Cherry Carmine Juell

  • Authors: Canada
  • Synonyms names: Carmine Jewel
  • Type of trunk: bush
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Flowers: average
  • Full size: Large
  • Form form: rounded
  • Painting fruit: Red
  • The weight of the fetus, g: five
  • Flesh (consistency): juicy

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The variety of cherries of ordinary carmine jowel, obtained by Canadian breeders, managed to conquer Russian gardeners. His form is close to shrub, even an adult plant takes little space, looks very decorative and attractive. The variety is perfectly adapted for the continental climate, in colder regions successfully transfers frosty winters.

Description of varieties

The trunk of Cherry Carmine Juell develops on shrub type. Medium-sized plants, up to 2 m high, sometimes they are related to dwarfs. Plants with a compact crown, not too spoiled. Refrigeration moderate, does not interfere with the ripening of fruits on branches. Snow-white flowers, fragrant, not very large.

Fruit characteristic

Fruits do not creep, are firmly held on branches. Cherries are large, with an average weight of about 5 g, proper round shape. Fruits have a saturated carmine-red color, very beautiful in the ripening period. The bone inside is small, there are no problems with its separation. The fruits are successfully stored up to 3 weeks in the latest form, due to dense skin, their mechanized cleaning is possible.

Taste qualities

Cherries are designed for consumption in fresh form. Juicy pulp with sour-sweet pleasant taste perfectly suitable for cooking desserts. Dense skin helps to keep cherries during freezing or preserving in original form, without friction, does not spoil the taste of fruits. Ripened cherries she is dark burgundy. The taste of the pulp is deprived of the patience, it is truly saturated, accompanied by a pleasant aroma.

Ripening and fruiting

Carmine Juel starts fruit for 3-4 years, from now on gives a harvest annually. Average maturation time allow berries to sleep on branches before removal. The period of fruiting lasts about 2 weeks, from July 15 to July 30.


Cammine Juell has high yield rates. 18-20 kg of ripe fruits are collected from 1 tree. By 7-8, after landing, you can expect the maximum abundant yields.

Regions growing

Cherry Chermin Juell is derived in Canadian sharply continental climate. In the Russian Federation, they are also trying to plant in regions close to the ideal growing conditions. In Central Russia, yield indicators will be lower. The variety is demanding on the number of the Sun, in the regions with the predominance of cloudy weather of record fees to wait also do not have to.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Tree is covered with flowers in May. Carmine Juel – Self-aged grade that does not require the use of cross-pollination. This cherry may be the only garden in the garden without prejudice to her fruitful qualities.


A seedling is not required a lot of space, it is enough to withstand the distance of 1.5-2 m relative to other plants, buildings. Place it on a well-lit space, filled the sun. Under mechanized cleaning in gardens between cherry trees, not less than 5 m.

Growing and care

Shrub shape of the barrel and crown requires regular trimming. Carmine Juel gives a pretty abundant shoot of shoots, so the cherry form, and the spring is also removed, extinct branches. At the same time, you can feed the tree, the progress of the priority circle. The best fertilizer will be overwhelmed by dung, 20-30 kg under the root.

Permanent watering plant is not needed. But in the autumn months, in the period of the leaf fall, it is necessary to produce moisture moisturizing. 4-5 buckets of water contribute under the root at the same time.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Total security from the influence of insect-parasites, fungi and infections in Kirmin Juel high.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Carmine Juel refers to varieties with high winter hardiness. Cherry trees successfully withstand frosts up to -40 °. In the choice of soil, loam is preferable.

Review reviews

Sades speak very well about Chermin’s Chermin Juel. Low-speed bushes significantly facilitate the process of harvesting, and the fruit themselves have excellent taste. Especially love his confectioners and wizards desserts. It is noted that even without other cherries or sweet cherries in the garden, you can get a crop. Otherwise, Karmin Juel also does not fail, it tolerates frost and drought well, almost not amazed by fungal diseases.

The minuses of varieties include a long expectation before getting really abundant yields. Mature completely fruits only by mid august. Outside the continental climatic zone, the yield is largely falling.

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