Choose an apple seedling

High-quality apple tree seedlings – the dream of many gardeners. How to choose a vegetable material that quickly takes on, will be healthy and will give a rich harvest – the answer to this question you will find below.

Review of species

You can find two types of apple seedlings: with open, bare root and seedlings in containers. The first species attracts potential buyers lower cost, but it is usually worse than the new place, because after digging the roots of the tree will quickly dry and exposed to different kinds of damage during transportation. With such troubles, you do not have to face if you choose plants with closed roots. Seedling removed from the ground immediately before landing.

It is also worth saying that today seedlings can be grown by two methods:

  • budding;
  • graft.

Typically, that with a closed root system, they are often sold by planting material with an indulgence of winter vaccination, which has an open root system.

Saplings that were grown with a winter vaccination, develop faster for the year than the second type. With violating usually sell two-year-old plants.

How to choose correctly?

Suitable planting seedlings in spring are distinguished by some signs that allow them to appreciate their condition and health. First of all, the gardener should evaluate the general state of the plant. Its height, size, weight. Branches in such seedlings should not be dried or damaged. At the inspection stage, you will also need to exclude any symptoms of damage to diseases or pests. Of all seedlings, samples should be chosen proportionally developed because they are easier to be accepted and formed.

Strong shoots, large leaves and roots – signs of good, healthy seedlings. It is better to always buy such a landing material in specialized nurseries. If the seedlings that have chosen the gardener for further growing, differ at least one of the following characteristics, it is better to abandon their purchase:

  • dry root system;
  • damaged or dry outdoor part;
  • few shoots or kidneys;
  • It has a smaller size of other seedlings;
  • Visible signs of the presence of pests, for example, visible insects are visible to the naked eye, dumped, deformed leaves and shoots, lit
  • Visible symptoms of infection of the disease – they include round yellow spots on the leaves, watery, brown spots, white flaps, stains at the base of escape.
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To understand, whether you buy a healthy tree, it is easy to focus on the following signs:

  • There must be at least three large roots and many small, without frost and other defects;
  • Leaf plates are clean, without traces of insects or signs of infection;
  • bark is smooth, without bloating and spots;
  • The place of vaccination is clearly visible;
  • strab clean, without growths and bloats.


When buying a seedliness you always need to evaluate the state of the root system. It is more difficult to understand the situation when we are dealing with material in containers. In this case, we check if the earth and roots are not rearmed, do not disintegrate and do not germinate through the holes in the bottom of the container, then everything is fine. Root system should be well formed, with big urine. All the shoots of a brown flat shade, no dark or any other spots, growths.

Root system for high-quality apple tree seedlings developed, wet and flexible. Main root 40 cm long, with several powerful processes. If it is cut off, growth delays are possible, the tree will become weak and painful. Without soil, the root system of the apple tree cannot live longer than 2 weeks, during long-term storage dries. Such a tree in the future is unlikely that it will let root.

If the plant in the container, remove it from there – the form of the capacitance that the roots took, should remain solid, and the roots are well intertwined.

If the Earth splits into parts, this means that the plant was recently placed in a pot. Such a seedling is not worth.


Inspecting young seedlings in the nursery, attention should be paid to their age, height, thickness of the trunk and the degree of branching. The older the apple tree sighs buy, the faster you get the first harvest. As a rule, stores offer samples of two-year and seedlings, which 3 years. In nurseries and with hands you can purchase annual trees.

It is difficult to say how many years there should be an apple tree so that it can be successfully put on the country. Rather, the question of the right choice of planting material and subsequent care for it.

Properly developed seedlings should be at a height of 120-150 cm, to have a smooth branch without spots, a barrel with a diameter of at least 10-12 mm (measured by 15-20 cm above the vaccination place) and at least 3-5 lateral shoots.

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One- and two-year-old apple trees are better rooted. Annuals have only stem without branching, and two-year-old trees – two or three branches. Saplings annual with a developed root system are more often leaving than two-year. The stem should be smooth, without damage, have live kidneys. If the seal is 7 cm from the root cervix, this is the place of vaccination. Branches should be flexible.


Healthy tree looks alive, foliage bright, juicy, barrel smoothly. If the greens hangs lifeless, there are damage, wounds, fungus, then such a seedling is dangerous for the garden, because not only he does not survive, but also infects other trees.

Always need to take into account how the seedling was grown. Be sure to measure the strain above grafting by 5 cm. If it is a high-speed tree, then this indicator will be 1-1.2 cm, at the average – 1-1.1 cm, and the weary – only 0.9-1 cm.

The height of the seedling is measured from the growth line. An ordinary ruler is taken. If the plant is healthy, then its growth should be with a high-rated 110-130 cm, the average dilute is allowed 100-120 cm and in weary – from 100 to 110 cm.

We draw attention to the side branches, which should be from 3 to 5, if less, then such a seedling is not suitable for landing.

Another trick – when evaluating the appearance, we examine the first branching and distance from the soil to it. If it is located below 40 cm, it will have to cut it in the future. It should usually be at a distance from 40 to 60 cm.

How not to confuse with other cultures?

No matter how strange it sounded, But sometimes even an experienced rabbing can be confused by an apple tree seedling with the same pear or plum. The most difficult thing to understand where the apple tree, and where is a pear, because the color of the bark in young trees is the same and weakly different. In this case, all attention will be required to be directed to the kidneys. In pears, they have a more acute form than the apple tree. They seem to stick up, while the apple tree is round and tightly occur at the base.

Even more complicated with cherry, because you can confuse with a rich. The apple tree is abundant and fat chicks on the kidneys, and they themselves are larger in size. Have cherries they have a rounded form and slightly behind escape. The color of the cortex can be taken into account only if the apple tree is varietious, because then her shade will be light. The dick has a brick-brown color of the cortex, the branches are in relation to the trunk at an angle of 90 degrees.

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If you want to distinguish with a plum from an apple tree, then all attention to the edge of the kidney, because the first tree is missing. Moreover, the first kidney in the apple tree is tightly adjacent to run.

Sometimes it is necessary to distinguish a cultural apple tree not from other fruit trees, but from her wild fellow. Experienced rabbing raised several signs that it is worth relying, but in most cases it will take care of the maternal tree. The seedlings are wild apple tree there are spines that are missing from alkaline varieties. There are other signs.


Immediately understand that you have a dick in front of the lack of a strain. If you look at the seedling, then where it is usually located, and this is directly near the soil, there are several trunks. Sometimes their number reaches 5 pieces. Any varietal apple seedlock has a well-pronounced strab, the formation of which occurs throughout the entire time until the tree grows.

If it is not, then the explanation here is one thing: it could be cut or he dried, and therefore the formation of porrosive shoots began. They can quickly reach the size of a full-fledged tree, so it is difficult to notice the substitution.

Trail from wood

You can determine the dich in the remaining hemp. If the trunk began to form from such a stump, then here a sprinkle cut from a sword, which was below vaccinations. Before that, the tree was varieties, but after removing escape, the pigle was actively developing. If you dig a seedling nearby, then it is worth considering the maternal tree.

Single-tie dick

Sometimes the tree develops with one barrel, stacks and branches that are called skeletal, are perfect, but at the same time such a seedling is still considered to be a rich. All because it developed from the stroke, which was previously cut and left only one escape, which later turned into a strabr.

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