Gooseberry Altai license room

  • Authors: South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Pads and Potatoes
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Description of the bush: Understanding
  • Epishers: Middle, reprofitable, hiped
  • Chairness: Very weak
  • Spikes: Small, single
  • Sheet: three-, five-pointed green, medium
  • Berry size: Large
  • Mass of berries, g: 6.5-8
  • Berry form: round-oval

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Large, with bright green berries, the gooseberry Altai license room from the moment of its appearance, has gained popularity among gardeners. Vintage on the bushes is pretended at the same time, without delay, keeps its consumer properties for a long time. The variety of Russian selection is perfectly adapted to local conditions, is practically not amazed by diseases and pests.

Description of varieties

Gorzemnik Altai Material Bustle Custracy, 100-120 cm height. Croon is weak, shoots very little missed, straightforward, not very long. Green leaves, dissected for 3-5 blades. Spikes small, located singly.

Characteristic of berries

Large berries of the correct oval form – brand name of this variety. Skin of ripe fruits amber-yellow, medium density, with easy omitting. The average weight of the berry reaches 6.5-8 g.

Taste qualities

Fruits are distinguished by a pleasant aroma. The taste of the berries is sweet, dessert, very pleasant and fresh, and in recycling.

Ripening and fruiting

Altai license room Surses by mid-July. Self-ahead variety of medium, does not need pollinators. Fruption begins with 2-3 years old, from 6 years, demonstrates the best indicators.


5-7 kg of berries are going to the bush. High yield makes grade attractive for growing industrial scales. In this case, the fees will be more than 40 c / ha.

Regions growing

The variety is well adapted for landing in the northern regions of Russia. Successfully cultivated in Moscow, Vladimir and other regions of the Central Federal District, North-West.


The gooseberry of this variety can be planted with cuttings or parts of an adult bush, but most dachants acquire a ready-made material with a closed or open root system in nurseries. Young seedlings are selected, preferred well-developed, non-affected options. Tolerate plants in ground early spring or autumn, from 2 decades of October. This will allow it to acclimatize well, will ensure the successful development of the root system.

When choosing a landing plot worth give preference to well-lit places. The soil is suitable fertile, well aerated, not overcoiled. Perfectly grows the gooseberry of this variety on loam, soup, chernozem. Poor soils will be useful to help a lot of organic. Buckets themselves with an open root system before planting it is recommended to soak in a growth stimulator to speed up their adaptation in a new place.

Pits under the gooseberry are prepared in a depth and diameter of 0.5 m. There are no less than 1 m between adjacent bushes, the rows are separated by 2-3 m areas. A mixture of fertile soil, mineral and organic components is laid in each of the prepared holes. On top of this substrate, a seedlock is installed, blocking its root neck by 50-70 mm. To the edges of the fossa fill gradually, sealing each layer of soil.

Seedling at the completion of the procedure watered 1 bucket of water. Then the trimming of the branches, retaining a short part of 5-7 cm at the base. It should remain at least 5 kidneys.

Growing and care

The bushes require uniform irrigation, taking into account the natural precipitation loss. Feeding needed, especially early in spring, before flowering. You can use special complexes or organics, wood ashes, mulch the roasting area peat and humus. Around young plants It is important to regularly loose land. Adult plants require periodic sanitary and rejuvenating trimming, allowing to remove spidelines.

Resistance to diseases and pests

This gooseberry variety is highly resistant to anthracnose, American torment.

Resistance to adverse climatic conditions

Grade winter-hardy. Withstands the decrease in winter temperatures up to -35 degrees. Spring does not drop flowers even during return freezers. In arid periods retains high fertility rates, can withstand long pauses between watering.

Review reviews

According to Dachnikov, the gorge of the gooseberry Altai license room deserves special attention. His prael for a stable yield starting from 2 years of cultivation, excellent taste and long-term storage of fruits. Gardeners-lovers without experience are easily mastered by its agricultural engineering due to the general unpretentiousness of the plants. Bushes do not grow in width, almost do not need trim, grow well even on poor soils. A good commodity makes the berries of this variety promising for growing for sale.

Minuses dackets find relatively few. Mention is found that the fruits seek from the branches. The skin is very dense, suitable for the “royal” jam, but in the fresh form can somewhat spoil the impression of berries. Difficulties arise and with the definition of their ripeness. Even completely overwhelmed berries do not become soft, retain elasticity.

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