Grapes Citron Magaracha

  • Authors: L. TO. Kireeva, B. BUT. Volynkin., YU. BUT. Boys, T. Usatov, Oleinikov in.L. and P.IN. Troshin (“Magarach”, Ukraine)
  • Purpose: Technical
  • Berry color: greenish and yellow and yellow
  • Taste: harmonious, with a strongly pronounced citron-nutmeg aroma
  • With bones: Yes
  • Ripening time (filter): average
  • Ripening time, days: 125-135
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -25
  • Weight bunchy, g: 300-400
  • Yield: 150-200

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Technical grapes derived in the Crimea are rich in the number of diverse items. Citron Magaracha takes an honorable place in this list at the expense of its stable yield and unpretentiousness.

Grapes are famous for the fact that it is possible to get a great wine – table and dessert, as well as champagne. It is mainly grown in the southern part of Russia, but residents of the middle strip also have their own experience.

History of removal

This grape variety in the Magarach Research Institute, which is located in Crimea. Authorship belongs to L. Kireeva, B. Volynkin, Yu. Boys, T. Usatov, B. Oleinikov, P. Trosci. Registration in the registry of varieties was produced in 2002. Citronic Magaracha is recommended for the production of wine and champagne.

Main varieties that were used in derived is Madeleine Anhevin and Novoukrainian Early.

Geography distribution

This type of grapes can more often meet in the south of Russia, where the most favorable conditions have been created for it. Successfully grown it in the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov region, in the Crimea. But in the middle lane, the gardeners have good results, since it is noted that the frost resistance of him is quite good, and with proper care and attentive attitude to the plant you can achieve stable yields.


Ripening time

The grapes of this variety refers to the average for maturation. The period is 125-135 days. Therefore, it will be possible to try it in late September, it all depends on the weather and the cultivation region.


The threshing length is from 18 to 22 centimeters. Most often, several branches are obtained in the formation process. Usually, the standard weight of the ground is about 300-400 grams, but there are instances and weighing 500 grams. Bunch has an elongated conical form.


When the berries are completely ripen, have a yellow or greenish yellow shade. Ovalo-egg-shaped berries have a meat-juicy flesh, the weight of one berry reaches 4 grams, thin, bones are present. You can detect seeds in the amount of 3-4 pieces.


In taste there are bright pronounced sheets of citrus and muscat. The content of sugars is in the range of 27%, acidity is 5-7 g / dm³.


Vine grows very quickly, so the tag need to prepare immediately. As for the yield, the adult bush is collected up to 9 kilograms of berries.

Selecting planting material

Gardeners with experience recommend newcomers to take cuttings and seedlings for those who made them from their vine and is engaged in the production of such material professionally.

Grapes Citron Magaracha


You can evaluate the quality that cuts a small amount of bark. When growing a bush from a cutting and compliance with agrotechnology rules, the survival rate is about 90%, high quality plants are practically guaranteed. There is the ability to control the development of grapes at all stages.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha


Under the compliance with the Rules of Agrotechnology, the survival rate is about 100%. Saplings should be healthy. Pay attention to the absence of fuses, growths and other signs of diseases.

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Features of cultivation


For landing, choose places where there is a lot of sun and there is protection against winds. The soil is chosen by the sandy, with neutral acidity. If the soil is sublinous, you should add peat, ash, humus. Pits should be prepared in advance – two weeks before landing. Most often it is made in autumn. If in the spring, then the pits still prepare from autumn. The distance between the bushes should be about 2 meters. After landing, the seedling is watered and mulched soil.

Grapes Citron Magaracha


In order to 3 years old, the vine gives a signal harvest, it is necessary to take into account the set of factors – from the type of soil on the plot to the nearby plants.The best time for landing most varieties – autumn, and in the cold regions, preparations for landing start in August. Saplings are transferred to the ground at the end of September or in 1 decade of October. For autumn landing, only plants with ridiculous vines are suitable, with a developed root system and with 8-10 eyes.Tips for beginners will help to figure out the optimal schemes for the location of seedlings and cuttings, as well as in other subtleties of this process.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha

Type of soil

Grapes grown on sand, black earth and clay soils. For each of the options for the composition of the soil, the preparation process will noticeably differ.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha

Planting vegetative saplings

The basic rules are the same for weird and vegetable seedlings. Vegetable call seedlings obtained by a greenhouse.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha

Landing Cherenkov

Cuttings – processes without its own root system. They are always rooted in autumn. The procedure is starting after the foliage will be.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha


The following plants have a favorably affect grapes: Siderats, cucumbers, strawberries, onions and garlic, roses, Early grades of white cabbage and greens.

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Flowers are garple, therefore, the landing of the grapes is not needed. The veins of the fruit is almost 100%, so there is no forceing.


In addition to the traditional formation of bushes, the rationing of the vine is also required, since this variety is inclined to overload. If you ignore the rationing process, the risk of getting berries and cluster a lower mass than this variety can give ideally.

For the first year they leave 2 strong escapes, others are lazy. Fall saved from steps.

In the second year there will be up to 5 strong shoots, of which 4 best choose.

Annually conduct sanitary trimming, removing weak and sick branches.


Watered grades follow once a week at first. Next, when the plant grow up and strengthened, just once every two weeks. But it follows the weather. Rain, of course, make your adjustment.

When inflorescence appears, watering should stop, resumeing later when they will ripen the bunch. At the same time, balance should be observed. Citron Magaracha is well referred to watering, but moderate.

Watering schemes

So that the berries are large and juicy, it is necessary to organize a full watering and feeding. All standards need to be adjusted to weather conditions and the rate of evaporation of fluid.

Grapes Citron Magaracha

Fresh iris

With a frequent watering scheme, the moisturizing is recommended once every two weeks (that is, twice a month during flowering and the appearance of berries) so much so that the land is impregnated by 50 cm deep into the plant so that the plant does not switch to surface (dewn) roots. This amount can be reduced if the straw is mulching.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha

Rare Polish

With a rare watering scheme, choosing the age and time of ripening grapes, you can use the standards presented in the table in another article.

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If fertilizers were laid in the landing point, then the first 2 years you can not feed the grapes. And then the spring makes manure and wood ashes, the korlard is bred in proportion 1 to 10.

After flowering, when the ovary are formed, nitrogen is made, which is bred in water, and then watered under the root. Potassium and phosphorus make three weeks before harvest.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Citronic Magaracha is withstanding frost to 25 degrees. In the southern regions, he does not need shelter, it is advisable only to protect the vine from the winds. But in the middle lane, it is better to still provide this grade to this variety, remove it with a sleeper a lot, carefully put it on Earth, to arrange the underflowing material, to fasten it well, you can hide a sweetheart on top.

Diseases and pests

If the grapes are good to care and implement preventive measures, then you can avoid various troubles. Resistance to mildew, oidium, gray rotting is one score, to the root and sheet phylloxer – three points. Spring bushes are treated with “nitrafen”, before flowering by fungicides. When the harvest is assembled, “strides” and “Flint”.

Grapes Citron Magaracha

Overview of all diseases and pests

If grapes are exposed to any disease or insect, it is always reflected in its appearance. May suffer both separate parts of the plant and the whole culture as a whole.Grape kidneys are usually most of all suffer from leaf-making parasites.Berries damage mainly appear in the presence of fungal diseases. Leaves are always affected to a greater extent, many diseases are immediately recognized by them.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha> “>

Mildu >>

The most important feature of the disease is the presence of white fluffy wave in the lower part of the sheet plate.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha> “>

Oidium >>

Symptoms of the disease are manifested from the top of the sheet – yellow spots with an ash-gray bloom appear, even with a whitish tint.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha> “>

Gray Gnil >>

The main signs of gray rot: the appearance on foliage and berries of brown spots and gray plaque, the occurrence of brown divorces and gray spraying on the vine.

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Grapes Citron Magaracha> “>

Antraznosis >>

On the leaves there are brown specks with dark color casing. Over time, due to the fact that the fabrics of the plant die, holes appear on the leaves.

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After collecting, grapes are subjected to technical recycling. Grapes celebrate its good safety. He does not lose his turnout.

Review reviews

Gardening reviews are different. It is mostly successful to grow this variety. It is possible to residents of the southern regions. Yields in most cases please. The same who lives in the middle lane, sometimes complain that, depending on weather conditions, the cyutron Magaracha does not always have time to grow before the onset of cold weather, and therefore berries do not have the taste that inherent.

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