Grapes codryaka

  • Authors: Grapework Institute “Viizul”, Moldova
  • Purpose: Table
  • Berry color: dark violet
  • Taste: simple, harmonious
  • With bones: Yes
  • Ripening time (filter): Very early
  • Ripening time, days: 110-118
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -22
  • Synonyms names: Black Magic
  • Weight bunchy, g: 400-600, separate up to 1500

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Grape Codryaka attracts attention to large clusters of dark blue. Sweet berries take in food, and also use for the preparation of various drinks and sauces.

History of removal

Codiberian variety appeared due to the efforts of Soviet scientists. Representatives of the National Institute of Viticulture and Winemail of the Ministry of Agriculture took part in the work. Specialists united the qualities of the following types: Moldova and Marshall. Second Title Sort – Black Magic. He appeared in 1985.

The fruits of the cutlery grapes are most often taken in food, in its pure form. And also of them get delicious wines, juices, sauces and drinks.


For bushes is characterized by a great power of growth. Vine spokes up well for the whole length. Already in the second year of vegetation, gardeners collect a rich harvest in competent care. In the bunches, there are often underdevelopment of berries, while they do not spoil the freaches and do not affect the quality. Foliage color – standard for grapes, rich green.

Ripening time

This indicator significantly depends on the load of the bush, as well as the start time of flowering. In most cases, it coincides with the rest of the garden culture. Grapes refers to early ripening varieties. The growing season has from 110 to 118-120 days from the day of the renal dissolve. As a rule, the harvest is collected in early August.


Experts celebrate two forms of clouds: conical and shapeless. The first option occurs most often. The density varies from the middle to the loose. Middle Weight – from 400 to 600 grams. In some cases, you can collect borders weighing up to 1.5 kilograms. There is a penpeate. On one bush, it is recommended to leave a maximum of 30 covers for their full maturation.


Ripe berries are painted in thick, dark purple color, almost black. Sugar content – from 180 to 190 g / dm³. Acidness rate – from 6 to 7 g / dm³. Skin is thin and easy to rush, there is practically no feeling when eating. Form – oval. Flesh tight and fleshy. The weight of one berry has from 6 to 8 grams. Sizes (in millimeters) – 31×19. In each berry, 2-3 bones.


The taste of grapes can be described as simple, but at the same time harmonious and pleasant. Sweetness – moderate. Muscate taste – missing. Experts gave this variety a tasting rating of 8.8 points.


With proper care, you can collect a rich and stable harvest. From one hectare of the vineyard collect 53 c grapes. Maximum number – 78 C. From one adult bush can be collected up to 50 kilograms of fruits, if the feed of the bush is a conversation. The following year, after landing, alar cluster may appear.

Selecting planting material

Gardeners with experience recommend newcomers to take cuttings and seedlings for those who made them from their vine and is engaged in the production of such material professionally.

Grapes codryaka


You can evaluate the quality that cuts a small amount of bark. When growing a bush from a cutting and compliance with agrotechnology rules, the survival rate is about 90%, high quality plants are practically guaranteed. There is the ability to control the development of grapes at all stages.

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Grapes codryaka


Under the compliance with the Rules of Agrotechnology, the survival rate is about 100%. Saplings must be healthy. Pay attention to the absence of fuses, growths and other signs of diseases.

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Features of cultivation

This variety can grow throughout the country. He is not afraid of frosts (withstands frost to 22 degrees below zero), and the berries are growing fast. High-resistant grapes develops rapidly. On one shoot, 2-3 inflorescences are formed. The number of eyes on the bush – from 40 to 50.


On the territory of the southern regions, the codkryanka is planted in spring or autumn. In the northern regions landing can only be held in spring. During this time, the bush will have time not only to root, but also prepare for the upcoming cold. The bushes are planted in the period from April to May, when the Earth heats up to 16 degrees Celsius with a plus sign.

If it is decided to plant grapes in the fall, October is best suited, approximately 3 weeks before the first frost. In this case, seedlings need to be protected by shelter.

Grapes codryaka


In order to 3 years old, the vine gives a signal harvest, it is necessary to take into account the set of factors – from the type of soil on the plot to the nearby plants.The best time for landing most varieties – autumn, and in the cold regions, preparations for landing start in August. Saplings are transferred to the ground at the end of September or in 1 decade of October. For autumn landing, only plants with ridiculous vines are suitable, with a developed root system and with 8-10 eyes.Tips for beginners will help to figure out the optimal schemes for the location of seedlings and cuttings, as well as in other subtleties of this process.

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Grapes codryaka

Type of soil

Grapes grown on sand, black earth and clay soils. For each of the options for the composition of the soil, the preparation process will noticeably differ.

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Grapes codryaka

Planting vegetative saplings

The basic rules are the same for weird and vegetable seedlings. Vegetable call seedlings obtained by a greenhouse.

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Grapes codryaka

Landing Cherenkov

Cuttings – processes without its own root system. They are always rooted in autumn. The procedure is starting after the foliage will be.

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Grapes codryaka


The following plants have a favorably affect grapes: Siderats, cucumbers, strawberries, onions and garlic, roses, Early grades of white cabbage and greens.

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At the expense of hawk flowers, the plant can polliate yourself independently.


The first two years to cut bushes is not recommended. Maximum what can be done – get rid of unseen or dry escapes.

For the growing bushes, the codisarians choose several types of trimming.

  • To regulate the number of shoots, perform rationing. The optimal amount is from 10 to 17 branches on one bush. Work performed in early March.

  • Forms are carried out in summer. In the warm season, the bush is eliminated from the leaf closing the borders. And also remove extra steps.

  • Autumn performing forming trimming. Specialists are recommended to shorten the vine to 7-9 shoots.

  • With the help of sanitary trimming grapes free from damaged and sick branches.


So that the bushes have developed fully and gave a stable harvest, you need to carry out regular watering. For one adult bush, approximately 6-7 buckets are used, 2-3 buckets will be enough for young plants. Irrigation frequency depends on weather conditions. Need to keep drying the top layer. Watered grapes about 1 time in 7 days.

It is not recommended to water grapes in the process of formation of buds and fruits, otherwise they may begin to crumble. To maintain the optimal level of soil humidity, use mulch. However, it can only be used in autumn or spring, in the summer, the mulch layer is removed.

Watering schemes

So that the berries are large and juicy, it is necessary to organize a full watering and feeding. All standards need to be adjusted to weather conditions and the rate of evaporation of fluid.

Grapes codryaka

Fresh iris

With a frequent watering scheme, the moisturizing is recommended once every two weeks (that is, twice a month during flowering and the appearance of berries) so much so that the land is impregnated by 50 cm deep into the plant so that the plant does not switch to surface (dewn) roots. This amount can be reduced if the straw is mulching.

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Grapes codryaka

Rare Polish

With a rare watering scheme, choosing the age and time of ripening grapes, you can use the standards presented in the table in another article.

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This species does not feel about abundant feeding. But to get a delicious and rich harvest, it is necessary to make fertilizers according to the traditional scheme of both folk remedies and organic.

And you can also use ready-made compounds: “Aquarin”, “Novofert”, as well as “Plantafol”. These are extricient fertilizers that use only in the evening.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Specialists celebrate a high frost resistance rate. And also it easily tolerates early spring frosts. If vineyards are located in the territory of the northern regions, the plant needs to be hidden for the winter. It should be borne in mind that adult bushes are much easier to carry freezing than young plants.

Before shelter, the bushes must be properly prepared. To begin with trimming, then processing from diseases and dangerous insects is carried out. Branches are bold and stacked on blackboard or slate. From above, grapes are covered with straw or sweet. Used strong film.

Diseases and pests

Codryaka has medium resistant to gray rot. As well as the variety practically does not sick mildew. A big problem for the variety is the wasps. Sometimes the plant attacks the cluster lopping. In order not to take place, the vine must be treated with gibberlin.

Grapes codryaka

Overview of all diseases and pests

If grapes are exposed to any disease or insect, it is always reflected in its appearance. May suffer both separate parts of the plant and the whole culture as a whole.Grape kidneys are usually most of all suffer from leaf-making parasites.Berries damage mainly appear in the presence of fungal diseases. Leaves are always affected to a greater extent, many diseases are immediately recognized by them.

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Grapes codryaka> “>

Mildu >>

The most important feature of the disease is the presence of white fluffy wave in the lower part of the sheet plate.

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Grapes codryaka> “>

Oidium >>

Symptoms of the disease are manifested from the top of the sheet – yellow spots with an ash-gray bloom appear, even with a whitish tint.

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Grapes codryaka> “>

Gray Gnil >>

The main signs of gray rot: the appearance on foliage and berries of brown spots and gray plaque, the occurrence of brown divorces and gray spraying on the vine.

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Grapes codryaka> “>

Antraznosis >>

On the leaves there are brown specks with dark color casing. Over time, due to the fact that the fabrics of the plant die, holes appear on the leaves.

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Berries can maintain commodity and taste for 4 months. Breakdi needs to be stored in a cool and dark place, laying out them in one layer.

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