Grapes Krasava

  • Authors: Kalugin Victor Mikhailovich
  • Purpose: Table
  • Berry color: Dark Pink Purple
  • Taste: harmonious
  • Ripening time (filter): Rannestered
  • Ripening time, days: 115-120
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -22
  • Weight bunchy, g: 800
  • Type of flower: Oboy
  • Luna density: Rhyley

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Grazawa grapes belongs to the varieties derived in the current decade. But despite this, thanks to its unique qualities today, it is very popular both in breeders and amateur gardeners.

History of removal

Craswier table grape grapes withdrawn by the Ukrainian breeder Viktor Mikhailovich Kalugin. Presumably this variety appeared as a result of crossing the mascot varieties and great. The new form of a hybrid was planted by seeds in 2013, and in 2017 Viktor Mikhailovich gathered the first harvest, which justified his expectations. In 2018, for the second fertility of the seedling of the breeder, it was possible to get 18 grades of excellent quality. It is believed that the name of the tradition of tradition is invented by guests who attend the Vineyards of Kalugina.


Grazava grapes is characterized by stringy bushes. Great vine power provides good ripening berries. It has rim flowers. On each shoot there are 2 inflorescences.

Ripening time

Krasava in maturation date refers to early-medium varieties. Rises in 115-120 days. In the south of Ukraine and Russia, Krasava ripens in early September. Well matches and in the northern regions.


For this variety are characterized by major clusters. Their mass reaches 800 g and more. In the form of a bunch of beauties Cylindroconic and conical. Due to this, the berries do not put pressure on each other and are well ventilated. Brozdi loose, sometimes medium density.


Krasava variety attracts attention to large berries (12-14 g) extended-oval shape. Flower fruits of dark pink-purple. Staining begins with the tip of the berry. Grape grapes are characterized by a crispy dense pulp. They are tightly held on a bunch, tear them pretty hard.


Krasava variety refers to the dining room. This means that its berries are used in fresh form and have excellent taste. In addition to the harmonious taste of fruits, this variety has high sugar accumulation. Specialists have the taste of berries Krasava always receives only positive assessments.


The grade forms 2 inflorescences to escape. This is an indication that Krasava has a good yield. Especially considering the major clusters of this grapes.

Selecting planting material

Gardeners with experience recommend newcomers to take cuttings and seedlings for those who made them from their vine and is engaged in the production of such material professionally.


You can evaluate the quality that cuts a small amount of bark. When growing a bush from a cutting and compliance with agrotechnology rules, the survival rate is about 90%, high quality plants are practically guaranteed. There is the ability to control the development of grapes at all stages.

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Under the compliance with the Rules of Agrotechnology, the survival rate is about 100%. Saplings must be healthy. Pay attention to the absence of fuses, growths and other signs of diseases.

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Features of cultivation

In general, grow grade Krasava is quite simple. He is unpretentious, does not require much care. It should only be borne in mind that it requires a large amount of sunlight.


On the territory of Russia and Ukraine, Grazawa grapes can be planted in any soil. But the soil must always warm up. Savages are planted on the sun’s south side of the site where there are no drafts and strong winds.


In order to 3 years old, the vine gives a signal harvest, it is necessary to take into account the set of factors – from the type of soil on the plot to the nearby plants.The best time for landing most varieties – autumn, and in the cold regions, preparations for landing start in August. Saplings are transferred to the ground at the end of September or in 1 decade of October. For autumn landing, only plants with ridiculous vines are suitable, with a developed root system and with 8-10 eyes.Tips for beginners will help to figure out the optimal schemes for the location of seedlings and cuttings, as well as in other subtleties of this process.

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Type of soil

Grapes grown on sand, black earth and clay soils. For each of the options for the composition of the soil, the preparation process will noticeably differ.

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Planting vegetative saplings

The basic rules are the same for weird and vegetable seedlings. Vegetable call seedlings obtained by a greenhouse.

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Landing Cherenkov

Cuttings – processes without its own root system. They are always rooted in autumn. The procedure is starting after the foliage will be.

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The following plants have a favorably affect grapes: Siderats, cucumbers, strawberries, onions and garlic, roses, Early grades of white cabbage and greens.

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Own drop flowers of Krasava varieties do not require special pollination in contrast to grapes of female grapes. But optionally, additional pollination can be performed in order to increase the harvest or obtain a new variety. To do this, next to the beautiful seaside grapes of another grade of female type.


In the fall within the framework of sanitary trim before hiding the Kush Krasava for the winter, it is necessary to cut old and patients. Then, for the proper formation of young shoots produce trimming in the spring. This procedure should be carried out before the renal dissolve at a temperature not lower than +10 degrees in sunny weather. In the summer of this variety it is recommended to remove steps and cut forward leaves.


Watering the seedling of Krasava in a simple way using several plastic bottles. They need to fill with water and bury down the neck. Water with this method of watering goes to the roots gradually, which does not give them to rotate. But an adult plant to water in this way is not recommended.

Watering schemes

So that the berries are large and juicy, it is necessary to organize a full watering and feeding. All standards need to be adjusted to weather conditions and the rate of evaporation of fluid.

Fresh iris

With a frequent watering scheme, the moisturizing is recommended once every two weeks (that is, twice a month during flowering and the appearance of berries) so much so that the land is impregnated by 50 cm deep into the plant so that the plant does not switch to surface (dewn) roots. This amount can be reduced if the straw is mulching.

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Rare Polish

With a rare watering scheme, choosing the age and time of ripening grapes, you can use the standards presented in the table in another article.

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Frost resistance and need for shelter

Despite the pretty good frost resistance of -22 degrees, Krasava variety requires shelter for the winter. This is especially true of the northern regions. Grapes are removed from the support after trimming and gently laid on the ground. Most often in the role of shelter protrude straw or husknik.

Diseases and pests

This variety is quite resistant to diseases and pests. With proper care, Krasava grapes sick very rarely. Sometimes milder dew and smallpox can be amazed. For the prevention of these diseases, it is necessary to process the plant with copper vitriol at the rate of 5 g of vitrios per 250 g of water, a little soap is added for better clutch with leaves with leaves. Brown tubercles on the leaves sign about the damage to the tick. Grapes should be immediately treated with chemicals, for example, “carbofosomes” or “unoeval”.

Overview of all diseases and pests

If grapes are exposed to any disease or insect, it is always reflected in its appearance. May suffer both separate parts of the plant and the whole culture as a whole.Grape kidneys are usually most of all suffer from leaf-making parasites.Berries damage mainly appear in the presence of fungal diseases. Leaves are always affected to a greater extent, many diseases are immediately recognized by them.

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Mildu >>

The most important feature of the disease is the presence of white fluffy wave in the lower part of the sheet plate.

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> “>

Oidium >>

Symptoms of the disease are manifested from the top of the sheet – yellow spots with an ash-gray bloom appear, even with a whitish tint.

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Gray Gnil >>

The main signs of gray rot: the appearance on foliage and berries of brown spots and gray plaque, the occurrence of brown divorces and gray spraying on the vine.

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Antraznosis >>

On the leaves there are brown specks with dark color casing. Over time, due to the fact that the fabrics of the plant die, holes appear on the leaves.

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Krasava is stored not bad, but grapes are not very transported. Although strong berries retain a freight look for a long time.

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