Gooseberry Shalun

  • Synonyms names: Ribes UVA-CRISPA SALUN
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Description of the bush: Undustful, compact
  • Epishers: medium thickness, well-limiting
  • Berry size: Large
  • Mass of berries, g: 4-5
  • Berry form: Rounded
  • Berry color: Yellow-green with lighter housing
  • Skin : Thin, without swing, with light waxing, transparent
  • Taste: Sweet, with moderate sourness and light spice

See all the characteristics

It is difficult to find people who would not imagine what pranks. However, in contrast to the shameless and painted karapuse, the gooseberry Salun is a very serious culture. And therefore you need to very carefully examine all its features before landing, so as not to face problems.

Description of varieties

Shalun has an official synonym – Ribes Uva-Crispa Shalun. Mattering bushes of this gooseberry moderately spreaders. They develop quite compact. The height of the shrub reaches 1 m, and, which is very nice for gardeners, there are no spikes. On moderately thick shoots, a large number of leaves develop.

Characteristic of berries

She is as follows:

  • Typical fruits of large size;

  • 1 Berry on average weighs 4-5 g;

  • Infected fruits rounded form;

  • Mostly characterized by yellow-green color with lighter than the main part, residents.

Taste qualities

Shalun’s pulp is quite wonderful, which will please even experienced gourmets. Sweet Note dominates in taste. But at the same time there is a light, not unagreering impressions, acid and slightly pronounced spice. Celebrate fresh, gentle fragrance. In general, the berries of such a variety are given a tasting score of 4.9 points (that is, almost perfect verdict).

Ripening and fruiting

Shalun – Typical Middle Maturing Gooseberries. Begins to collect fruits tentatively at the end of July. Of course, for this period it can seriously affect the weather, and how farmers take care of plants.


Special productivity will not brag. It is about the average level. Normal collection reaches 4 kg per 1 bush. What is noteworthy, the assembled crop is characterized by good product characteristics. It is not possible to transport it to a large distance.


For such a gooseberry, a nutritious, characterized by the roariness of the soil. Permeability for moisture should be high, but it is better to avoid excessive moisture. The variety can grow in the sun, and in partially shaded places. If possible, it is necessary to give preference to the flooded sun. Especially good sites south and southwest capital buildings.

Growing and care

Gooseberry Shalun Samoploden. It may be even cultivated even in the separation from other bushes. Most often put such a variety in spring before the kidneys are blown. At the stage of active cultivation, systematic watering and looseness of the Earth are very important. Since the gooseberry is not bad to carry even dry periods, it is also limited to three irresisters during the vegetation time:

  • When shoots are actively developing;

  • in flowering;

  • When you ripen on the branches of fruits.

The earliest feeding should prealten the dissolution of the kidneys. At this point per 1 kV. m lay 30 g of carbamide and 15 g Selitras. Before starting bloom, use wood ash and potassium sulfate. During the ripening period of berries, the need to prepare infusion on potato peel. In mid-October, the soil in the area of ​​the Shalun barrane mulch, applying 1 m2:

  • compost (6 kg);

  • Superphosphate (15 g);

  • Potassium sulfate (25 g).

Immediately after disembarking on the bushes, leave 3 or 4 the most strong escapes. They are cut down strictly 4 kidneys. On the second year of development, you can leave 7 thoroughly prevailing shoots. They are cut at an altitude of 30 cm above the ground. Other shoots relying to cut at 20 cm.

Cuts should be done at an angle of 50 degrees. From kidney back up at least 5 mm. In the third year, development is raised necessarily from the slips developing in a horizontal direction. Before the onset of winter, we must clear the site from the Sora accumulated on it, and then switch the land by 30 cm deep. Flexing bushes to the ground is achieved with steel or wooden brackets.

Resistance to diseases and pests

The official description of the variety insists that this grade transfers the defeat of American torment. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the high probability of lesion of the tool. Protect bushes from its invasion only the correct processing with special preparations. In conditions of strong rainy rains, the anthyraznosis or white spottedness is likely. Prevention measures of these pathologies are the same as usual.

Resistance to adverse climatic conditions

Shalun is able to survive rather harsh winter. It is allowed to grow in areas with a complex climate. In informal materials, it is emphasized that this variety is still well opposed to drought. However, it is not too reasonable to abuse this property and abandon the enhanced irrigation.

Review reviews

In estimates of ordinary gardes, the lack of spikes on the branches. Collection is possible during each vegetative season, without breaks. Approving Dachnikov respond to the durability of this variety to winter conditions. Berries are great and tasty, justify all expectations.

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