Colon’s apple tree Ostankino

  • Authors: IN. IN. Kein (VSPC)
  • Taste: sweet and sweet, dessert
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150-250
  • Full size: medium and large
  • Yield: At the age of 5-6 years, the harvest – 6-8 kg, 700-800 c / ha
  • Frequency frequency: Realular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 2 year
  • Timing of ripening: Autumn
  • Removable maturity: at the beginning – late September
  • Bleed: until November – December

See all the characteristics

Ostankino is a domestic variety of a dwarf apple tree. This culture needs special attention. With proper care and compliance with the necessary conditions pleases the gardener with a rich harvest. Apples are consumed both fresh and recycled (in the form of fresh or canned juice, apple jam).

History of removal of varieties

This variety of colonum apple trees was removed in the Soviet Union by Professor in. IN. Kichina by crossing Vazhak varieties and abundant in 1974. In the State Registry, he was submitted later, in 2002.

Description of varieties

Sort Ostankino – semi-caric view of an apple tree. The growth of annual seedlings is no more than meter, and adult trees reach a height of no more than 2 m. Saplings of this variety are quite rapidly growing. With a favorable weather for the year, the trunk increases by almost 10 cm.

Barrel in the shape of a column, a tree bark dense. This allows the trunk to be resistant even with a large amount of crop. Dark green leaves beautiful and long.

Features, pros and cons

Dignities of varieties Ostankino:

  • Compactity,
  • Springness,
  • a bountiful harvest,
  • High quality fruits,
  • Resistance to disease.

There are shortcomings

  • Need special care for a dwarf plant.
  • Frequent death of the top kidney due to frozen. For this reason, you need to choose from several long shoots one major as a shoot conductor.
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Ripening and fruiting

Apple tree Ostankino is considered to be pouring, because for 2 years the fruits appear (about 5 apples). The peak of the fruction of the apple tree comes for the fifth year, then even with a small tree you can collect 6-8 kg of crop. With proper care, an apple tree is well fruit up to 15 years. After this period it is necessary to update the apple orchard. Fruits ripen in autumn, fit for storage in the cellar or refrigerator until winter.

Regions growing

Sort Ostankino recommend growing in the fields of the Black Earth Center and Nechrenoime.


Apple trees Optore directly depends on weather and competent care. On average, from one tree can be collected from 6 to 8 kg of apples per year.

Fruits and their taste

Fruits grow to medium (150 g) and large size (about 250 g). Apples have a good commodity view. In shape they are neat, round, slightly shiny, symmetrical. Smooth skin of greenish-yellow apples with a purple-red blush on 2/3 of the apple or all the fruit.

The pulp of white color is distinguished by juice and fine-grained consistency. Fruit sweets sweet with sourness.

Features of cultivation

Semi-classny trees are characterized by their compactness. Of course, due to low growth (no more than 2 m in height) it is easier to give wood shape and collect fruits.

But colonum-shaped varieties require competent care. Ostankino trees need a solar place protected from the wind, as well as frequent abundant irrigation (2 or more per week), protection from cold.

For good pollination and increase the crop, it is better to plant several seedlings of the Ostankino variety. Plants plant in a row at a distance of 50 cm from each other, the distance between the rows is 1 m.

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Choosing seedlings, you need to pay special attention to the top. Dry Top – Bad Sign.

For landing it is necessary to prepare the soil in advance (at least in 14 days). Need to add humus or compost to the ground in a 1×1 ratio. For acidic soils, you can add a dolomite flour or lime-puff (1/2 cup).

During the landing, it is necessary to put a seedling in a pre-prepared deepening as follows: the root neck must be in the ground. Next you need painted roots sprinkle the earth. Dummary should not, otherwise the earth will block air access to roots.

Better to bind the tree to the peg so that it does not swing from the wind. Rolling circle need to pour. The land under the apple tree must be kept clean, it is better to cover it with mulch (hay, dry grass, straw). It is important to remove the mulch when preparing for the winter, because it is a good place to winter pests.

You need to get rid of weeds in time, as they overlap the access of a dwarf trees to moisture and take away the necessary nutrients. Excess herb near the priority circle are removed manually, otherwise you can damage the shovel surface roots.

Apple tree Ostankino, if it is competently formed, has the type of column. To do this, you need to trim the early spring until the blurring of the kidneys or in the fall, when the leaves fall.

Fruit links should be attached to such a scheme: you first need to cut the side branches and leave the bitch with a pair of kidneys. Next year, new shoots from the saved kidneys will appear. From 2 shoots save horizontal. Vertical should be cut, leaving on it also 2 kidneys. So on a shorten branch again will grow 2 new escapes.

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Important moment: Apple tree still do not need to trim the top. However, in the case of a frozen or dried top, this action is necessary. Otherwise you can get a non-heavy tree with a wide crown and a smaller crop volume.


The peculiarity of this variety is good fruit tie during the flowering of the apple tree even in bad weather when the bees do not fly.


Apple tree of this variety needs different types of fertilizer. Once a couple of weeks, starting with the appearance of leaves, you need to use feeders with nitrogen content, for example, complex products for apple trees or urea, diluted with water (50 g per 10 liters). Urea well process leaves. Extra-corner feeder recommend entering cool and cloudy days.

Before wintering, you can leave fertilizer around the trunk. It is better to do it when the harvest is already assembled. To protect from the cold, the soil and trunk of the tree are covered with a sweetheart, while branches are put on needles to the ground. Can be covered with a bump or other material. Early spring you need to remove all the shelters to land as it should warp under the spring sun.

Frost resistance

Frost resistance high. Sustainability of these apple trees to low temperatures are enough for the regions of the middle strip of Russia.

Diseases and pests

This variety is not too prone to pest attack, more apple tree suffers from Tly. Pest prevention begin with spring when the kidneys are blown and awakens.

For processing, it is recommended to use universal insecticides, because they help to fight all pests. For example, you can use carboofos, actuar, spark and similar means. Processing spend once every 1-2 weeks.

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