Features of the apple tree vaccination

Many gardeners appreciate such a tree as an apple tree for unpretentiousness in the care and taste of fruits. So that the fruits in the apple were very sweet and large, gardeners vaccinate cuttings. Such an event can be carried out from spring and ending in the fall. Some lovers even do not realize that the summer vaccination is the most promising. Consider this issue in more detail.

Pros and cons

Apple tree vaccination. There are more advantages in this issue than minuses. Consider positive parties.

  • You save time. After an apple trees, you will see the result after a year.
  • Summer cuttings is very easy to prepare. If you harm from autumn, you will need to properly save them so that they do not lose their qualities.
  • Summer time contributes to the full blows of the cutlets with the basis. Such an effort excludes additional costs and special care for grafted apple trees.
  • When the apple tree is given in the summer, then At the place of vaccination, the so-called glances appear very rarely.
  • You can Make sure in the fall that the vaccination turned out.

It is necessary to emphasize once again that putting up an apple tree in the summer – it is right. However, in this case, one must take into account one minus: if the summer is arid, then the risk that the cutlets do not take care.


The vaccination of the fruit tree is a manipulation that consists in transplanting a cutting tree. Gardeners often use such a method to improve the quality of fruits, as well as in order to get a new grade.

Usually apple trees are vaccinated in summer: in July or in August. First put pears, and then an apple tree. Summer very active sun. In addition, any tree by this time the root system comes to normal. These components are a good stimulus for the captivity of two viable halves.

The first summer surgery for vaccination can be held at the end of May and in early June. In this question, you need to follow the depot. Socialization begins when the first green tip in the kidney.

After vaccination, the cuttings will begin to eat the juices of the main tree through the connecting tissue, and quickly grows. And also active inaccation contributes to a good branch of the tree from the wood. Under the crust is Cambier. It is a building material that promotes the splicing.

Autumn apple tree can be instilled until mid-September. Manipulation must be finished before the onset of cold.


Before cutting the cutting, you need to determine the exact place on the tree where you will later give it. Remember that the vaccination location should be correctly selected and well processed.

Here’s how to act next.

Do not imitate stalks to the very center of the base or in the bottom of the crown. It is also impossible to install a stalk and the very end of mature branches. And keep in mind that if you guess the cuttings on the top of the tree, you will spend a lot of time to remove subsequent shoots, and your developing process will not receive the necessary power.

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In place of the wound, which will remain after trimming, pests can be multiplier. Therefore, comply with cleanliness when conducting an operation. To do this, prepare an antiseptic agent in advance.

Choose a place to vaccinate such a place that will later exit the graft cutting on the fore. For this eventually you will need to remove old branches.

In this case, your graft cutlets will become a favorite and will give hope for a good harvest.

If you vaccinate your apple tree in the summer, then Spend this operation on a cloudy day, early in the morning or in the evening. Rain will definitely be a hindrance to all your actions.

MANIPULATIONS FOR VIEWING CONDITION Very quickly. To do this, prepare processed and sharp tools in advance. If you do not complete this condition, damage Cambier. This will affect the quality of vaccination.

ByEmbeddings The place of the stock is needed to clean the special material and thoroughly deceive the garden putty. To make it a condition that you need to prepare all the necessary components in advance.

Tools and materials

If you have a very sharp and specific tool in stock, you can easily instill several cuttings to one tree.

Tools and related materials that will be needed to carry out the right vaccination.

  • Ceattor. His people invented in the XIX century. There are many types of secateurs. They consist of two blades: reference and working. To vaccinate trees, only such types are used: bypass (blade shifted to the cut line); with an odor (working and stubborn blades are located on the cut line); With a ratchet mechanism (universal tool).
  • Garden knives enjoy popular as they have a foldable design. They are used for cutting cuttings. The blades in garden knives are vaccinated (have a straight blade) and violating (have a curved hook-shaped blade).
  • Cottage discs and alcohol To wip the garden tool.
  • Garden Var or Solidol.
  • Material for fixation: tape, special bandage and other similar.

Main ways

Cushion vaccination technology is not a complex procedure. This ability will be able to master anyone. If you are going to instill an apple tree, remember: an apple tree is a tree that is easily amenable to the above manipulation. So, consider all the ways.

In crap

Pretty simple action to make vaccinations with fresh branches. To implement this task, you need to perform a number of manipulations.

  • Take a sharp knife, and perform an incision (split) in a depth of 3-4 cm in the middle of the stock.
  • Take a branch with green kidneys, and cut it on both sides. It is desirable that the slice is made by the maternity.
  • Insert stalks into the hole.
  • Fix the vaccine place, and smear the special composition.
  • The very top of the wire is desirable to remove, namely: leave a branch with only one kidney.
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Usually this vaccination gives one hundred percent result.

Behind Corus

Connect cuttings with a spinal barrel – it is pretty Universal method. The trunk must have age for more than 10 years. It is advisable to carry out such manipulation after the sludge will begin.

That’s what you need to do.

  • You need to cut a whole tree, and leave only a meter long paste.
  • Continue the cut in the crust. The length of the cut should fluctuate in the range of 5 cm.
  • Take the stalk, and cut the sharp knife to its small part below.
  • Install this cutlets in the bark and secure with a special bandage.
  • Lost grafting place.
  • Then cut the top cutter over the kidneys.

You can instantly instill several cuttings at once.


For such manipulation, you need to take a branch with a kidney, which ripened. Usually, the kidneys are completely ripened by July or August. Next need to do so.

  • We choose the escape, which will later become a trip.
  • Making a section.
  • Take a stalk, cut the kidney. It should be with a shield.
  • Then we install the kidney under the crown of the door in the form of the letter “T”.
  • After such manipulation, be sure to secure the vaccination location, and dear it with a special smear. Remember that the kidney must be open.
  • We are waiting for the escape from the kidney, and weiss it. It needs to be done so that young pigs will not break.


Usually such a way helps to save the tree if rodents were spoiled. Vaccination by the bridge perform before the start of the deployment.

  • Remove the bark. Leave only the intact part of this bark.
  • Top and bottom bottom Make T-shaped 5 cm long. There should be a damaged part of the trunk between these cuts.
  • Sharpen Chenka (they need to take several pieces at once) on both sides, and remove all the kidneys with them.
  • Insert cuttings with cuts in T-shaped cuts from one and on the other hand. You need to get arcuate connections. So you will provide a tree.
  • All connections fasten with the aolement, and smear all the open spaces and places of vaccinations with a special composition.

Remember: with severe damage to the bark you must carefully monitor the development of processes. And you need to know that the vaccination by the bridge will not allow the tree to die with severe damage to the bark.


This procedure is carried out before the kidneys swell. In this case, you need to choose absolutely the same branches. Here is meant diameter.

Next, act like that.

  • Take the dot, and cut it with the mast. Thus, do and with a tree branch.
  • Slices must be in a mirror position from each other.
  • Next you need to connect both parts, and secure with the help of the isol, as well as to deceive the special composition.
  • The top of the twig versions must be cut so that only three kidneys remain on the branch.
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Subsequent care

We looked at the ways with which apple trees. Whatever you choose the way, you will still need to determine the survival rate of the cutter. If you see that the wound on the tree has not yet completely delayed, you will need to process the place of vaccinations by antiseptic and again to anxize the place of the lead garden.

And then act so.

  • After 2 months, loosen the isolent (with which the cuttings are fixed). It must be done in order for the branch to further develop.
  • It is advisable to constantly cut extra shoots, which will begin to appear on the main trunk below the place. It is necessary to delete and side shoots on the stalk itself. Only the upper and lower shoots should remain on the cutting.
  • After vaccination, carefully follow the tree. It really needs careful care. Therefore, shadow the place of the lead from the rays of the sun.
  • During drought water your apple tree, so that the graft cutter develops faster.
  • Spend Additional subcorter of a tree.
  • If the shoots are very stretched, then Tell them. Then they will not break under their own severity.

Grafted apple tree very much needs careful leaving after mechanical damage.

Common mistakes

Unfortunately, the death of vaccinations is a fairly common phenomenon. Any gardener will understand after a month: grafting has passed or not. So that all events have passed successfully, you need to take into account a lot of factors. List them.

  • Experience of gardener. Without proper knowledge, the vaccination of the apple tree can become unsuccessful.
  • Right tool, Namely: it should be very sharp and disinfected.
  • Right set. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the task very seriously. You can not use a scalpel or razor cutting. Such tools you do not make a proper cut.
  • Speed ​​also matters. If you act slowly, the location of the cut can oxidize, and you will not get a good cutting of the cutting.
  • Cannot do shorts on a cutting. Otherwise these sections are oxidized, and the cuttings do not fit.
  • Chest vaccination can cause Loose impunity or poor-quality drawing.
  • If the cuttings have Favoric bark, unbearable or blossomed kidneys, then the vaccination will most likely fail.
  • If you make a cutlery with nemorozoopy tree on frost-resistant, then such a stalk may not take care.
  • If you make one tree Immediately a few cuttings from the trees of a completely different variety, then such an operation will end the deplorable.
  • If the root system of the apple tree will be too Ovenlazhen, or root system, on the contrary, will not be enough moisture, then the vaccination will most likely fail.
  • If you did not leave the strapping at the place of vaccinations for the winter, then the cuttings are most likely not will.
  • If the gardener saw that the vaccination was accustomed, and stopped watching the tree, then such an attitude can lead to zero result. The captured cuttings can die because of the inadequate care for him and the tree.

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