Grapes Isabella

  • Authors: William Prince
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Berry color: Black, with a Size Tint, Abundant Wax
  • Taste: With a strong strawberry aroma
  • With bones: Yes
  • Ripening time (filter): late
  • Ripening time, days: 150-180
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -thirty
  • Synonyms names: Fragola (Fragola), Fragola TsRNA, SEKSARDA, Albany, Albany Surprise (Albany surprise), Alexander, American, Bangalore Blue, Bellen, Black Cape, Bromostaphia, Cappouub, Constance, Dorchester, Edez, Eperzamat, Fragrazier, Fraul, Fraude, Fruitulla, Gros Framsbuise, Gurchi Yuzymu, Isabel, Kokulu Uzum, Koreos, Early Payne, Pain Isabella, Rais Du Cap, Rayj Frense, Rayz-Sen, Sampania Rhine
  • Weight bunchy, g: 140

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