Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Iodine and greens benefit both for human and cultivated plants. About how to use these tools as fertilizer and not only, you can learn from the information below.

Benefit and harm

Iodine and green possess beneficial properties. The composition can be used not only as an antiseptic, but also for processing cucumbers and other plants. These funds contain substances such as potassium, phosphorus and copper. They may contribute to the active growth and fruit of plants. In this case, the fruits appear healthy, externally beautiful and juicy.

Specifically, iodine may contribute to the rejuvenation of landings. With him, cucumbers will be able to not wither and retain their green mass for more time. In iodine, diluted water, you can soak plant seeds in front of the landing itself, which stretches their germination.

Spraying with a solution based on this antiseptic will help restore the turgors of foliage, and also supplies it with the necessary nutrients, and during the flowering period means will help the plant to increase the veneer.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Polyberry not too concentrated solution will help strengthen the roots of plants and supply them with minerals. In addition, iodine can prevent the appearance of rotted on the plant and its roots, scare away from him the voracious pests, and will prolong the period of fruiting and normalizes photosynthesis.

As for the greenery, this remedy has many properties of iodine. In addition, it will be especially useful in the fight against plant diseases. It can help get rid of bacterial diseases and fungi. Phytoofluorosis, peridosporosis, yeast fungus, mildew, roasting rot and not only – with all these diseases it is capable of fighting this means. In addition, it can contribute to the healing of cracks, races and scratches on landing.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

One of the advantages of Zeryanka is that copper is nevertheless. It has a beneficial effect on the plant, strengthening his immunity, affecting the pomp’s puff and improving planting as a whole. In addition, it strengthens the roots of plants and in greenhouse conditions, and in the open soil. And the watering of cucumbers this solution can give the fruits a brighter green color. Also, green can give the plant the necessary minerals, increase its harvest and protect against malicious insects.

Note that in the use of iodine and green there are not only advantages, but also cons. So, these funds need to be applied on a regular basis, but if there are too many in the solution, it can cause stains on the foliage of the plant, testifying to the chemical burn, which may subsequently entail the death of the plant. And therefore the dosage of funds need to carefully follow. In addition, iodine has toxic couples.

And therefore, spending a spraying of greenhouse landings, it is required to take a break with an interval of 10 minutes and leave the greenhouse to clean air, in order not to get poisoning.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Application for treating diseases

From torment dew

This is a common plant disease, which is desirable to treat immediately at the first stages. The occurrence of this disease is evidenced by the defeat of foliage, and subsequently the death of fruits. Green and iodine are perfect for the struggle against mildew. There are many recipes for solutions based on these funds, which in action showed themselves quite effectively.

So, For the treatment of landings you will need 10 milliliters of green, 2 liters of brew whey and 50 grams of urea. All this, it is necessary to mix well and pour a bucket of water, after which the remedy can be used for irrigation of amazed plants.

It is suitable for the fight against the disease of the solution, which includes 5 liters of water, 2 teaspoons of any soap, 12 drops of iodine and 500 milliliters serum. The plant obtained is necessary to treat the plant, the means will literally immediately begin to destroy the fungus.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

You can prepare a solution based on 2 liters of milk and 10 milliliters of iodine or green. For treatment, it will be ineffective, but for the prevention of this disease quite. The resulting liquid need to water the ground part of the plants.

For therapeutic solution, you can also use 9 liters of water, 10 drops of iodine solution, as well as a liter of milk with low fat percentage. All this must be mixed. Next, the solution can be splashing not only patients, but also healthy plants. In the first case, the solution will be a real rescue from pulse dew, and in the second will be able to prevent its appearance and development.

Note that spray a plant in preventive purposes need not more than 3 times for the whole season. It is necessary to do this in the period before the blossom of cucumber, after it and in a week or two after the formation of the first strings. If you use solutions to cure plants, then process them is necessary with a periodicity of 7-10 days.

At the same time for treatment, and for prevention it is necessary to choose only one of the solutions, it is not worth combining.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

From the rotation of the roots

Another serious illness that can destroy cucumbers and, as a result, all the fruits. Iodine and greens can fight with this ailment, and they can be used both for treatment and in preventive purposes.

For the healing solution you will need 10 drops of green, 2 drops of iodine and water bucket. All this must be mixed and spraying patients with a periodicity of 7-10 days.

To combat root rot, a solution of green and water is also suitable, divorced in a ratio of 1 to 2. The mixture will need to be well treated 10-12 bases of the stem, ranging from the surface of the soil. Conduct treatment with an interval of 3 days before the complete elimination of the disease.

For the prevention, you can use a solution based on green, while it is necessary to use a drop of money on 1 liter of water. Next, this means can spray plants. It is necessary 2 times for the season: before the appearance of fruits and after their final collection.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

From phytoofluorosis

Another plant disease from which antiseptics can save. You will need a mixture consisting of 20 drops of iodine and green, as well as water bucket. All this is necessary to mix well, after which you can start spraying patients with periodicity of 1.5-2 weeks. Do it is necessary in the evening, after sunset. Most often for a full elimination of the disease, there are enough 2-3 spraying by this solution. Note that neglect the proportions and dosage in the preparation of solutions is not recommended, otherwise there is a chance to apply serious damage.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

How to use as feeding?

Iodine and green will fit in order to fertilize cucumbers growing in a greenhouse or in open soil. The solutions can be filing the plants to provide them with minerals, however, note that the weather should be warm, and in front of the subcording plant is needed a small watering.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

For urins

To increase the fruiting plants, it is possible to carry out watering or spraying with mixtures created on the basis of iodine or green. It will affect not only fruiting, but will make the fruit beautiful.

For that To spray plants, make a solution from green and iodine. On the liter of water you will need only a drop of one of the antiseptics. Processing with this solution of the plant is allowed at the end of the flowering phase.

It is permissible to use a light mixture of iodine from 3 drops of this component per 10 liters of water. It is necessary to process with a solution in front of the phase of bloom, and it is necessary to water only under the root.

For saturated painting of cucumbers and their active growth, you can make a fertilizer based on green and bread leaves. To do this, you need to soak in the water bucket Baton and give a solution of 10-12 hours for tincture, after which you need to add 2 drops of green and strain the mixture. The resulting solution is necessary to carry out the root cucumbers.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

For seedlings

If you need to handle the seedlings of young plants, then iodine and green can help here, having stimulated the development of sprouts and contributing to their adaptation in the garden.

The solution is suitable for the treatment of seedlings, to make which can be made of liter heated stretched water and 2 drops of iodine. It will contribute to the growth of seedlings.

In addition, a mixture of 30 drops of iodine, water buckets, milk liters and 20 grams of the coolest soap is also suitable for active growth. In such a solution, it is necessary to carry out treatment with an interval of 1.5-2 weeks.

For prophylactic purposes, it is possible to use a solution based on green or iodine mixed with water in a ratio of 2 to 1. This mixture will be suitable only for wiping the stems of such sprouts that have reached a height of 10 centimeters. Note that the processing of young plants is necessary only when several green permanent leaves have already appeared on them.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

For green tops

Iodine and greens may contribute to the salt of the green mass.

When, If the plant was damaged, the solution is suitable, the composition of which will be 3 parts of the water and part of one of the presented antiseptics. The solution must be applied to the damaged parts of the planting.

For prophylactic spraying, the mixture of iodine and bread will fit the mixture. You will need a bucket of water, where you need to soak the baton from the evening, as well as the standard iodine bubble. The next day, you need to add iodine in Zakvask, it all strain all this, after which plants can be carried out with a frequency of 2 weeks, but not more.

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

Cucumber treatment with green and iodine

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