Features of the reproduction of potatoes

Reproduction – one of the most important stages of potato breeding. From the material of this article you will learn what it means what happens. In addition, we will tell you what kind of vegetable is suitable for landing.

What it is?

Reproduction of potatoes – Stage of breeding of varietal material. The main difference of culture from many others is the reproduction of vegetative parts (tubers). In fact, the reproduction is the concept of resistance. Every year the use of the same seeds leads to gradual accumulation of viruses in tubers.

When they landing, the percentage of patients with tubers in all sowing materials will increase. As a result, after some time, all potatoes will be infected with infection. It will cause a reducing yield.

In this regard, the reproduction will have the designation of the update of the variety. It begins with the allocation of a single healthy plant. To obtain a better seed material, a meristematic cell is dedicated from it.

The constantly divided cage is placed in a special environment where they grow to the formation of microscopic tubers. It happens in the pierced conditions. Because of the small amount of material, the value of the test tube with a measurable plant is large.

In the future, the microclubs are grown in greenhouses to mini tubers in size 10-30 mm. After that, they are planting them in the field, forming a sowing tuber, called super-super elite. After 12 months, they become super elite, next year – elite, and then – reproduction.

At any stage of breeding, material is monitored for the presence of viruses and diseases. Potatoes, affected by the virus, brave. Healthy material is taken according to GOST standards 7001-91.

Proberry plants – the initial reproductive stage, giving the first generation of potato clones. Reproduction material itself is practically not used for seed landing. This is a commodity product.


Reproduction affects the yield and quality of vegetable culture. Despite the fact that in specialized stores there are different types of potatoes reproduction, not all kinds of seeds are suitable for landing. Usually the buyer acquires seed potatoes of two types – super elite and elite. It can be used for future fit and food for 10 years.

However, the less this period, the better. This is due to the gradual degeneration of culture. Therefore, about 4 years it is recommended to update the boarding material.

All that is acquired on vegetable markets is not related to reproductiveness. This is a degenerate culture that is not suitable for seeds. Categories of seed potatoes are different. Super super elite is considered to be products of the highest class. She has all the signs of a particular variety, it is completely healthy.

Super elite is distinguished by a little big sizes. Expcoma is considered. Elite sowing material already has a high yield.

The first reproduction of potatoes is the perfect commodity material. She has maximum tolerances for varietal purity, quality. It does not have mechanical damage.

The second reproduction also applies to the consumer level. It is derived for breeding, but it is often acquired for cooking.

Reproduction 3 differs from varieties 1 and 2 fewer harvest. She may have viral diseases. So it is purchased for cooking food.

The first generation after the elite in the EU countries are assigned class A, the second class in. In our country, such potatoes label the mark of SSE (super super elite) and SE (super elite). Elite is assigned a tag eh.

Marking of the European Union countries have the code of the manufacturer and the authority responsible for the certification of goods. For example, the third reproduction of them is marked with the letter S, super elite – SE, Elite – E.

The figure located behind the letter indicates belonging to a certain generation of clones (for example, E1).

Seeds are grown in specialized farms using a multiplication technique other than classical.

What kind of potatoes choose for landing?

Choosing clones for seeds, pay attention to their appearance, parameters, form. Better to acquire small products. At the same time, the form must be smooth, and the color correspond to the color of a particular variety.

Buy seeds need in specialized sales points. They are sold at agricultural exhibitions and fairs. Before typing enough landing, it is better to get around all sellers. This will allow you to evaluate the quality of the goods and choose the best option.

You need to take potatoes weighing no more than 80-100 g. Best to buy first reproduction. If there is little money, between the second and the third it is worth choosing the second. Specialists do not recommend buying the fourth type of reproduction potatoes. You can not take potatoes for cutting, since it decreases its yield.

Acquire seeds better a month before landing in the soil. At the same time, it is important to choose a variety, since some universal version does not exist. Created reproduction individual. Some of her species are intended for cultivation in the southern regions of the country, others – in the northern. Ignoring this nuance is fraught low yield.

In addition to accounting for zoning a variety, pay attention to the age of aging. Lovely varieties are not suitable for landing in the middle lane of Russia.

To collect high crop preferably to buy different variety ripening speed. Before buying, it is better to ask what kinds are suitable for landing, taking into account the climatic features of the region and the soil.

Soft tubers do not take. Perfect planting material – solid potatoes without flaws.

No rot, other defeats and crosses should not be. The greater the potatoes of the eyes, the higher their productivity. You need to take such material.

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