Currant memory Vavilov

  • Authors: Volusnev A. G., Zazylin N. BUT., Rainchikova G. NS., Belarusian Research Institute of Potato and Fruit
  • Appeared when crossed: Powlinka (Pavlinka) x Belarusian sweet
  • Year of assumptions: 1996
  • Timing of ripening: middle time ripening
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Yield: High
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Mass of berries, g: 1.2-1.4
  • Tasting evaluation: 4,8
  • Epishers: medium thickness, curved, brown-red, matte

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The memory of Vavilov is one of the most successful varieties derived in the territory of the post-Soviet space. Only positive feedback from gardeners: culture is undemanding to care, frost-resistant, resistant to drought, perfectly adapts to various climate features.

History of removal

The variety is devoted to the domestic plant and biologist. AND. Vavilov, the founder of the agriculture in the USSR. Culture has appeared very long ago on the basis of the Belarusian Research Institute of Potatoes and Fruit. Work on the creation of a new currant, Volusnev, Zzulin and Rainchikov. Materials of Belarusian Sweet and Powlinka (Peavlenka) were taken as a parent pair. Twenty-year-old variety tests (1978-1996) were crowned with success, so the new grade memory of Vavilov was introduced to the State Register of the Russian Federation. And five years earlier, in 1991, he was enrolled in the register of varieties of wood-shrub breeds of the Republic of Belarus.

Description of varieties

This is a stripped plant with an average or weak branch, which is excellent for the mechanized collection of fruits. Therefore, the variety is often used in commercial cultivation. The brush with berries is found as medium and short, includes 8-9 berries. The shoots are curved, the thickness has an average. The color of their reddish-brown, matte.

Sheet plates are distinguished by large sizes and green color. On the basis of leaves there is a heart-shaped recess.

Fruit transportability is very high.

Characteristic of berries

The berries of the variety described belong to the major, on average it is 1.2-1.4 grams. At the same time, they are practically black and shiny. The form differs roundness, the skin has a middle density. Out of dry.

Taste qualities

Tasting evaluation of taste indicators – 4.8 points on a 5-point scale. Simple consumers celebrate sweet pleasant taste, unobtrusive fragrance. Acid and sugar ratio optimal. Purpose of Universal Product.

Ripening and fruiting

The growing season lasts 200 days. The variety belongs to the cultures of the middle time of ripening. At the same time, the berries are concerned.


Yield indicators are impressive: 5-6 kilograms are obtained from 1 bush, and with one hectare – as many as 12 tons.

Regions growing

Vavilov’s grade memory is intended for the North Caucasian, North-West and Volga-Vyatka regions.


As for planting culture, then choose open and well-lit places. Berries are beautiful in the sun, and also more sick. The plot must be protected from drafts and wind.

Currant of the described variety grows well on moistened soils, but it is important that the groundwater level is away from the surface of the Earth (at least 0.8 m). Otherwise, a shallow root system will suffer from an excess of moisture. To plant a shrub, dig a well depth and diameter of 40 centimeters. The bottom of the pits linse the rubbish drainage. Further make it fertilizes to help shrubs adapt. And it also eliminates the gardener from the need to make fertilizers for another year.

Growing and care

Watering is one of the main components of currant care. The soil should be moistened to the depth of 30-40 centimeters: this is the placement of the root system of the berry bush. Watering is carried out either early in the morning or in the evening. Mulch from sawdust, peat, compost or sand keeps moisture well.

It is also important to jerks, providing air intake to roots, but it is necessary to carry out very neat and manually. The main feeder for culture is carried out in the spring. In the spring months of fertilizer help shrub to wake up and go to growth. At this time, nitrogen-containing compositions involve, for example, urea solution. In the fall in the course of the organization: so, the soil near each currant bush should be switched from 3-4 kg of compost or manure.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Culture has high resistance to spheres and anthracnose. And also there is relative resistance to hide. The variety may be affected by fungal diseases and leaf spot.

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