Cherry Queen

  • Type of trunk: wood
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Crown: thick, conical
  • Leaves: Dark green color
  • Flowers: medium size
  • Full size: average
  • Form form: rounded
  • Painting fruit: Dark Red
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 7
  • Color meakty : Dark red

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The queen variety is a very interesting variety of colon-shaped cherries, derived by Dutch specialists not so long ago. Manufacturers claim that such a tree can be grown not only in the garden or on the plot, but also putting it in the Vazon or container. So it can decorate a winter garden or balcony. The gardeners of the queen fell in love with frost resistance, good immunity, decent yield, delicious fruits, non-addiction and of course beauty.

Description of varieties

The queen is considered one of the tallest varieties among colon-shaped cherries. Usually it is height reaches 2.5 m, but if the growing conditions are good, it grows up to a three-meter mark (in some sources it is mentioned in 5 m). It is also a disadvantage, since the height means difficulties in caring and harvesting. In this case, the crown remains compact, not exceeding the diameter of 80 centimeters. From the positive sides, you can mark colorful bloom, while cherry flowers exude very rich and pleasant aroma, capable of spreading over long distances.

Fruit characteristic

Queen’s cherries Medium, by weight reach 7 grams. And skin and flesh painted in bright dark red. From the fruits of firewood, they are well separated, without damage. Bone, too, without any problems can be removed.

Taste qualities

The taste is celebrated as sweet, there is a light sour. Dense, juicy and fragrant flesh makes it possible to use the product for various purposes of cooking.

Ripening and fruiting

Queen – Latest Culture. Fruits begin to ripen at the end of July, more precisely, after the 20th, and it continues until August 10. Fruit cherry begins on the second or third year after disembarking. Life cycle of culture – 15 years.


On average, from each tree-column varieties of the Queen remove 15-20 kg of fruits.

Regions growing

Queen – Assort Colon’s Cherry, who feels very well in the Moscow region, as well as in different regions of Belarus.


To landing a variety you need to choose a solar and warm place, which will be well protected in winter from cold winds and drafts. Podputing groundwater is also undesirable. Culture of light-cup, but can make a light shadow. At the cherry column, the root system is shallow, it lies on a depth of 10 cm, so the soil around the trunk is not recommended.

If you plan to land a cherry garden, the minimum step between the trees of the variety should be 1-1.5 m, so that the roots of each instance are freely developed. Of great importance will also have the composition of the Earth. The perfect option for the growth of Colon’s Cherry Queen – fertile, loose and nutritious ground. If the available soil is depleted, it should be used to prepare humus and superphosphate, mixing them with the ground. The size of the landing pit is the following: 40-45 cm deep and 50-60 cm in diameter.

Growing and care

The variety in question at first is not particularly needed in trimming, nor in some difficult care. It is important only to take into account the features of watering, feeding. Colon’s cherry varieties react poorly to excessive moistening of the Earth, especially roots, so they need to irrigate them correctly.

A couple of years after disembarking, the village is irrigated every two weeks, using a plant from 3 to 5 liters of water. Older trees have grabs 4-5 watering events for the growing season. But in any case, weather conditions are taken into account, as well as the availability of precipitation. After the fluid is finally absorbed into the ground, the looping is carried out, the removal of weeds so that the earthen crust is not formed. Without this procedure, the roots will not receive the required amount of oxygen, the growth of culture will slow down.

Autumn prepared a tree-column of the queen to winter. There are several mandatory events for this. First of all, this processing of the barrels with a lime solution to protect the cherry from frost and pests. Under the winter makes abundant waterproofing watering and mulching. The trunk is insulated with burlap or agricultural.

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