Colon’s apple tree currency

  • Authors: IN.IN. Khyin and N.G. Morozova (VSPP in g. Moscow)
  • Taste: sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 250
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, aged 4-5 years Harvest – 5 – 6 kg from a tree or 80 – 100 t / ha
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: in the second decade of October
  • Bleed: until mid-February
  • Duration of consumer period: until mid-February
  • Purpose: Fresh form

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Columnual varieties of apple trees recently became more and more interested in gardeners. Their compactness and abundance of fruits allow growing and getting a good harvest on small areas. It is to these varieties belongs to an apple tree currency.

History of removal of varieties

Over the hybridization of the variety, the work was carried out in Moscow. In 1986 in. IN. Khyin and N. G. Morozova, breeders of VSIPSP, crossed the varieties of Elite KB6 and the American donor or38t17. As a result of hybridization, the new grade took only the best qualities from its parents. It is worth noting that this parent couple gave life to another variety called Lukomor. Currency variety passed tests until 1994. And only after that it was transferred to gardeners for growing. In the state stake, the variety was registered 10 years later – in 2004.

Description of varieties

A small semi-darling tree – average and fast-growing. Adult tree reaches a height of 2.5 m. The thick column crown is in width of about 20-30 cm. Savages are very close to the trunk and are directed upwards. They have medium sizes, moderately pubescent, bark of green-brown.

On the branches are elongated leaves of saturated dark green. It is worth noting that such a sheet of leaf retains before the onset of leaf. The inner side of the sheet slightly pubescent.

Many white with a pinkish scene of inflorescences are formed by large flowers that give the tree of this variety of decorativeness.

Intezium at the tree is strongly shortened, the rings are very close to each other.

Features, pros and cons

Currency variety has now been widespread use as a parent when removing new trees with a column-shaped crown. Such attention among breeders, the grade has won due to the positive qualities to which one can attribute:

  • Tasteful advantages;

  • high marketability;

  • high cold resistance;

  • Immunity to many types of paste;

  • Society;

  • lack of fruit squeezing;

  • stable harvest;

  • transportability and good harvest;

  • Compact and decorative plant type.

There are several drawbacks:

  • The fertility period of the tree lasts only 14-16 years;

  • The risk of damage to mildew (gardeners estimate it in 2 points out of 4);

  • The cost of landing material is high.

Ripening and fruiting

Currency variety – one of the few of the column-like apple trees on its pioneering. Saplot, planted in the spring, may already be bloated in May. Experienced gardeners recommend these inflorescences to completely remove so that the apple tree gained strength.

In terms of ripening currency – winter grade. Full maturity Apples are gaining in the first decade of October. In the event that for some reason the crop did not work completely, it is not worth upset. Mature apples can hang on the tree for a very long time and do not turn.

There are some features of the fruiting of this variety. In the early years, gardeners advise to regulate blossoms and formations of obscenities:

  • In the first year after landing, all claims required to be removed;

  • For the second year, leave 7-8 fruits;

  • In the following years, there are 3-4 flower on the fruit link, after formation, all the fruits remove, leaving only one.

Adult, normal fruiting occurs after 4-5 years lasts until 15-16 years.

Regions growing

The tree is recommended for growing in the middle lane of Russia, in the North Caucasus, as well as due to the high frost resistance, they grow an apple tree of this variety and in the northern regions.


Differs high yields. At the age of 4-5 years from one tree you can collect 5-6 kg of fruit or from 80 to 100 tons with 1 hectare. Since the tree is compact, then a frequent planting of trees will not affect yield unlike ordinary tall varieties.

Fruits and their taste

Apples Currency varieties are characterized by their homogeneity: the same shape and weight. Large rounded fruits are gaining to ripen in their weight 250 g. Pronounced coating golden-yellow color of apples decorate pink blush on the sides.

The flesh is juicy, white, protected by thin dense skin, which glitters a little in the sun.

Taste apples sweet. Professional tastors estimate the taste of 4.3 points out of 5.

Apples are stored until mid-February, have a dessert destination and are used most often in the latest form.

Features of cultivation

For planting apple trees Currency is suitable solar or slightly concealed areas. In the shade, the trees are chant, which badly affects flowering and fruiting.

Ground waters in places of landing should not approach the roots, otherwise the root system begins to rotate. If there is an open reservoir nearby, then this site is better not to use for the same reason.

For landing well suited aerial, low acidity light soils. Well cultivated in chernozem, on loam and soup soils.

Poams for landing start cooking from autumn. They are digging, add humus, poured with water and leave. In the spring, any drainage is added to the pit – 15-20 cm, then immediately put the stakes to which the village will be tied. The distance between the trees should be 40-50 cm. The young seedling falls asleep the earth and are abundantly watered with warm water. Earth over the root system is recommended to mulch. It will help keep moisture at the root system.

Twice a year the land under the trees need to loose or not very deeply.

Water trees need 1-2 times a week for 15-20 liters. In early October, watering ceases to prepare for winter.

Column-like varieties of apple trees, as the usual, need crown crown. It is necessary to begin to begin after 2-3 years after landing. For this, there are two major processes, and all the rest are cut. These actions are repeated in a year, leaving more fruiting branches.


Since the variety is partially samopidal, then for successful pollination, the spokes of pollinators are needed. Greater, president, Medoc, Triumph.


Feed trees recommended 1-2 times in the growing season. It is necessary to do this in the spring, before breaking the kidneys, and in the fall, before preparing trees for winter. Over the root system, fertilizers scatter, then the soil is drunk and poured with water. It is important to remember that it is necessary to drag the earth, it is not very deeply so that the root system will not hurt.

You can use as feeding:

  • manure;

  • humus;

  • Ammonia Selitra;

  • urea;

  • superphosphate;

  • bird litter;

  • Compost and other fertilizers.

Frost resistance

High winter hardiness distinguishes this variety from other apple trees. These compact trees normally carry a decrease in temperature to -38 ° C. In shelter, the currency variety does not need even in the northern regions of Russia.

Diseases and pests

Since the grade has a high indicator of resistance to different types of paste, it increases the immunity of the tree and to other diseases. But the preventive treatment is still needed. Such processing will help get rid of pests from insects.

Review reviews

Judging by the gardener reviews, the currency variety got widespread in all regions of Russia. He loved for a simple care, a decorative tree view and excellent flavors of fruits.

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