Description and treatment of vertex rotes on tomatoes

Tomatoes on their plot grows almost every garden. In order for the crop to be high-quality, and tomatoes are delicious, plants need to be protected from most diseases that can harm them. Such diseases include vertex rot, which is dangerous for tomatoes growing both in greenhouse and open beds.

What it is?

The vertex rot is a fairly common disease. It can be wet or dry. The first type of rot is also called bacterial. The diseased plant is covered with wet spots of different shapes. Superficial or dry damasses even immature tomatoes. It is manifested in the form of small dry spots of dark color.

This disease spreads fast enough. If you do not start the fight against the vertex rot, you can lose a third of the whole crop.

Causes of appearance

The vertex rot appears on tomatoes growing in the open soil or in greenhouses. Most often, this is due to the fact that the plants lack calcium. Lead to the appearance of vertex rotting can:

  • lack of moisture in the ground or its excess;
  • strong soil crying;
  • hot and dry climate;
  • excess nitrogen in the soil;
  • Damage to the root system.

Also, the vertex rot is formed on the surface of the plants and in the event that they experience stress. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to water the bushes with cold water or allow sharp temperature drops in the greenhouse.

Signs of defeat

Note that the plants are sick, you can, regularly examine your site. The fact that tomatoes are amazed by vertex rot, the following signs are indicated:

  • appearance on the surface of the fruits of dark spots;
  • Fast yellowing and drying of foliage;
  • The plant looks bad and seems too letharg;
  • deformation and death of shoots;
  • slowdown in the growth of fruit or change their shape;
  • The appearance on the surface of the tomatoes of small cracks.

If you leave an infected bush without attention, most of the yield of tomatoes will be destroyed. In addition, this disease may affect the neighboring plants. Therefore, to start the treatment of tomatoes should be immediately after the detection of its first signs.

Measures of struggle

You can deal with this disease in different ways. The choice of methods of struggle depends on the degree of lesion of plants and preferences of gardeners.


To protect the beds with tomatoes, you need to abide by the crop rotation on the site. Growing tomatoes standing on moisture ground. If the soil is too light, before falling down tomatoes in it it is worth adding peat and turf. They will help keep water in soil.

Prevent the development of the disease on the site will also help the timely processing of seed by disinfecting agents. Before falling into the soil, they can be soaked in a three-percent solution of mangalls for half an hour. You can protect plants by placing seeds in a mixture consisting of 1 grams of iron mood and a liter of warm water. Keep them in this solution needed during the day.

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When the first fruits appear on the bushes, the site will need to be examined especially carefully. Noticing on tomatoes of dark color stains, the fruits need to immediately tear. Use the tomatoes affected by this disease.

In addition, they should not be sent to a barrel with compost. This can lead to an infection of even more plants next year.

Common drugs

Get rid of the vertex rot, using and proven chemicals. Processing plants with such means standing, pre-removing from the bush all the ill fruits. Also before spraying the site it is necessary to pour well. The following products are used to protect the beds.

  1. Calcium Selitra. To combat vertex rot, tomatoes can be both sprayed and water with a prepared solution. The means for spraying bushes is prepared from two tablespoons of calcium nitrate and one bucket of clean water. The solution used for watering allows not only to cure the vertex rot, but also to feed the tomatoes. For its preparation 1 gram of calcium nitrates need to be divorced in 5 liters of water. After complete dissolution, the mixture is used for watering bushes. It is possible to treat this solution both young and adult plants.
  2. Potassium chloride. You can purchase this tool in any pharmacy. It works quickly and very effectively. For the preparation of the solution, it will be necessary to dilute in one bucket of water 10 milliliters of potassium chloride. The resulting mixture can be immediately sprayed with sick plants. To defeat the vertex rot in completely, you will need to re-process, which you need not earlier than 2 weeks after the first procedure.
  3. “Brexyl sa”. This product is used to spray plants every 10-12 days. Need to prepare a solution by sticking to the correct dosage. Timely processing will allow to stop the spread of the disease.
  4. “Calcifol 25”. This drug is produced as a powder. It is quickly absorbed by plants and is completely harmless. For the preparation of the solution, it will take 5 grams of drug to dilute in 1 liter of pure water. To completely eliminate all signs of the disease, spraying will need to repeat a week after the first procedure.
  5. Limestone Selitra. This tool also helps save plants from vertex rot. Spraying the bushes with a mixture consisting of 8 grams of the drug and 1 bucket of water, must be repeated once every 3-4 days.
  6. Boric acid mixture and calcium nitrate. This is another tool that in a short time can help stop the development of the disease. For the preparation of the solution you need to mix 10 grams of calcium nitrates and 10 grams of boric acid with 1 bucket of clean water. You can use the product immediately after cooking.
  7. “Phytosporin”. This drug protects plants not only from vertex rot, but also from fungal infections. To prepare a solution, you need to mix 10 grams of “phytoosporin” with 1 liter of water. Processing they need not only damaged fruits, but also the Earth next to the bushes.

Spray or water the beds with these products is best in dry and weak weather. Do it stands in a protective mask and gloves. After processing the site you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and take a shower.

Folk remedies

Help in the fight against the vertex rot, various folk remedies can also.

  1. Eggshell. This product is rich in calcium. Therefore, it is often used to feed plants that experience the lack of this element. In order to make such a fertilizer, the shell must be cleaned from the film and dry well. After that it is necessary to smoke into the powder. 200 grams of the product should be covered in a liter bank, and then pour water. The mixture must be inspected 3-4 days. After this time, the mixture must be strain and add 2 liters of water to the container. Ready to spray tomatoes immediately.
  2. Ash. This is another folk remedy that perfectly helps to cope with the lack of calcium. It can be made to the soil in a dry form or use for the preparation of a solution. A glass of ash needs to be divorced in 5 liters of warm water. Under each bush it is necessary to pour 2 liters of fluid. For three days after processing the area of ​​tomatoes, it is better not to eat.
  3. Soda. For plant treatment, robes also often use food or calcined soda. Dry powder must be dissolved in water. In 1 bucket of fluid added 10 grams of product. This composition is great for spraying bushes. It is best to carry out this procedure in mad weather. To achieve full elimination of the disease, the bushes need to be handled 2-3 times with a break of 5-6 days.
  4. a piece of chalk. The chalk solution is rich in calcium. Therefore, it is also used to fight the vertex rot. For the preparation of the mixture you just need to mix 100 grams of chalk with 1 bucket of water. Such a product will be an excellent assistant in the fight against the vertex rot.
  5. Bone flour. This tool can be easily found in a veterinary pharmacy. To prepare a solution of 100 grams of bone flour, it is necessary to pour 2 liters of boiled water. Then everything needs to be carefully stirred. Next to the resulting mixture you need to pour 4 buckets of water. It is possible to spray the affected tomatoes. One bucket of the solution will be enough for processing 20 bushes.
  6. Oak bark. To begin with the dried product it is necessary to grind into a small crumb. Then in the enameled container should be filled with 1 st. L. bark and pour it with 1 liter of water. Boil the solution is needed at least 10 minutes. Ready to strain the mixture.

Folk remedies for the fight against the vertex rotting are popular due to the fact that the selected products are inexpensive and not at all harm neither plants nor people.


To protect tomatoes from the vertex rot, you should always maintain your plot clean.

  1. In order for the plants to be strong, you need to make fertilizer in the soil. Dormitations are chosen for this purpose, depending on the needs of bushes.
  2. Do not land the bushes too close to each other. The distance between them should be at least 50 cm. It is especially important to adhere to this rule, growing tomatoes in the greenhouse.
  3. Plants need to regularly water. It is worth ensuring that the soil is not too wet.
  4. So that the soil deteriorate better to moisture, the bushes need to be mulched using for this sawdust, shallow bark of trees or hay.
  5. The bushes should be regularly inspecting, and the ground around them loose.
  6. If tomatoes grow in a greenhouse, the room must be regularly ventilated.
  7. In the fall, the plot is recommended to clean from the remains of plants and dry leaves. In addition, at this time it is necessary to carry out soil. This will help to saturate the soil of calcium and prevent the contamination of the area with common diseases.

If you do everything correctly, you can not only protect the plot from the vertex rot, but also increase the yield of tomatoes.

Sustainable varieties

Experienced gardeners are also recommended to pick up for disembarking on their site of varieties that are distinguished by stability to this disease. The following hybrids are suitable for this.

  1. “Bolshevik F1”. Such tomatoes are early. Fruits are distinguished by excellent taste and have a round shape. Red tomatoes weigh an average of 150-200 grams.
  2. “Dubok”. These tomatoes most often buy for landing on open beds. They are suitable for long-term storage and transportation. Weigh fruits on average 60-100 grams.
  3. “Benito F1”. This variety of tomatoes is distinguished by high yield. Seedlings can be planted both in the open air and in the greenhouse. Vintage in any case will be great, and the fruits are juicy and tasty. The plant of this variety is like large and low.
  4. “White filling”. This hybrid is unpretentious and easy to care. Plants are suitable for landing and in open ground, and to greenhouse. Tomatoes have a rounded shape and weigh about 100 grams.
  5. “Pharaoh F1”. Middle tomatoes excellent lack of moisture. Therefore, it is possible to count on a big harvest, even if the summer is very roast. The fruits of such plants have a plum shape and a rich red color.
  6. “Raisa”. This variety of tomatoes is great for growing in greenhouse conditions. It is resistant to various diseases, well transported and is kept for a long time. Ripe fruits weigh from 160 to 180 grams.
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Varieties that are not susceptible to the disease of the vertex rot, are sold in most shops, so everyone can buy and plant them on their plot.

Crop loss due to vertex rotting can be very large. To protect your garden, you need to study all the information about this disease in advance and figure out how to fight it easier.

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