Falker garlic ash

Many dackets grow garlic on their sites. This common culture, like any other, needs proper care. It is important to competently select effective feeding. Good fertilize garlic beds ashes.

Pros and cons

Many dackets love to feed garlic landing ashes. This is a very efficient component, which makes it very popular. We learn about the main advantages of applying the specified types of feeding.

  • One of the most weighty advantages of the ash fake is their environmental safety. Absolutely all trace elements, of which the ash consists, are characterized by an easily dismantled form. Potassium and phosphorus are present here, and other no less useful and necessary elements.
  • If you use ash for fertilizer garlic beds, you can achieve a noticeable improvement in the taste quality of the grown crop.
  • The type of fertilizer does not contain chlorine. Due to this, there is no accumulation of harmful trace elements in the cultivated yield. This + advantage plays one of the most important roles.
  • Another weighty plus of ash fertilizers is that their use makes it possible to significantly save on the purchase of ready-made potash-phosphoric or nitrogen-containing mixtures. Many of them are quite expensive today, because of which they can buy not every summer resident.
  • If regularly fertilize garlic beds ashes, the plants will be able to effectively strengthen, protect against various diseases. In addition, correctly faded garlic is characterized by rapid growth and excellent fruiting.
  • Due to the action of ash, the immunity of garlic rises. The plant becomes much more resistant to cold weather, and affecting various pests.
  • Ash is possible to neutralize the existing level of soil acidity. For garlic landings, soil composition will be comfortable with 6.5-7 pH indicators. If the soil is taken, here the development plant will be much more difficult.

As you can see, the ash and the ash fertilizers affect the planted garlic very well. That is why many gardeners appeal to the use of such an effective.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the fertilizer under consideration for garlic, then first of all it is worth indicating that the ash contains quite caustic alkali. Under the action of high concentrations, it is capable of negatively affect the familiar microflora of the soil. Useful soil bacteria, earth worms and any other useful fauna may be killed. Because of the listed nuances, use the ash jerks is required as careful as possible, strictly adhering to permissible dosages.

Otherwise, you can seriously harm garlic landings and the soil in which they are.


It is important to follow the terms of the fertilizer of garlic landing. This procedure should be carried out in 3 stages. For the first time to feed the plant is needed on warm days. At this point, the procedure will be necessary to support the active growth of vegetables, as well as their healthy landscaping. It is necessary to not face white tips of garlic in June. Spring-type garlic fertilize as soon as the first sheets are formed. The second procedure will be required after 2 weeks. For the third time the plant will need to be filtered in June. Doing it is required for the emerging head.

If you do this before, for example, not in July, and in the spring, then the fruits will be crazy, since all their growth will go into arrows, as well as green parts.

Making fertilizer under garlic

It is very important not only to withstand the correct time and proportion of the ash fertilizers for garlic, but also to competently contribute. There are several ways to make feeding under garlic. The simplest, but at the same time the dry method is considered. With it, the ashes simply scatter surrounded by plant plants, as well as in a broadcast. After that, the soil necessarily loosen. Gardeners, having a rich experience in such procedures, recommend only slightly frank oar aboveground half of vegetables. It will be remarkable prevention of various bacterial, viral or fungal diseases.

Considering the dumpling garlic beds with wood ash, you can effectively protect plants from various kinds of pest insects. Gardeners are simultaneously getting rid of different parasites, as well as feed the landing, providing plants by all vital elements. A very useful event will be the use of ash in the process of preparing the beds under the subsequent landing of garlic. You can implement such training in the autumn period if winter varieties are shed. If you are going to plant a spring garlic, then pretreatment and fertilizer of the soil are advisable at the very beginning of spring. The rate of making fertilizing compositions will largely depend on the level of soil acidity, as well as its fertility.

Garlic beds are allowed to fertilize with liquid ash composition. Many dackets resort to such a simple and convenient method for processing plants. To implement the correct preparation of the nutritional infusion, it will be necessary to fill the bucket water. The liquid will need to pour 2 faceted glasses of pre-crushed wood ash. The resulting solution will necessarily need to insist within a few days. After some time, it is possible to water garlic landing for the root.

In order for the level of digestibility of introductible elements to be higher, it is recommended to build a small groove between the rows. It will take it to pour a cooked solution. Subsequently, it will gradually be absorbed by garlic, gradually growing on the beds.

It is allowed to simultaneously making an ash solution under the root of garlic together with a thorough irrigation of the tops of the plant (extra-corner processing). At the expense of such manipulations, it will be possible to ensure a rather fast delivery of nutrients from the supposed fertilizers. Supporting of this type is characterized by very high performance indicators, unless there were first signs of lack of useful trace elements.

Most often, this can be noted on the yellowing of the foliage of garlic, turning the tips of the tops.

Do you need to make fertilizer before harvesting?

Many dacifics are interested, whether garlic beds are required immediately before harvesting? Here it is necessary to take into account that, subject to the farement of the plant strictly, you will not need additional fertilizer plan. Vice versa, If you make feeding formulations in the oppression, it will adversely affect the taste and quality of ripe garlic.

Extreme coarse feeders are allowed to make at least a couple of weeks before harvest. It is important to take into account that after that it is not necessary to make watering soil. If you neglect this requirement, then the crop will be raw.

To allow such violations cannot be allowed, because then garlic will be bad in winter.

General recommendations

If you planned to feed garlic wood ash, it will not be familiar with some recommendations regarding this procedure.

  • No need to combine ash with ammonium or phosphoric fertilizers. If combining such components, it will lead to the loss of the desired amount of nitrogen and phosphorus. Benefit from the resulting composition will not be. Between the addition of feeding it is important to withstand a pause that makes up at least a week.
  • It is ultimately not recommended to fertilize garlic ash if the reaction of the soil solution reaches the indicator above 7 pH. In such conditions, the alkalinity indicator grows noticeably, and the receipt of nutrient elements in the plants weakens either completely stops.
  • If you decide to feel the garlic under consideration, you need to take into account that only the ash received from the combustion of clean wood will be. In no case can not use feeders consisting of ash received from the combustion of various household waste.
  • Using ash as highly efficient fertilizer for garlic beds, it is very important to always clearly observe the proportions of its addition. There are a great many recipes in which the use of the component under consideration is envisaged. In all cases it should be used in certain volumes. It is important not to overdo it with the addition of ash so as not to harm the plants that will process.
  • Undercine with ash can alternate with organic fertilizers. We are talking about tinctures prepared from a cowboat and chicken litter. They are very important to pretrately devally. Thus, the Summer will succeed in providing the cultural culture with all the necessary useful elements and substances.
  • Experienced gardeners are recommended to feed garlic beds not more than 3-4 times per season.
  • Feeding garlic ash and ash composures, it is important to always keep under control of his condition. It is necessary to regularly examine the beds. It is necessary to know exactly whether all of whether you do.
  • To achieve a rich garlic harvest, it is not enough to use only in the summer only by ash fertilizers. In addition, it is very important not to forget about regular irrigation, as well as thorough soil looser. Grokes will need to be kept correctly. Fertilizers with ashes will need to make strictly according to the rules and in permissible quantities.
  • You can feed garlic not only clean ash, but also with an extract. This is a very popular method that are used by many gardeners. To prepare an ash hood, you need to use about 2 times less than mineral fertilizer. Combined solution brought to a boil.
  • Plants can be poured only with such compositions, the temperature of which is close to room.

If you take into account all nuances of the fertilizer of garlic ash, it is possible to achieve a very rich and healthy harvest. In terms of competent actions, the taste of vegetables will be pleasant and high-quality, they can be kept for a long time.

About how to use ash as a fertilizer, you can learn from the video below.

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