Cherry Valery Chkalov

  • Form form: Round-heart-shaped
  • Refrigerant: Good
  • Authors: WITH.IN. Zhukov, M.T. Oratovsky (All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants and Ukrainian Research Institute of Engineered Horticulture)
  • Year of assumptions: 1974
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Yield: High
  • Tree height, m: 5-6
  • Crown: Wide-grade, stretched, medium density, well friction
  • Epishers: curved, 5 mm thick, gray-brown, with rare lentils on the crust

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Cherry Valery Chkalov, like any other plant, challenges gardeners. And only those who are willing to answer him clearly will be able to achieve a good effect. All botanical and agronomic nuances should be taken into account.

History of removal

This culture from the number of fruit bone plants has been derived for quite a long time. State varietal tests it took place since 1953. Officially made it to the register of grown plants since 1974. The project was overseen by breeders Oratovsky and Zhukov.

Description of varieties

This is a plant universal in nature. It is crowned with a crown in the form of a wide pyramid. Sylgorous cherry reaches a height of 5-6 m. Mentioned Crown is distinguished by spreadability. Other features:

  • The average height of the top;

  • intensive decrepitude of the top of the tree;

  • red-brown color branches;

  • Bending shoots;

  • Leaves in the form of a wide oval or an inverted egg.

Fruit characteristic

This sweet cherry gives big bustles with a mass of 6 to 8 g. For them, a typical transitional from the circumference to the heart is a geometric shape. Moderate length and solid pods of frozen. The bone is quite large. It is well separated from the soft part of the fetus.

Taste qualities

To taste this variety is very good. It is customary to belong to the dessert category. Dark red peel relative to thin and does not affect the taste ensemble. The proportion of dry substances reaches 13.5%. In addition to 10.7% of sugars, there is another 0.6% acids.

Ripening and fruiting

Cherry, named after one of the greatest pilots of the twentieth century, is valued for early development. You can wait for the production of harvest for 5 years after disembarking. Approximately relieving the fruits succeeded in the first 10 days of June. Weather conditions can strongly affect this parameter.


On average, Valery Chkalova, Valery Chkalova, turns out 62 kg of fire. Collection in the maximum variant reaches 174 kg. Much depends on the weather and from agrotechnical events. New housing fees occur normally every year.

Regions growing

Valery Chkalov’s cultivation is allowed in:

  • Rostov region;

  • Chechnya;

  • Stavropol Territory;

  • Karachay-Cherkessia;

  • Ingushetia.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Sort Samupendoden. To pollinate his trees, you need to use:

  • Zhabul;

  • Ropesilla;

  • April;

  • Bigarro Bullet.

Growing and care

Planting a cherry Valery Chkalov recommended early spring. It is necessary to prevent the moment when the kidney will be sweetened. Rooting is made strictly before the onset of frost. It usually goes for spring and summer without any problems. Recommended selection of solar plots protected from drafts.

Good care will allow getting yields over 10 years. Due to the thick crown and branched roots, this variety should grow at a distance of 5-6 m from the buildings and from other cultures. Valery Chkalov is best developing on elevated places. With their absence, you will need to equip the mound and artificial hills. The overvocation for this culture is very detrimental; Soil waters should be at the level of 3-4 m below the surface.

Invalid neighborhood with tomatoes, pepper and eggplants. It is unpleasant to be a neighborhood with lime, oaks and birch. It is necessary to choose smooth, devoid detachants seedlings with bright foliage. Requires decent branching rhizomes. It is best to use seedlings about 1 or 2 years old. More adult copies are worse.

In the wells lay a mixture of humus and conventional soil. They are left in this form to the vegetative season. Before the fallout soil should be disappeared. At this moment laid:

  • magnesium;

  • potassium;

  • Woodwood.

In the middle of the deepening it is necessary to put a small amount. To it and tied seedlings. Root need to put 5 cm above the soil. It is sprinkled with soil and trambet. Draw up an earthen roller, so that the water does not spread; Each tree is watered using 20 liters of water.

Valeria Chkalova should be watered regularly, but not excessively. Excess bay is dangerous. Normally, irrigation are engaged:

  • before blooming;

  • When the tree is flashing;

  • approximately 14 days before the removal of fruits;

  • In the middle of autumn, but earlier than the cold.

It is better to avoid such a procedure during the filling of berries. Otherwise they can crack. When landing, a pit and a sapling fertile. The focus is on nitrogen feeding. For the vegetative season urea use 3 times.

At the stage of preparation for winter, the trunk should be blued. It is desirable and to cover with auxiliary materials. Best use burlap. The base of the trunk is insulated by peat. Such uncomplicated recommendations allow you to achieve good success.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Protected to harmful factors is declared at the average level. Plant is relatively well protected from kokkomicosis. It is not yet the worst immune protection against fungal lesions. Potential risk may be associated with gray rot. Competent prevention and thoughtful agricultural engineering reduce the risk to the limit.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Resistance to frosts above average. In many respects, however, it depends on the proper landing and from cultural care measures. Resistance to the hot period is not described. It can be about the same as other cherry varieties.

Review reviews

Adult specimens of this variety can give a great harvest. The reviews notes that the tree, indeed, frost-resistant, and can even move the harsh cold. Subject to competent shelter and young plants will not suffer. Caring for them is quite standard. Growth is pretty fast.

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