Features of landing raspberry spring

Deciding to grow raspberry on its plot, most of the gardeners prefers to engage in its falling precisely in the spring. Planting raspberry bushes at this time of year can be in any region.

Advantages and disadvantages

Spring landing raspberry has quite a few advantages.

  1. In plants planted at this time of the year, the full-fledged root system has time for autumn. Therefore, the probability of death of seedlings in summer or autumn is very low.

  2. Spring soil is still well moistened. In addition, during this period, most pests are in hibernation. So take care of Malinik will be quite simple.

  3. In the ground at the beginning of the spring, a large amount of nutrients contain. Thanks to this, shoots are quickly rooted and green.

The main minus of the spring landing of the raspberry in the open ground is that the plants begin to be fronit only the next year. In addition, the creation of Malinnik can add trouble to people who have in spring and so much work on the site.


In the spring it is not necessary to hurry too much with disembarking bushes. At the beginning of the season, the weather is changeable. So seedlings are usually planted in open ground in the second half of April. This month on the street is already quite warm. To landing raspberries, you can start only after the snow melts on the site. The temperature within a few days before this event should be a plus.

If in the second half of spring the weather is too arid, landing raspberries are recommended to be transferred to autumn. Otherwise, the plant can quickly dry.

Some gardeners prefer to navigate the lunar calendar. It can be found more accurate deadlines for landing raspberries.

Basic Rules

Novice gardeners who plan to plant raspberries on their plot will help simple tips on disembarking bushes.

Sedna preparation

So that the plants fit well, you need to carefully treat seedlings. Acquire them need in good nursery.

Before buying, the seedlings must be carefully inspecting. They should be strong and healthy. If the kidneys have already revealed on the plant, they should also be closed. The first leaflets must be even and green. If they are yellow and sluggish, then the plant is sick, or it lacks nutrients. Root of the plant should be well developed. It can not be any dry twigs that easily break.

It is best to buy seedlings in a container. Their roots are more reliably protected. In addition, such plants are experiencing less stress during transportation. Therefore, they are faster on the new plot.

If the seedlock was sold in plastic packaging, it must be removed. Roots Plants need to wrap a piece of wet cloth. In some cases, a simple solution is used to preserve the raspberry. For its preparation in the bucket you need to pour a little fresh land. There it is necessary to add warm water. Mix the mixture thoroughly mix. Sedna roots are lowered in this solution. In such a state, the plant can be stored within a few days.

Choosing a place

To the selection of plants landing also need to treat carefully. Malina loves well-moistened fertile soil. The selected area should also be well covered with the sun.

Usually raspberry try to plant close to buildings or fences. In this case, the plants will be well protected from wind. So, a young seedling will not break during the first thunderstorm.

To the crop of raspberries were good, plants need to choose the right neighbors. Best bushes feel next to apple trees, pears and plums.

These plants develop in symbiosis, protecting each other from diseases and pests. To protect bushes from insect attacks, asters or peonies are usually planted next to Malnik.

It is not recommended to place bushes near the sea buckthorn, currant or grapes. These plants will constantly bother with raspberries, not allowing it to develop normally. It is undesirable to plant close to the bushes and velvets. They scare the pests, but at the same time they also suspend the growth of raspberries.

Distance between bushes

So that the plants do not interfere with each other normally develop, it is necessary to plant them at a short distance. It should be at least 40 centimeters. Planning the location of your Malinik, it is worth considering the features of the selected variety of plants. After all, the size of different bushes can vary greatly.

If you choose the right distance, in the future, the gardener will be much easier to collect the harvest, and also engage in the preparation of plants by winter.

Preparation of soil

Raspberries, like other similar shrubs, is best grows on light soils. If the soil on the sour site, it is recommended to make a little chalk in front of the steam. Malina in no case can not be planted in the same place on which the grained.

Prepare the ground for landing raspberry bushes stands from autumn. The selected territory needs to be cleaned in advance from weeds. Plot must be carefully moved.

So that the raspberry harvest was more, the land is recommended to fertilize from the fall. The poorer on the ground area, there are more fertilizers.

Doubling a fertilizer’s portion is also in the event that the landfill is planned for repairing raspberries.

The optimal version of the feeding – high-quality referent compost. It is usually harvested since the summer. After making fertilizers, the soil must be well.


Pops for landing raspberries are also preparing in advance. Usually digging them 12-20 days before landing. So that raspberries fit well, at this stage in the wells also worth making fertilizers. At the bottom of each pit stacked a bucket of humus. After that, the fertilizer is mixed with the Earth.

Next in the well need to add some more pure soil. The distance between the selected fertilizer and the roots of the raspberry should be at least 5 centimeters.


There are two main ways to landing raspberries on the site. Each of them has both their disadvantages and pros.


Choosing this way of planting, the soil do not have to prepare in advance. Poons in this case are digging in the spring. Depth and width of each wells must be within 50 centimeters. Part of the soil must be thoroughly mixed with a small amount of feeding and send back to the pit.

Next in the wells must be placed and seedlings. It is necessary to neatly pour out the earth. At the end of the work, the soil can be slightly tumped.

Often two young seedlings are placed in one well. This is done to get a larger and most powerful bush.

Next to the plant you need to install the backup. The rains of raspberries are tied to her. Around each bush, you need to slightly deepen the soil, forming small wells, in which water will be lit.

In trenches

The second landing scheme is slightly different from the previous. This method is usually used if the raspberry is grown on an industrial scale. But at home, this scheme can also be applied.

Plot in this case must be prepared in advance. It needs to be pulled out several trenches. The distance between them should be at least meter. The length of the trench depends on how many plants it is planned to be planted.

In some cases, Drainage laid on the bottom of the trench.

This is done if water is constantly delayed on the site. A mixture of fertilizers and soil is also poured over the drainage. In this case, the roots of the plant will definitely not be installed over time.

When landing plants are placed in the center of the trench. Do this procedure best together. In this case, one person will be able to keep a bush in his hands, and the second is to pretend its land. It is very important that the roots of the plant are well hidden under the layer of soil.

If the bushes planted in this way, they will fit well, they will give an excellent harvest.

Landing by removable raspberry

Separately, it is worth talking about the landing of removable raspberry. It fertures more often, and is also more so-taking care. When landing such plants it is worth considering the following points.

  1. Malinnik need to be equipped at the solar place. Plants that are in the shade will not please the gardener with a good harvest.

  2. Bushes should be warm. Removable raspberry varieties are usually planted on the south side of the site. It is desirable that some kind of building, a high fence or a number of trees. In this case, the plant will not interfere with any drafts.

  3. The soil when landing should not be too tight. This may lead to the fact that the roots will not receive a sufficient amount of moisture. Plant due to this may even die.

With the right landing, even with several bushes of raspberries, it will be possible to collect a large harvest.

Subsequent care

Immediately after disembarking, the raspberry bushes need proper care. In the first year of life, gardeners need to adhere to certain rules.

  1. Mulch primer. The soil is usually mulched with chips, dry straw or dried wood sawdust. Such a procedure will help protect the soil from drying out. In addition, less weeds will grow on the site. Properly selected mulch with time can also turn into high-quality fertilizer.

  2. Don’t water raspberry too often. If summer and spring rainy, you can do without watering seedlings. This cannot be allowed to dry land. After all, this will lead to the fact that the plant will warm and die.

  3. Crop plants. After landing the raspberry it is necessary to cut up to 27-30 centimeters. This is done so that the plant is faster to root. If you skip raspberry trimming, the bush will develop not as fast as I would like.

  4. Do not feed plants. In the first year after landing, plants do not need additional feeding. They usually have enough fertilizers who were added to the soil in the fall.

  5. Warf plants for the winter. Young seedlings need timely insulation. Otherwise they may not survive the winter. In the fall of the plants neatly bend to the ground, and then they are covered by any insulation. To do this, you can use burlap, sawdust or syntheps. The selection of the insulation depends on the characteristics of the climate.

  6. Do not give raspberry “crawl” by site. This plant breeds pretty quickly. Get rid of unwanted shoots is very difficult. Therefore, you need to try to limit the growing bushes. For this, the slate or similar material must be buried between the rows. They have them at the same depth as the roots of young plants.

  7. Protect bushes from diseases and pests. From time to time, plants need to be inspected for insects or any damage. Noticing that something is wrong with a bush, infected branches or leaves need to be removed. If the plant can no longer be saved, it is worth destroying until it infected other bushes.

In general, to care for Malina in the first year after disembarking is quite simple. If the plant takes place during this time, in the future it will be strong and healthy.

Tips for landing in different regions

Previously, raspberries were grown only in the middle lane of Russia. There are well grew and developed all the varieties of this plant. Now you can grow sweet berries in any corner of the country. The main thing is to take into account the features of each region and choose the right grades for landing.


In the Urals, Malina is planted much later than in the Leningrad or Rostov region. The climate in this part of the country is cold. Therefore, the best time for landing raspberries – the end of the spring. Separately, it is worth saying that in the Urals you can plant not all the raspberry varieties. It is best to choose for this purpose frost-resistant plants.

They can be chosen in local nurseries.

Ural gardeners try to arrange Malinnik in the depths of the Big Garden. In this case, the plants will be well protected from wind. If there is no such possibility, the bushes need to be placed at a high fence.


In Siberia, it is also recommended to plant plants that are well tolerated cold. After all, winter in this area frosty. Razing Malina stands in the second half of May. Place the seedlings are standing in those areas that are best illuminated by the Sun. Malinnik is best equipped on a small elevation.

Volga region

For this region, a frequent climate change is characterized. Therefore, choose the perfect moment for landing raspberries there is quite difficult. Usually gardeners plant plants after the first snow comes. It happens in early April.

In the Volga region it is worth landing resistant to varietal temperatures. They will not be scared light spring freezes.

Medium strip

In this part of the country, raspberries are planted both in spring and autumn. Plants in any case are good. In this region, it is recommended to grow high and yields. In the suburbs often planted removable raspberries. In this case, the harvest can be collected twice. Berries at the same time will be juicy and tasty and summer, and in the fall.

You can plant bushes in this part of the country at the end of March. The main thing is that on earth for this period there is no longer. Otherwise, the seedling can die. If the winter was cold, it’s worth waiting for the falling bushes before April.

If you adhere to these simple recommendations, the plants will very quickly fit on the site. So, after a year it will be possible to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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