Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

  • Authors: Vnieviv Potapenko
  • Purpose: Table
  • Berry color: dark pink
  • Taste: harmonious
  • Ripening time (filter): Very early
  • Frost resistance, ° C: -25
  • Synonyms names: II-13-6-2
  • Weight bunchy, g: 572
  • Type of flower: Oboy
  • Tasting rating, points: 8,1

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Amethyst Novocherkassky – an excellent option to learn how to grow grapes on your own sector. In addition to high yield, this variety demonstrates and excellent transportability.

History of removal

Thanks to the work of VNIIVIV them. I. AND. Potapenko A variety appeared at the crossing of two other species: delight red and delight.

Geography distribution

Today Amethyst Novocherkassky has a rich geography of distribution. Grown in many regions of our country.


As already mentioned above, it is a table grapes. Flowers of both sexes are formed on shoots, which is another advantage.

If we talk about the power of growth, then it is characterized as above average. Percentage of fruitless shoots on the bush 73.9.

Ripening time

Vine grapes Amethyst Novocherkassy refers to cultures with a very early maturation.


Conical shape cliffs have an average density. By weight it is approximately 572 grams on a bunch.


Beautiful dark pink berries accumulate to ripeness Sugar level 153 g / dm³. Acidness level is 5.7 g / dm³.

Fruits have thin skin, inside the fleshy, juicy flesh. Grapes have an extended form, the weight of each about 6.2 grams. Tasting evaluation is at level 8.1 point.


The taste of the described variety can be described as a harmonious.


Amethyst Novocherkassky refers to high-yielding varieties.

Selecting planting material

Gardeners with experience recommend newcomers to take cuttings and seedlings for those who made them from their vine and is engaged in the production of such material professionally.

Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky


You can evaluate the quality that cuts a small amount of bark. When growing a bush from a cutting and compliance with agrotechnology rules, the survival rate is about 90%, high quality plants are practically guaranteed. There is the ability to control the development of grapes at all stages.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky


Under the compliance with the Rules of Agrotechnology, the survival rate is about 100%. Saplings should be healthy. Pay attention to the absence of fuses, growths and other signs of diseases.

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Features of cultivation

Too much or too little heat causes serious problems when growing a variety. It is best to plant on the south side where there is no draft. Special attention to watering. A large amount of moisture is always a sulfuric problem.


When landing, pay a lot of attention to the organization of landing pit. The main thing is to choose its size correctly, to organize drainage.

In size, it is worth relying on the size of the rhizome saplings. The pit must be 2 times more. If it is planted into fertile soil, then fertilizers can not be used if sandstone is not to do without them.

Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky


In order to 3 years old, the vine gives a signal harvest, it is necessary to take into account the set of factors – from the type of soil on the plot to the nearby plants.The best time for landing most varieties – autumn, and in the cold regions, preparations for landing start in August. Saplings are transferred to the ground at the end of September or in 1 decade of October. For autumn landing, only plants with ridiculous vines are suitable, with a developed root system and with 8-10 eyes.Tips for beginners will help to figure out the optimal schemes for the location of seedlings and cuttings, as well as in other subtleties of this process.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Type of soil

Grapes grown on sand, black earth and clay soils. For each of the options for the composition of the soil, the preparation process will noticeably differ.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Planting vegetative saplings

The basic rules are the same for weird and vegetable seedlings. Vegetable call seedlings obtained by a greenhouse.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Landing Cherenkov

Cuttings – processes without its own root system. They are always rooted in autumn. The procedure is starting after the foliage will be.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky


The following plants have a favorably affect grapes: Siderats, cucumbers, strawberries, onions and garlic, roses, Early grades of white cabbage and greens.

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All grapes whose flowers are formed by ORD, do not require additional pollination.


Trimming the vine is carried out with the calculation of 6-8 eyes on the vine. There is a need for normalization.


Young seedlings can not be left without moisture, so they are watered every week, but taking into account that there is no heavy rain. Adult plants have a developed root system, so they should be watered only under the condition of long drought.

Watering schemes

So that the berries are large and juicy, it is necessary to organize a full watering and feeding. All standards need to be adjusted to weather conditions and the rate of evaporation of fluid.

Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Fresh iris

With a frequent watering scheme, the moisturizing is recommended once every two weeks (that is, twice a month during flowering and the appearance of berries) so much so that the land is impregnated by 50 cm deep into the plant so that the plant does not switch to surface (dewn) roots. This amount can be reduced if the straw is mulching.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Rare Polish

With a rare watering scheme, choosing the age and time of ripening grapes, you can use the standards presented in the table in another article.

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Regular making a balanced fertilizer during the entire growing season will benefit grapevas. You can use both complex mixtures and organic compositions, for example, horse or cow manure, but necessarily reworked.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

In the southern regions, shelter is not required, since the frost resistance of this variety is -25 degrees Celsius. In the regions where the temperature may decrease below this level, you need to use underfloor material.

Diseases and pests

The vine has not so many diseases and pests, but Amethyst Novocherkassky variety can affect black rot and mildew.

Black rot loves rainy weather, it is difficult to control it. It is best to remove all mummified fruits with grape vines. And also best use the appropriate fungicides to combat the disease.

Puffy Rosa creates a white film on the leaves and torment on the fruits. This fungus loves heat and high humidity. The best way to cope with mildew – plant vines so that the air is well circulating between the bushes.

In the struggle is used sulfur or fungicide based on copper.

Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky

Overview of all diseases and pests

If grapes are exposed to any disease or insect, it is always reflected in its appearance. May suffer both separate parts of the plant and the whole culture as a whole.Grape kidneys are usually most of all suffer from leaf-making parasites.Berries damage mainly appear in the presence of fungal diseases. Leaves are always affected to a greater extent, many diseases are immediately recognized by them.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky> “>

Mildu >>

The most important feature of the disease is the presence of white fluffy wave in the lower part of the sheet plate.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky> “>

Oidium >>

Symptoms of the disease are manifested from the top of the sheet – yellow spots with an ash-gray bloom appear, even with a whitish tint.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky> “>

Gray Gnil >>

The main signs of gray rot: the appearance on foliage and berries of brown spots and gray plaque, the occurrence of brown divorces and gray spraying on the vine.

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Grapes Amethyst Novocherkassky> “>

Antraznosis >>

On the leaves there are brown specks with dark color casing. Over time, due to the fact that the fabrics of the plant die, holes appear on the leaves.

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Grapes are perfectly stored after collecting and can be transported over long distances without loss of product.

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