Features of apple collection

Many sign amazing aroma of ripe, just torn from the tree of apples. So I want to inhale it, feel the taste of these incredibly tasty and healthy fruits. Apple collection occurs with their full maturation. To keep the harvest for a long time, you need to know what time it is to do garden work, how to do it right and thanks to the use of which devices can get fruits from the upper branches of the apple tree.


The final stage of growing fruit is to collect them. At the same time, it is important not only to get a decent harvest, but also to hold events on time.

Experts divide the varieties of these fruits to certain types:

  • Summer;
  • autumn;
  • Winter.

Summer varieties are not intended for long-term storage, they are immediately eaten. Such varieties ripen by mid August.

Apples that have reached maturity in the fall are used for long-term storage. But this time can vary depending on the temperature fluctuations. So, during a warm summer with a lot of rains, fruits can contemporary before. Less favorable conditions will move harvesting.

The most famous is the winter varieties that remove from branches in the last week of September to mid-October. Such a crop will be stored until spring, ripen apples as they have stored.

In areas with a warmer climate, juicy fruits usually ripen earlier. They are beginning to shoot from trees at approximately one time, taking into account the location of the region.

  • In the Urals, the fruits become ripe earlier, their collection is produced from the end of July and before September.
  • In the suburbs you can start collecting from the end of August. Reads until mid-October.
  • In Siberia, the ripening of fruit occurs in mid-August and lasts until late September.
  • The collection in the Leningrad region and the Volga region is also held in the designated deadlines. If you do it later, the apples will be overripe, at the same time, with an excessive hurry, they will not have a rich taste.
  • Regardless of the area, whether the Volga region or Udmurtia, the autumn varieties are usually removed from the tree from the end of August to September.

Later varieties are beginning to collect when they have no pronounced taste and characteristics. It will be able to achieve this fruits only a few weeks after collecting.

With proper storage, winter varieties will be able to maintain a bright aroma and a pronounced taste for 6 months. At the same time, they will remain juicy, crispy. Such varieties are better to transfer transportation, suitable for processing and food in fresh form.

The collection time of autumn fruits falls on September. Fruit of them stretched for 3-4 weeks. This allows you to rush with harvest, and it is gradually done. Autumn varieties are stored for 3-4 months, after that they begin to lose density, become loose and wad.

What fruitants use?

When the fruit season occurs, you need to start collecting them. To accurately determine the time will allow various methods.

  • Moon calendar. The moon affects the condition of the liquid not only in living beings, but also in plants. At certain periods, they receive a large amount of moisture, increasing the stock of the necessary components. The calculation of the days on the lunar calendar will determine the harvest timing.
  • Fruit tasting. Eating will make it possible to figure out the degree of ripening of fruits.
  • Appearance. Ripe fruits have a smooth color, without darkening. Bones inside dark brown. The taste of fruit is sour-sweet, fruit – juicy and fragrant.
  • Definition by pressing fruit fingers. The rest of the demerican speaks of its full ripening.
  • With the help of fallen apples. If there is a lot of large fruits on earth, it’s time to get used to the collection.
  • Iodine. A drop of iodine, applied to the cut, will help determine the ripeness of the apples. Fruits with the manifested blue border on a cut and a yellow middle are fully prepared for their transportation.

With low-speed apple trees or dwarf varieties remove the harvest is not so difficult that you can not say about high fruit trees with impressive sizes. Usually the most appetizing fruits hang on the top.

To simplify the collection, use various devices. With their help, you can easily remove the fruits without damage, without damaging the branches.

Similar frosies can be made it yourself from the remedies or go for them to the country store. In industrial conditions, the combine is used as such a device.

To ensure that the device is functional, it must comply with certain requirements:

  • The collector must firmly capture and hold the fruits;
  • have sufficient height;
  • Do not break the branches and not injure apples when removing them.

Also important factor is the convenience of using such a subject.

Plastic, wire, burlap and other material can be used as a material for it.

  • Plastics. The simplest and most popular option for the manufacture of the fruit collector is plastic. Similar designs are simple and easy to use. The plastic “tulip” of two parts: a special cup with petals and handles. To remove the fruit of the “tulip”, you need to capture the apple so that it turns out in a glass, and scroll through it a bit. Fruit should be between petals at this time.
  • Wire. Wire or collet pulses also many admirers. Construction of plastic pipe and wire with a fishing line. To remove the fetus, the wire is fixed at the end of the handle, bending the edges in the rings, through which the fishing line. With the help of the fishing mechanism will work. Once in the center of the puller, the apple turns out to be fixed when tensioning the fishing line. To separate the fruit from the branch, you need to scroll.
  • Baschid. No less popular and bag-shaped options. Such models are not only convenient, but also functional, since with their help you can simultaneously remove several fruits. Has a device round shape, sharp tiny petals performing the role of a knife. The shape is fixed small in size bag. Thanks to the holder handle, the device is attached to the glass. It must have a suitable length, be pretty light and comfortable. After cutting, the fruits will fall into the collector and not damage.
  • With captured. Capture models are often chosen to collect fruits of small size. To capture fruits, use plastic device in the form of a three-panel paw. The presence of a telescopic handle with a lever allows the mechanism to act, due to which an apple is in the cavity of the collection. After that you need to disrupt it from the branch. The disadvantage of this device is that when using it is often badly damaged branches and leaves.

In addition to shopping options, home-made frustrations are used. They can be made independently by using the girlfriend in the form of plastic containers, pipes from plastic or even cans. To make the design of plastic containers, you need:

  • Take a plastic bottle by 2 or 2.5 liters;
  • prepare a stick performing the role of the holder;
  • use in the work of the twine or replace it with wire

To make another homemade fruit puller, you need:

  • The selected container is cut into two parts – a part that has a neck is useful;
  • make a slit on a sliced ​​line in the form of a wedge and use it to separate the frozen from the branches;
  • attach a stick to the neck with the help of a twine or wire, you can simply wrap a scotch.

If you wish, you can make any other simple design, allowing you to get juicy fruits from the upper branches.

How to remove apples?

There are certain rules for harvesting.

  • Apple collection starts with cleansing space under the apple tree, raising fallen fruits. This will allow to protect the site from patients or poor-quality fruits that can become a source of dissemination of diseases.
  • Work should not be carried out in the morning while there are still dew on plants. Fruit cleaning is usually carried out after lunch when the air has already warmed up well, Dew evaporated. It is important that the weather is suitable for this. In the rain or immediately after it, apples do not break.
  • The crop begins to shoot from the lower branches, gradually lifting up to the top of the tree. From the upper branches to remove the fruits will help special devices.
  • Fruits designed for long-term storage, it is desirable to shoot with a fruit. Remove the fruits from the tree should be scrolling until they disappear themselves.
  • Varieties used to prepare jams, other billets or food, that is, summer, break during their full ripening or slightly misunderstood. Winter apples preferably shoot later. Better do it before frost.

    To keep you need to take only ripened dense fruits. Immediately after the removal of fruits produce sorting them.

    Collect the harvest in the garden should be carefully, carefully selecting the fruits for storage and those that can be recycled or used in food.

    It is necessary to singlestly postpone the diesel or deformed, as well as crumpled fruits, they can not be left for storage in the basement. For this, only copies without defects, wormochin, dents or rot.

    The harvest is neatly folded into the plastic bucket.

    It is important to put an apple to the container, and not throw them. On the hands better to wear rubber gloves.

    Shake a tree or shake apples with a stick or other prickly means. When falling, the fruits will be damaged that in the future it will be the reason for the appearance of rotten spots. Such fruits can be left to prepare blanks for the winter, but for long-term storage of them in the fresh form they are already unsuitable.

    The harvest is better to keep in wooden boxes with ventilation holes. It is necessary to process the Tar Rr Rhnganta, then dry the container in the sun and pave the bottom with clean paper sheets.

    Cardboard boxes are also suitable for better safety. With a small yield, every fruit is recommended to wrap in paper. In the spacious room you can build a lot of racks suitable and size and decompose the specimens on the surface so that they do not touch each other.

    When stored in boxes or boxes, individual varieties are folded separately, given the different dates for their ripening.

    It is advisable to immediately shift the apples in the boxes, while not leaving them in a bucket or the place lit by the Sun.

    Fruits for storage should not be washed, it is important that they remain a whole matte film that protects them from the appearance of rot.

    Vintage is better stored in a cold and dry room. The best place for this is the basement. It should be clean and dry. It is pre-removed from it the last trash, clog the cracks and produce disinfection of the walls with copper vigorous or haired lime. It is also desirable to wash the floor with disinfectants.

    Store the harvest is recommended at temperatures up to 5 degrees, with a humidity of 80-90%.

    It is necessary to inspect the harvest, removing spoiled copies. Should not be freezing them.

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