Cherry chocolate

  • Authors: BUT.F. Kolesnikova, M.IN. Mikheeva, T.BUT. Trofimova (All-Russian Research Institute of Breeding of Fruit Cultures)
  • Appeared when crossed: Blackmates black x lov
  • Year of assumptions: 1996
  • Type of trunk: wood
  • Type of growth: Slavoration
  • Crown: fragrant, compact, raised, medium thick
  • Epishers: medium, straight, brown, with gray raid
  • Leaves: Overheadless, green, matte
  • Flowers: Bells, White
  • Type of flowering and fruiting: Mixed

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According to European classification, the cherry chocolate belongs to the markers – varieties with dark painting fruits and painted juice. This low variety is characterized by even high crops and excellent flavors of fruits, which deserves popularity among domestic gardens.

History of removal

Cherry Sort Chocolate Created in the All-Russian Research Institute of Bureau of Fruit Cultures in the Oryol region. Specialists-breeders of Kolesnikov, Trofimova, Mikheeva.

To obtain a new variety, work was carried out on the crossing of two known species. One of them is a black consumer industry, a bush dessert cherry, created by Michurin. Another parent species was the representative of the People’s Blood, known for the last century, -. Chocoladnitsa, past varieties, contributed to the State Register of the Russian Federation in 1996, after which it was recommended to grow in the Central Region of Russia.

Description of varieties

Slabor cherry trees described varieties grow no more than two and a half meters. Krone is reminded by an inverted pyramid. The trunk has a brown tint of the cortex, on the shoots there is gray rings. Matte foliage, green. Umbrella inflorescences, mostly having 3 bud in each.

Fruit characteristic

Cooking chocolates are rounded, in diameter 1.7-1.9 cm, weigh 3.5 grams. Skin cherries dark burgundy, almost black, thanks to which the grade and got such a name. Consistency pulp is pretty juicy, small (0.28 grams) The bone is well separated from the pulp. If you crush the cherry, the coloring juice of dark red will appear.

Taste qualities

The taste of berries sweet-sweet. Tastors rated ripe fresh chocolate fruits by 3.8-4 points out of five possible. The composition of the product:

  • Dry substances – 18.4%;
  • Sugar – 12.4%;
  • Acids – 1.64%.

Ripening and fruiting

Cherry Chocolate Night will be froning the first 3 years of life. Only for 4 years the first fruits will appear. The ripening period of culture medium. Fruption continues from July 8 to 15.


The average yield of culture – 77.9 c / ha. Maximum indicators are registered at 96.6 c / ha. At the same time, from one tree on average, you can get 11 kg of fruits. In total, the duration of the productive fruction of the chocolate is 15 years.

Regions growing

Culture is officially zoned in the Central Region of the Russian Federation. Of course, it is grown not only in the center, but also in other areas with similar climatic conditions.


Terms of landing of varietal cherry varietal wood depend on the territory. In the northwestern regions of the central region of the country, for example, in the Leningrad region, the culture will be better to plant in spring. Closer to the south of landing is possible to spend in the middle of autumn.

Plant the cherry chocolate is better in an open place, not shaded by other cultures or buildings. Groundwater should run no higher than two meters from the soil level. If the soil has increased acidity, it will be necessary to celebrate it.

Saplings must be one or two-year-old. Landing pit should be a depth of 60 m with a half-meter width. When landing several trees need to withstand between them 3 m.

Supporting pegs take a height from 1 to one and a half meters. When planting a tree, the root cerv should be located above the ground. Then the seedlock is watered, and the trunk is tied to the support.

Growing and care

Young, just planted chocolate trees should be irrigated very well and regularly. The main thing is not to give the soil to dry. In the event that crust formed around the barrel, it is necessary to pour 20 liters of liquid under the wood. Adult trees watered 2-3 times for the season, they also organize drainage.

For the first couple of years, the tree does not fertilize, as the feeding, which were made when landing, nourish the plant. Then the tree will need to feed the standard fertilizers three times over the season of vegetation: in the spring, after the snow removal, at the time of the formation of buds, as well as at the end of the fruction.

An important element of chocolate care is pruning. Immediately after landing, a seedling of up to 60 centimeters should be shortened so that about 5 kidneys remain on the trunk. The following year, skeletal branks will appear to appear, which will also be trimmed also to 5 kidney level. Next, the crown shape should be kept.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Chocolate man is not too resistant to the ailments and pest attacks. Plants of grade extremely need prevention. Especially susceptible culture for cocoque and moniliosis. And also the cherry has a weak resistance to cracking fruit, this happens during excessive humidity.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

The culture described demonstrates good resistance before drought. It frees the gardener from the need for additional watering of the tree in the summer heat. Winter hardiness in culture is also at the height: Cherry trees are able to withstand a decrease in temperature to -35 degrees. Therefore, they do not require shelter in winter.

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