Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Features of strawberries and strawberries make them perfect cultures for growing on non-standard beds: in containers, bags, sleeves, cones, trapezes. The most compact, economical from the point of view of using the area of ​​the beds for garden strawberries – vertical.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Advantages and disadvantages

Strawberry can be grown in suspended state by many reasons: culture does not require a lot of space, it looks neatly, some varieties are still decorative. “Pink Miracle”, “Pink Dream”, “Gazan”, “Tuscany”, “Roman”, “Tristan”, “Tarpan” – all these varieties are very bright and beautiful large pink flowers. But there is a purely technical benefit.

That’s what comfortable vertical beds for strawberries.

  1. Very practical for growing removable varieties that are fruit all year round. It is convenient to collect the berry, with a deterioration in the weather, the rack is easy to move or hide. Repairing strawberries badly winter, most often it is simply planting again, so there are no questions with the wintering plants in the open design.

  2. Almost all designs are mobile. Unlike ordinary beds, they can be moved by changing the conditions for plants. Convenient for those who unlock the agrotechnik or grows experimental varieties.

  3. Small pockets are easier to fill in nutritional soil, less hassle with fertilizers.

  4. There is no need for the fight against weeds.

  5. It is easier to regulate watering and care, because you do not need to take into account the microclimate on a large area. Balance of temperature, humidity and light is easier to recall.

  6. You can extend the fruiting season by moving the bed in a more comfortable place.

  7. Saving places on the plot, creative use of the area on a small dacha. Successful design will not only bring the gardery useful berries, but also become an original decor element.

  8. Allows you to use unsuitable, problem areas: with non-fermented, too stony, clay, swampy, contaminated soil.

  9. Easy processing from pests, collection and care. The tedious procedure for cutting the mustache looks much easier if you do not need to bended to each plant.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

The vertical method also has disadvantages.

  1. Plants will have to water more often. In summer, during the period of fruiting, daily.

  2. In hot days from soil overheating, plant roots may suffer. Sometimes even reflective painting of tanks.

  3. Not very well suited for growing ordinary strawberries, which fully fruits for 3-5 years and therefore needs a prosperous wintering. On the other hand, containers can be removed for the winter to the basement, providing gentle varieties even more successful wintering than in the open soil.

The vertical way will be good for those who want to grow new, or foreign, or exotic varieties of strawberries in such regions as Leningrad region, Siberia, Far East.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries


Vertical beds in personal sites most often made from progressive means. Sometimes it is more decorative, creative structures.

  • Beds from put on each other tires of different sizes.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

  • Mattles with plots, isolated with a curb ribbon.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

  • Boxes without the bottom of different sizes, delivered on each other, from wood, plastic, metal.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

They can be made in the form of a pyramid (designed for review from all sides), stairs (leaning out the vertical side to any vertical surface).

  • Girling-cylinder. It will take an old plastic or metal barrel and half-diameter pipes from barrel. You can use iron buckets, baskets. The principle is one: in the walls of the tank in a checker, cells 5×5 cm cells are cut at a distance of 25 cm from each other. The inner cylinder is often drilled by a thin drill, insert it in the barrel in the middle. The distance between the walls is filled with soil, center – gravel. Watering is carried out in the center.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

  • Girling. Old pipe is steadily drawn to the ground. Previously cut round holes. The pipe is falling asleep with nutrient soil, while placing seedlings in the “windows”. The design has options: sometimes in a wide diameter pipe is inserted a narrower, with frequent fine holes to organize simple and fast watering. Water simply poured into the center and nourishes plants planted between pipes.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

The simplest vertical bed – plants plant in plastic bags. Packages are placed on a fence or width of metal mesh.

Can be made from spanbonda, burlap, tarpaulin and any strong woven or nonwoven material, like a wall rug with pockets, and fasten on the fence. Strawberry seedlings are planted in pockets. The best option is from a heater with foil spraying. Pockets from this material are better kept moisture and do not allow the roots to overheat.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

How to sew.

  1. Purchase a cut of a material 2 times more than the area of ​​the future bed.

  2. Half use as a basis, from the second, there are future strip pockets with a height of 25-30 cm. Strips must be long so that you can make pockets volumetric.

  3. Distance from pocket to pocket – 20 cm.

  4. The bottom of each pocket is laid by bunk folds.

  5. Street all the seams twice a strong thread.

  6. On the back of each pocket at the bottom, the holes for draining excess moisture are performed.

  7. On the sides make loops.

  8. Fill pockets with a layer of drainage 1-2 cm, the rest is filled with a nutrient mixture.

  9. Plants disembark.

  10. The design is hanging on the wall, stretch, wear loops on carnations.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

In the fall, the suspension bed is cleaned, clean, turn the roll – conveniently stored in any utility room.

Other suspension Grokes.

  1. From the drain pipe. Pipes cut into two parts along. Placed on the suspension horizontally.

  2. From plastic bottles. They are cut along and across.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Nuances of growing

Caring for strawberries in vertical structures by labor intensity is the same as on ordinary beds. With an derived agrotechnology or structures with automation – even less. Only take into account some nuances.


The soil for planting strawberries in small pockets should be more nutritious, more moisture and at the same time more elastic, so as not to be pleasant.

Optimal mixture.

  1. Cherry Earth – 20%. This density and food.

  2. Compost – 30%. Food.

  3. Peat – 25%. For an even more successful soil structure and the improvement of its physical properties add 5% of foam crumbs. Especially if the design will not allow you to equip the drain layer.

  4. Sheet Earth – 10%.

  5. Hydrogel – 10%.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

Two-year-old well-fledged horse or cow manure, chicken residue, fooled by plant residues.

For your information. The length of the root system of strawberries – 30 cm. This should be considered when calculating the design.

Do not put plants in clean purchased soil, even if it is designed for strawberries. Such a soil almost always contains a lot of peat and will dry very quickly.

You can plant any varieties of strawberries to your taste, but it is better to choose repair. They give less mustes, abundantly fruit, the period of fruiting stretches for the whole season, which justifies the use of complex structures.

Before planting seedlings, they are immersed either into the solution of “epin”, or in a solution of a cowboy for better survival.

1-2 year old seedlings are planted, they will give a harvest in the same year.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries


Care is to remove the mustache, damaged leaves, processing from pests if necessary, watering and making fertilizers. Solve the problem of frequent watering can be different.

  1. Choosing the right soil. Strawberry need loose, but moisture ground soil. Carefully check the percentage of peat. His excess will lead to the fact that in too hot days the plants will dry in half a day.

  2. Hydrogel. Polymer granules are added to the soil when landing. They accumulate water, increasing in size. Plants absorb moisture from them for the need.

  3. Drip irrigation. Completely removes the need to take care of watering. It will only be necessary to periodically adjust the water supply, fill the container if the water fence is carried out not from the water supply. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of installations, prices from 2 thousand rubles.

Watering is needed very attentive, even if there is a central intake pipe. On hot days, it is better to irrigate bushes in an additionally directly. At the same time, water should be avoided – this is a rough mistake. Once a week, watering is completed by fertilizers. Either a universal mixture of minerals or urea. But the latter is used only to stimulate the growth of green mass, by the time of flowering, clean nitrous feeding should be stopped.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries


Strawberry is a poorly resistant plant. In the conditions of the middle strip, in the regions with a good snow cover, it can winter without shelter. If the snow is small, partially will get out. The main rule: the roots should not be exposed to the temperature below -8 ° C. This temperature at which the underground part of the plant begins to suffer. In the open ground, the plants die with a decrease in temperature to -18 ° C, if there is no snow cover.

In most regions of Russia, the root strawberry system in vertical structures will not survive. Therefore, the installations must be either transferred to cool conditions with a temperature of zero to + 5 ° C, or scheduled to the next spring landing of a new seedlings.

Vertical beds are actively used in industrial production. The benefit is obvious: the plants are easier to control, the agrotechnik is easier to fit under a specific grade, squeezing all its potential from it, less rental costs, a significant increase in yield on hectare area.

Features and types of vertical beds for strawberries

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