Colon’s apple tree Barguzin

  • Authors: Russia, Moscow region
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: strong, nutmeg
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 75-135
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: up to 20-35 kg / tree
  • Start of fruiting variety: from 3-4 years
  • Timing of ripening: early Moscow
  • Removable maturity: The end of August – the beginning of September
  • Bleed: 50 days

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Despite the successes of the Ural, Siberian and Volga breeding schools, the metropolitan and Moscow region experts do not pass positions. One of the results of their efforts was just an apple tree Barguzin. A close acquaintance with the peculiarities of this small-sized tree will be very useful for summer residents.

History of removal of varieties

The plant is derived due to the efforts of the famous professor of the pine. Selection work was completed by 1976. Culture assigned the working index of the KV-53, which is now used sometimes as synonym. The venue for manipulations was the experimental station of the most famous VNIISPK. This level of development allowed to achieve impressive results.

Description of varieties

Grow Barguzin can be in:

  • Crimea;
  • various parts of the North Caucasus;
  • Moscow and Leningrad regions;
  • middle lane.

The height of the trunk is from 1.5 to 2 m, but it can affect the growth, and sometimes it reaches 3 m. Krone is relatively small and looks nice. Light green foliage perceived quite well. Elegant shoots are distinguished by excellent shine. Colon’s tree – almost the dream of an apple tree, so just to care for him.

Features, pros and cons

Any noticeable weaknesses in the apple burguzin did not detected. With competent agrotechnology and accounting properties of the plant, the problems are excluded in principle. The advantages of culture are:

  • High quality fruit;
  • small place;
  • excellent resistance fitness;
  • Fast appearance of apples;
  • Solid immunity to fungal infections.

Ripening and fruiting

Barguzin refers to the number of early apple trees. You can shoot fruit under favorable conditions in late August or early September. The earliest fruits appear on 3-year or 4-year-old trees.


Compared to other colonum apple trees, Barguzin is a real leader. The tree allows you to get from 20 to 35 kg of apples. But if you use dwarf dulls instead of usual, then the crop over 10 kg will be unattainable.

The plant is completely self-free and provides all its results without assistance. Does the presence of pollinators have an impact on the result, until it is established reliably, there are only assumptions.

Fruits and their taste

Barguzin apples – bright red with yellowish tide. It is characterized by a transitional from the circle to the cone. The mass of a single fruit is from 0.075 to 0.135 kg. Other important information:

  • peel thin, but it’s dense;
  • The pulp is characterized by tenderness and juiciness, has a grain structure;
  • The firmness is small (does not exceed 50 days);
  • An indicator of the tasting examination – from 4.65 to 4.78 points.

Features of cultivation

Grade tolerate winter cold. Temperature -27 degrees for it is not too critical. At the same time it is necessary to plant it in sunny places. Between individual trees should be maintained from 1 to 1.5 m.

When using tent structures, you can enhance frost resistance to -30 degrees. However, the risk can represent drafts and cold winds, as well as excess moisturizing – both during precipitation and when melting snow.

Barguzin is practically not subject to plant pathologies. Defeat if it happens, it is almost always limited to leaves. But special preventive processing in any case is necessary and mandatory for this culture.

Groundwater can reach 1.5-1.7 m. If they are even closer to the surface, you will need powerful drainage – although it is sometimes better to plant an apple tree somewhere else.

Planting Pits are preparing 2-3 weeks before landing. Do it before hard. Stakes for garter need to shut from the north side of the pit. The surface of the wells must be poured using from 30 to 45 liters of water. Earth is advised to mulch, otherwise this water will quickly leave.

Other recommendations:

  • to cover the trees of the trees with a pagan;
  • protect them from insects by treating lime;
  • Ruff a rolling circle early in spring and late in autumn;
  • Avoid excessive irrigation.

Barguzin do not have to rejuvenate, because it does not live more than 15-25 years.

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