the soil moist, shows the mulching of the soil around the grape bush. It is suitable for the usual humor, which is distributed around the bushes, forming a layer thickness not more than 3 cm.

Watering schemes

So that the berries are large and juicy, it is necessary to organize a full watering and feeding. All standards need to be adjusted to weather conditions and the rate of evaporation of fluid.

Fresh iris

With a frequent watering scheme, the moisturizing is recommended once every two weeks (that is, twice a month during flowering and the appearance of berries) so much so that the land is impregnated by 50 cm deep into the plant so that the plant does not switch to surface (dewn) roots. This amount can be reduced if the straw is mulching.

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Rare Polish

With a rare watering scheme, choosing the age and time of ripening grapes, you can use the standards presented in the table in another article.

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Fingering of the grapes of the hybrid variety Monarch is carried out in parallel with the loosening of the soil. Most often fertilizer plants coincides with watering. Organic in the soil is made in autumn. And also for grape growth, special fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus are used. They are entered into the soil in three stages: after flowering, 2 weeks before harvesting and before the onset of cold.

Preparations with boron, copper and zinc content are suitable as fertilizer:

  • Ammophos;

  • “Kemira”;

  • “Novofert”.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

This hybrid demonstrates strong frost resistance. Therefore, in the shelter of grapes there is a need only in the regions that are characterized by a decrease in temperature in winter below -25 ° C.

Diseases and pests

Plant is characterized by excellent immunity. Monarch is resistant to various diseases, has good resistance to 2 points to Mildu, Oidium, gray rot. At the same time, it is especially susceptible to the damage to mildew. This disease significantly affects the quality and appearance of the crop. With prolonged lesion, the vine begins to die. To protect the plant from destroying disease, timely prevention is important. With this task perfectly copes a one-thread solution from burgundy fluid. They are treated by grape bushes.

Wires visited the vineyards rarely, since the fruits of the hybrid are not susceptible to cracking. Birds deliver more problems. During the ripening period of the berries they spin the largest.

Overview of all diseases and pests

If grapes are exposed to any disease or insect, it is always reflected in its appearance. May suffer both separate parts of the plant and the whole culture as a whole.Grape kidneys are usually most of all suffer from leaf-making parasites.Berries damage mainly appear in the presence of fungal diseases. Leaves are always affected to a greater extent, many diseases are immediately recognized by them.

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> “>

Mildu >>

The most important feature of the disease is the presence of white fluffy wave in the lower part of the sheet plate.

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> “>

Oidium >>

Symptoms of the disease are manifested from the top of the sheet – yellow spots with an ash-gray bloom appear, even with a whitish tint.

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Gray Gnil >>

The main signs of gray rot: the appearance on foliage and berries of brown spots and gray plaque, the occurrence of brown divorces and gray spraying on the vine.

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Antraznosis >>

On the leaves there are brown specks with dark color casing. Over time, due to the fact that the fabrics of the plant die, holes appear on the leaves.

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Dense peel on berries allows the transportation of the vine for long distances, without fear of their condition. Vintage is stored in the refrigerator, from time to time it is required to get rid of the fallen berries. Brozdi well stored in the cellar tied to twine.

Review reviews

The hybrid grapes of the monarch variety fell in love with many gardeners and experienced grapes. With proper leaving, there is serious problems, and the bushes of grapes are pleasing to the full harvest.

The taste of grapes do not affect weather conditions and humidity.

The owners of this variety, knowledgeable in the cultivation of grapes, respond to this table grade extremely positive.

For better fruiting and yields, truly royal berries show horizontal growth in arches and arbors.

Cuttings are perfectly jealous directly in the ground or grown with the use of. In both cases, the grade takes place without problems for the grape.

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