Cherry Shubinka

  • Year of assumptions: 1959
  • Type of trunk: wood
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Crown: Wide-grade, with age weaving, medium thick
  • Type of flowering and fruiting: mainly in annual growths
  • Full size: Small
  • Form form: Plane-core
  • Painting fruit: Dark Red
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 2.5
  • Color meakty : Dark red

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This variety is allowed to use since 1959. It has an average yield and high resistance to temperature differences. A variety is considered unpretentious in care.

Description of varieties

Cherry Schubinka refers to a high-voltage type. Adult plant can reach a height of 4 meters. The tree has a wide range of the crown, with age, it becomes wrapped. Her density is medium.

Cherry blossoms predominantly in annual growths. The branches on the tree are pretty thick, the color is dark brown. Sheet plates of dark green color, the size of them is medium.

Leaves have an oval shape with a pointed end. At the edges there are small teeth. Flowers tree with small flowers that are connected in inflorescences. Buds possess white color. The petals form loosely pressed to each other.

Fruit characteristic

Fruits have small sizes. Weight of one berry can be on average only 2.5 grams. Cherry Fashion Shape, Dark Red Coloring. On the berries you can observe a pronounced abdominal seam. Middle bone size. Out of the fruit of wet.

Skin on ripe fruit shiny and thin. They have a dark red flesh, it has an average density.

Taste qualities

Taste with Cherry Schubinka mediocre, sour. In the raw form such cherry, as a rule, do not eat. It can be perfectly suitable for processing in various sweet dishes.

Ripening and fruiting

Schubinka variety refers to late species. Fruits mature at the end of July – early August, so a variety is better to use for cultivation in southern regions, where a warmer season continues for a longer time.

Cherry Shubinka is a self-visible variety. To get a harvest, you need pollination of flowers of dust of another variety (cross-pollination).


The species features medium yield. From one planted hectare of land, you can collect 6-12 tons of ripe berries.


These strollery trees should be planted according to the 2.5×3 meter scheme.

Growing and care

Like many other varieties, culture will not need fake for the first year after landing. But at the same time it is necessary to regularly conduct a musting and watering.

Only a year later, vegetation feed fertilizers, which contains nitrogen and potassium. In the autumn period it is recommended to make potash-phosphoric components.

This cherry, like most other varieties, is prone to the formation of the frightened, so it is necessary to destroy it immediately. Otherwise, the yield of trees will significantly reduce.

The species is stronger, it quickly grows up to large sizes, so it will be necessary to conduct periodic trimming. The first such procedure is performed before landing.

Schubinka is a frost-resistant variety. But it is still recommended to prepare it for winter offensive. For this, the strains are better to clean the straw. Then all this is covered with a special film material.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Cherry Shubinka has medium resistance to various diseases. Most often she is amazed by coccquoms. This fungal disease amazes leafy plates. In advanced cases, it damages and fruits. When infected on vegetation, you can see a large number of small dots of red. Also on the bottom of the foliage there is a pink raid.

To prevent an infection of culture, it is necessary to purify the Earth annually from the fallen foliage, thoroughly loose the soil around the landings. In the spring season, plants are better treated with urea solution or burglar fluid.

Sobinka can also be amazed and shooting moth. This pest eats the buds, buds and wounds, and then goes to young leaflets. The development of harmful caterpillars occurs underground, therefore it is possible to get rid of the parasite by periodic resistance and loosening. You can also use insecticides.

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