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When the harvest of apples is very decent, specialized devices for extraction of juice, which will retain the fragrance, taste and useful quality of raw materials. Currently there are a large number of professional and household presss for squeezing juice. Comfortable, productive press for apples can recycle a decent volume of juicy fruits. Without significant costs and efforts, you can provide a family for the entire winter harvested about a margin by a vitaminized drink or make it before consumption.


Under the conditions of the house for obtaining a fresh product, the use of the press saves a lot of time, relatively with the juicer. Simple fixture just wash, no need for a lot of storage space.

Pressing makes it possible to take all the necessary cellular elements, the juicer leaves 50% of them in waste. The work of the press is consistently silent, in comparison with the annoying buzz of the spirits.

In this regard, small installations become the kitchen utensil daily use.

Regardless of the variety, all installations are equipped with a perforated basket for laying crushed fruits and a special pallet where the juice flows. The basket is represented by a lattice in the form of a cylinder. Before loading, fruits are crushed. For this purpose, separate equipment or built into the pressing device may be provided.

Given the type of fruit, various power of impact is necessary. Juice is filled with burlap and wood lattices of wood, for example, from oak or beech. The press is functioning by lowering and raising the davile design. Separate installations actuate the pressure generated by liquid or compressed air.

Description of species

Each type of design has its own characteristics, positive qualities and different power. Having understood with the scheme of work of various devices, it is easier to implement a meaningful choice.

According to the method of creating pressure

One of the key parameters of the device is the method of formation of pressure. Under this indicator, all apples for squeezing juice from apples are divided into such categories:

  • Mechanical, squeezing juice under the influence of cargo, which is lowered by hand;
  • Hydraulic with jack – with partial use of physical strength;
  • Mechanical with electric drive – hydraulic with fluid supply, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic.

Combined devices with synchronous use of hydraulics and electricity are especially productive, they make it possible to process significant amounts of raw materials. Drink output reaches maximum 70%. It looks like a juice-filled with juice approximately 65-70% of the mass of the mezgi and a dry squeeze in the residue.

Mechanical presss for squeezing juice from apples do not lose demand due to the possibility of use in various conditions – they are not dependent on electricity and water sources.

Mechanical (screw)

Mechanical unit for extracting apple juice – budget version. This is a very ancient device for extracting fresh juice, its technology is elementary and worked out to the smallest details. Fruits are loaded and covered. When rotating the handle comes into motion the screw mechanism of the device, the piston is lowered, and the juice is squeezed under load. In the lower area there is a container for collecting a pressed beverage. Mechanical press requires the use of physical force – its productivity is small (10-30 l / h).

Devices are produced in 2 versions.

  • Without Rama. Screw is located at the base of the device. This is the most inexpensive manual press for juice, which is usually made in China. In addition, there are mechanical presses with a jack made in Italy. The screw apparatus of this design is not necessary, since the screw contacts juice, and therefore, the lubricant, which is processed by the screw is capable of penetrating into juice. And without lubrication, the screw pair can “swam” or it is very quickly demolished, and wear products will become in a drink. In addition, in such presses, the pallet is made of ordinary painted metal, and hence, as a result of several years of use, corrosion will appear.

  • Frame. The handle rests on the lid, rotate more comfortable, only the impressive power is required. In this sample of the screw press for fruits, the screw is located on top and rests in a specialized piston lining of the device, so the lubricant does not fall into the drink. Mechanical frame presses are comfortable in use, since the juice with their help can be squeezed in one cycle, tightening to the end of the screw, without changing anything in places during the spinning process. But still, with a burden volume, more than 10 liters scroll exhaustively, especially if the press enjoys a woman.

Quite comfortable screw presss for minor juice juice – 0.75, 3 and 5 l when applied in the kitchen. They have a slight weight and sizes and easily arrange on the kitchen shelf.

Mechanical devices are optimal for the preparation of minor beverage volumes (0.5-3 l). They are small, take away a bit of place. The device can also be used to produce juice from berry crops, honey and cheese honey.


When the effectiveness of the manual press for pressing the juice is not enough, the devices are practiced with electrical drive. Electric drive can be seen from screw modifications of presses for juice and in screw apparatuses operating by the method of ordinary meat grinder. In the first version, the press drive is a tandem “Electric engine – a hydraulic acid”.

In screw devices, according to the structure of similarity with an ordinary meat grinder, the drive electric motor is directly related to the working mechanism – Schneck. Such an unit is used for pressing juice from fruits, grapes, berries and tomatoes. It functions for this principle: loaded raw materials with auger is crushed and pushed through a cone-shaped configuration. This configuration of the sieve makes it possible not only to carry out high-quality extrusion of juice, but also to beat the peel and seeds.


Pneumatic unit is driven by compressed air. The press function quickly and more productively, can extract juice from a variety of fruits or vegetables, mainly has automatic control. Only for its activities need a source of compressed air, and specifically – compressor. This apparatus will be indispensable in large personal subsidiary farms, on small farms. For 6 acres it exceeds the need, but perfectly manifests itself when working with a decent amount of raw materials.

Pluses of pneumatic:

  • No physical force is required when working with an aggregate;
  • The presence of safety valves that exclude injury to man and the failure of the press;
  • For one cycle, you can get a large amount of finished drink without disassembly and another loading of raw materials;
  • There are no mechanical moving components in the design, which, as a rule, break first.

The housing is made of high quality materials. Pneumatic drive can be purchased separately. The device is well practicing at home at high yield of berry crops and fruits. Pneumopresses have high productivity and are more suitable for enterprises producing various types of juices.

Their only difference from hydraulic aggregates – no water drive – pears (membranes).


Hydraulic device is driven under water. The advantage of this equipment is high use efficiency.

These aggregates are more expensive, but more productive, make it possible to extract a significant amount of drink – up to 70% of the mass of loaded raw materials. As a replacement of the iron basket, wood frames are practiced in them. Fruits grind, fall asleep into specialized bags, arrange between the frames. Under pressure generated by liquid, juice is pressed. The press is perfectly suitable for the crown of juice from most of the berries, vegetables and fruits, as well as oil. Suitable for someone who gives juice in decent volumes. The device will be delayed in medium and small subsidiary farms.

These designs are practiced:

  1. Jack on hydraulics (jack manual or lever press). Power frame may have focusing for the jack on the top or bottom of the basket, raising the keg up. Physical efforts here are non-serious. Help with a spin can even women. Domestic apparatus in the bulk have floor fastening, can work in a variety of conditions, in particular, outdoors.
  2. Units without jacks. Pressure is formed by pipes. Similar scheme used in certain types of presses. Liquid pressure in 1.5-2 atm. Water, gathering, presses on the fruit folded in a special container. Pressed beverage flows into the bottom tray.

Productivity of hydraulic devices for squeezing juice from apples makes it possible to process impressive volumes without the use of physical labor. When buying an aggregate without a jack, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of connecting to the water supply.


In expensive hydraulics machines, connected to an electric power drive, which guarantees an absolute mechanization of the procedure for pressing juice from ground mass. Water pipes enters the diaphragm. The large pressure in the devices provides a compressor, at the expense of which the juice is joined through the walls of the perforated basket. The squeeze remains in Tara. Electro-hydraulic apparatus refers to professional equipment.

Positive qualities of hydraulic presses with electrical drive:

  • high productivity;
  • electronic control unit (ECU);
  • Protective valve, corrective pressure;
  • After use the device is simply washed;
  • It is allowed to process various types of raw materials.

Minus such aggregates – high price. These units are practiced with significant amounts of raw materials, mainly on an industrial scale. With household use, the press a hundred percent frees the owners from handmade, therefore, even women will be able to work with him. The device is practiced and when squeezing juice for homemade wine.

By source of energy

The source of energy for the functioning of the press may be:

  • Electricity;
  • Mechanical effort.

The second method is more in demand and often practiced. Especially he is less costly, only he needs to use a great physical force. Electric applies hydraulic and pneumatic machines. The feature of the use of an electrical apparatus is the inevitability of stable, as well as the absolute control of the entire production cycle, at the same time, it is important to look at the fullness of the container for raw materials. No functioning of an electric unit with an empty basket. From unnecessary heating the electric motor is able to burn.

Manual apparatus does not have such high performance as electric. But he is low-cost and therefore more in demand. No need to carry out electricity and pay for it.

Child Nuances

First of all it is necessary to determine the type of press. Pay attention to the principle of its work. Of course, the manual apparatus is a more small-time option. Only it is necessary to understand that in the process of extrusion of the juice, it will have to make a lot of physical strength. If you need a press of great productivity, it is desirable to purchase a device operating from an electrical network. Basically, for industrial use, machines produce, the productivity of which is equal from 10 to 30 l / h.

Important condition – load capacity. This is depending on which the amount of juice produces a device for one cycle.

Take into account the material of the press elements. Perforated basket and working elements in contact with mezg, made from stainless steel sheets, durable plastic or solid wood species.

High-quality units are not made of aluminum, since under the influence of the juice, the metal loses the safety film and dissolves.

Among the conditions of choice – the price of the press. The most inexpensive mechanical aggregates are. Their price is depending on the capacity of the basket. The more productive the device, the higher its value. If there is no desire to apply physical strength and spend a lot of money for an expensive unit, you can confine ourselves to the hydraulic unit with a jack. For squeezing, no effort will be needed.

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