Diseases and peaches peach

Peach is a luxurious southern fruit, growing all gardeners. However, it is worth considering what the fruit tree is incredibly capricious. Even in a warm and stable climate, it will require constant care. In addition, peach very often sick. Not bypassing his and all sorts of pests. In order to recognize the disease in time and take appropriate measures, it is worthwhile to understand the symptoms and peach disease features.

Diseases and peaches peach

Types of lesions

Peach is subjected to a variety of diseases. However, there are some ailments that are especially cunning and dangerous. Description of these diseases and methods of struggle with them will be useful to every gardener.


This disease is differently called a holey spotty. And it is no coincidence. At the very beginning of the disease, foliage suffers. It occurs brown dots that burglary canvas. Further, points turn more to the stains, and then there are holes in their place, which caused the name of the disease.

Swaptoporosis begins to actively develop when the air temperature reaches +20 degrees. These are excellent conditions for fungus. From the leaves, the disease passes on the branch. It is also manifested by the presence of stains. Then the bark on the branches cracks, can even burst, gum appears. The last stage of infection – the fruits themselves. They are also covered with spots and rot.

The primary method of treating the illness is to trim. Need to remove branches and leaves that are already amazed, and then burn them. Next prepare a mixture of lime and water, adding iron or copper sipal there. Such a composition treated the wound wounds. Next should be handling good fungicide. For example, you can take “Hom”.

The drug will need to be sprayed at the time of the appearance of pink buds, before the start of flowering, as well as after its end.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


This fungal disease is manifested in autumn. Most often, the pathogen falls into the tissue of the tree due to the lack of cutting cuts, less often due to moisture. It is characterized by occurrence on the leaves of blooms similar to bubbles. First, these bubbles are light, and then they blush. Even later, the substance is beginning to accumulate, which contains fungal disputes. Necrosis of the leaves begins, the plates fall out. However, not only they suffer, the deformation of the branches, the appearance of the gum, is also observed. Vintage on the affected tree does not grow.

To cure a plant, First you need to isolate all sick branches and foliage. The affected parts are carried away and burned. Next, peach is treated Bordeaux liquid, The concentration of which is 1%. Such a procedure has to be held three more times, the gap between them is 14 days.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach

Puffy dew

This fungal disease also may well be the cause of the loss of the crop and death of the tree. It affects absolutely all parts of culture. The causative agent in the absence of preventive treatment calmly winter in the tissues of shoots, awakening in the spring. It is especially dangerous that disputes actively spread the wind. And this means that not only peach, but also all cultures in close proximity.

Puffy dew got such a name thanks White raid, like grapple flour. First, the plaque flies closely to the plants and it can be easily removed with a finger. However, later it is compacted, sprawling farther. Such hardening prevents the shoots and foliage to breathe, so the tree quickly falls.

Cure such a notch is quite possible if you make an effort. First of all, you need to trim, removing all sore parts, it is equally important to loom and the rolling circle. Next spend Spraying “Topaz”. Next stage – Application of colloidal sulfur at a concentration of 0.8%. First, the tree is treated at the time of the development of the kidneys, and then – 14 days after the end of flowering. Then you will need Colloid sulfur at a concentration of 0.6%. Processing with such a means are carried out every 14 days.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


Cytosporosis is a fungal disease of the trunk. Parasitize the pathogen begins at the top of the peach tree. Next, the fungus gradually captures the whole trunk. Although the pathogen is initially under the crust, soon the result of his activity will be noticeable with a naked eye. The top is fast enough, and on the trunk there are drips in which fungal disputes are viewed. These disputes can also spread the wind.

Treatment of cytospose is to Clear the affected sections of the bark. Then the culture spray Bordeaux liquid (3%). Also all the wounds will need Covered by Garden Varier. Attention should be paid on the branch.

Those that have undergone diseases must be removed to a healthy area. In the most difficult versions you have to remove even the strongest shoots completely.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


Meeting is an ailment in which the tree highlights a viscous and sweet liquid, which flows on the trunk. Soon the mass is frozen. There is such a disease because at some point the bark was damaged, which caused a violation of the vital processes of the plant. The cause of the crack is difficult to determine, because it can be both other diseases and pests and the impact of climate, and mechanical damage.

Treatment of diseases are carried out as follows. First remove the gum from the tree. Then spend spraying with copper vigor. As soon as the agent dry, affected areas covered with a mixture consisting of clay and lime. In the same composition you need to add a bit of vigor. If the trees can be seen on the tree, the garden var. Sometimes it happens so that damage to the tree is too large, forms whole holes. Such holes are lubricated with a special composition, which consists of a solution of cow manure and clay. After this part of the work has been done, you will need to find the reason for which there was no.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


This disease amazes most of all the fruits, but it can be recognized by other signs. The first symptoms are visible on the leaves that begin to wither and drop down. Then the disease turns into inflorescences, hitting them. Further he moves to the fruits. Growing peaches are covered with large dark stains, which soon begin to rot and exhibit an unpleasant smell. Brown spots are also covered with a whiten coolant raid. Fruits do not fall, continuing hanging and attracting clouds to.

Priority measure of struggle will be Full removal of all patients. All the fruits with signs of lesion. Patients immediately burned, Since the fungus is able to overcome hundreds of kilometers in the watch. Then the culture is preserved spray. First apply “Horus”, Poddaving the moment until the plant was not covered with flowers. When the peach is flashing, the processing of fungicide is carried out “Topaz”. The most recent tool will be “Topsin”.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


This is another fungal disease, capable of comparing with moniliosis. The disease is activated at the very beginning of summer, and it is noticeable immediately. On the sheet plates appear tiny spots of brown shade. After a month, the points increase in diameter, merging with each other. On the bottom of the sheet plate will be visible fungal disputes. The leaves begin to spin, and then fall at all. Destroying most of the foliage, the disease goes to other parts of the plant.

To cure a cockel, you need to wait for the moment of swelling. When it comes, peach is treated Fungicides, As part of which there is copper, for example, borodic liquid. After the formation of buds spend Spraying with the drug “Horus”. It is used after the end of flowering. It is also recommended to remove patients of plants.

Diseases and peaches peach


Peach is striking not only diseases, but also pests. Below will imagine an overview of parasites most often attacking culture.


This insect is one of the most common. Lives not only on peach, but in general on any culture that has leaves. TLA happens a few species. For example, there is a blood floss, yellow, gallovaya, green, white. Most often there are black representatives of this species. However, the appearance of Tlima does not really play any role, because they cause damage to the same. On the foliage appears sticky raid, causing twisting plates. Inside these “scrubs” and sits the parasite.

If plants are still far from fruiting, that is, it makes sense to resort to insecticides. You can take “Aktar”, “Decis”, “Confidor”. Dilution proportions are indicated on packages with drugs. It is extremely recommended to break them.

Diseases and peaches peach

Also with tool you can try to deal with the help of folk remedies. Consider the most effective.

  • Dandelion. Take 0.4 kg of dandelion leaves and poured a bucket of heated water. Closed with a lid and leave for 120 minutes.
  • Tomato tops. It is necessary to take 0.2 kg of chopped tops and two liters of cold water. The composition is adjusted to a boil and withstand 30 minutes on the stove. Then diluted with 10 liters of fluid. Before the application itself, it will be advisable to add a couple of soap spoons into the solution.
  • Garlic. Take 0.2 kg of garlic teeth, crushed straight with husks. Pour chuckled garlic with water in the amount of 10 liters. Leave for 20 minutes, and then apply.

In addition, the TRU can be destroyed systematically, simply directing a powerful water jet to the colony. Still need to take care of the ants, because they exactly lead insects. Anthills need to immediately destroy, and special traps will help. Peach trunk is recommended to be made.

IMPORTANT: An excellent method of dealing with tool and prevent its appearance is a browse on the Lady Cow. These insects will become a real living gardener weapon.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach


These are small brown or gray bugs. Winter they are worried in the ground, and in the spring they are activated, feeding the juice of tree leaves. They also love to eat floral petals. Ripening fruit weevils use as a placelack. The affected fruit quickly falls on the ground. In addition, the weevon is also dangerous by the fact that the fungal and viral pathogens actively spreads.

The first thing from the tree is necessary Remove all fruit-affected fruit, as well as brown spots buds. Then they inspect the bark: if some part peelled, it should be removed. The next stage – whitening trunks. The latter is processing insecticides. It is carried out before flowering and after it.

Diseases and peaches peach

Fruit tick

This is a small insect, externally a building similar to Claop. Insect dwells under the bark, it also holds winter. You can learn about his appearance by kidney deformation. The last hypertrophy, become huge, begins to grow. Shoots dry, like foliage that falls.

Apply insecticides in this case useless. Get rid of the pest will allow such a tool as Colloid sulfur. It follows to use it before the flowering process will begin.

It is important to monitor and for the purity of the tree. There should be no foliage and abundance of weeds in the attractive circle.

Diseases and peaches peach

Diseases and peaches peach

Fruit mole

Small but very harmful insect. The life of this butterfly is very short – up to two weeks a maximum, but there will be many eggs from it. The butterfly itself is not hazardous, but her caterpillars – very. It is they who eat young foliage, kidneys and shoots. Due to the activities of the tracks, the tree quickly weakens.

To quickly neutralize the pest, the trunk is necessary Blood early spring. Also on trees Install belt traps. Broaching parasites are cut together with their nests, and then harness away from the garden.

It is very important that at the time of cutting the branches and nests under the tree there was a fabric or film. Otherwise, individual caterpillars will fall on Earth and quickly return back.

Diseases and peaches peach

Eastern fruzing

This is a pest that multiplies with a huge speed. Harm applies butterfly larvae. They settle in the fruits and slowly eat them from the inside. In addition, caterpillars negatively affect the maritime. It is worth noting that this pest belongs to quarantine subspecies. Such a term means peaches from the affected tree can not be transported from the region where culture grows.

For treatment, pruning affected shoots. All fruits with worms should be removed. If you have nowhere to go, you can choose a place in the garden and make the wells 0.5 m depth where the fruits are folded. Next, they are required to bury, the ramming land. After these events proceed By spraying insecticides. You can take, for example, “Carbofos”. Spraying spend three times per season of vegetation. The gap between the procedures should be 14 days.

Diseases and peaches peach


This insect lives in the crust, it feeds on it, as well as leaves and shoots. Because of this, the tree coating becomes porous, red dots are viewed on it. The shoots begin to dry, harvest is not formed on them.

Search for a shield is needed under the crust. For this, the detachable sites move away, and you can immediately see the colony of insects. All infected parts remove. In addition, trees are treated with tobacco tincture. It is done uncomfortable. Need to take 0.4 kg of raw materials, pour the bucket of water. Next, the infusion is left for 24 hours. After this time, the mixture of 120 minutes is boiled, then 0.05 kg of the soap of the economic is added and complemented by another bucket of water. After processing the tobacco mixture it follows the spraying of insecticides.

Diseases and peaches peach


Small butterfly, postponing a huge amount of eggs. The appears of the caterpillars parasitize on the leaves, because of which they quickly twist. Then pests go to inflorescences, buds, even fruit. Pocked caterpillars over time turn into butterflies, and the cycle repeats.

Get rid of the leaflement still at the beginning of the spring until the air warms up. Insecticides will be the most effective. Spraying spend several times. In addition, an excellent means against the parasite will be a hollow infusion. You need to take 0.8 kg of dry wormwood (can be fresh, then 0.5 buckets) and pour raw materials with 10 liters of fluid. It insists such a mixture of 48 hours. Then it is boiled and filtered with its 30 minutes;.

The amount of fluid after these manipulations will decrease, and it will be necessary to add more to become the same. Before using the solution, the solution is bred by water in the proportion of 1: 1.

Prevention measures

Treat peach diseases – it is always long and difficult. In order for diseases and illness to appear less often, it is important to pay attention to preventive measures.

  • At the beginning of the fall, you will definitely assemble the whole foliage. It will also be necessary to assemble the remains of old roots and branches. All this is burned beyond the site, and the ash can then be used as feeding.
  • Closer to the end of the autumn you need to sink the ground around the tree. This will allow you to find and destroy the larvae who could put pests. On the surface of the soil, they threaten 100% death from the cold.
  • Make a solution from a hazed lime and copper sipop (3%). Turn the trunks with it, as well as the skeletal branches of the peach. In addition, before the start of winter, it is necessary to make a burgundy fluid trunks.
  • Spring peaches need to be treated with fungicides. They will help from rot, pasta and other diseases. This is especially true of young and still weak seedlings. The first spraying is carried out before the blooming of the kidneys.
  • During the season, continue to carry out processing. The easiest way will use the tank mixtures – it is a combination of insecticides and fungicides. Spraying is carried out in spring and summer. As soon as the fruits start singing, it is worth moving to safer drugs.

Diseases and peaches peach

Also need to be remembered about the following recommendations:

  • Support the rolling circle clean;
  • timely pruning, especially sanitary;
  • Purify the peach correctly, not allowing excess moisture;
  • Stick the chart of feeding, strictly following him.

If the tree is sideways, it is worth helping him to recover. To do this, it is recommended to buy stimulating and restoring drugs, the extensive range of which is in horticultural stores.

In addition, a weakened tree must be protected from frost, even if this grade is famous for the cold resistance.

Diseases and peaches peach

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