Cherry brunette

  • Authors: NS.TO. Yenikeev, S.N. Satarova, A.AND. Evstors (All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery)
  • Year of assumptions: 2001
  • Type of trunk: wood
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Crown: spherical, stretched, medium thick
  • Leaves: oval-elongated, dark green, matte, with a smooth edge
  • Flowers: Middle
  • Type of flowering and fruiting: on the growth of last year and bakery branches
  • Full size: average
  • Form form: one-dimensional, rounded

See all the characteristics

Cherry ordinary brunette varieties at first sight draws attention to saturated dark color ripe berries. Compact fruit tree can be easily placed even on a small area. Average softening allows you to start the charges of first yields after only 6 years after landing.

History of removal

The variety was obtained by specialists from FGBNU “All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery” by free pollution of Cherry Zhukovskaya. On the variety tests, he entered in 1995, but received to use only in 2001.

Description of varieties

Cherry trees Brunette varieties are obtained by average, 2-2.5 m height. Crown of the right spherical shape is prone to spreadability, the average is thickened. Fruption occurs on the growth of last year and bakery branches. Medium-sized flowers are collected in inflorescences resembling umbrellas. Dark green leaves with matte plates and smooth edges have an oval elongated shape.

Fruit characteristic

Medium-sized cherries, each weight is about 3.7 g. Fruit form rounded, they are one-dimensional, painted inside and outside in dark red. The bone is petty, well separated from the pulp. Thin skin is easy, does not provide long-term storage, after harvesting the fruits lie about 6-7 days. Berries are firmly held on the fruits, do not appear.

Taste qualities

Juicy, pleasant tender consistency fruits have a delicious sour-sweet taste. The tasting evaluation of them is high, reaches 4.4 points in the fresh form. Brightly painted juice is very tasty and fresh, and in canned, also from brunette fruits are very tasty jams, jams, syrups.

Ripening and fruiting

Brunette refers to cherry varieties with a medium maturation. It fertures it July 20-25.


Brunette is distinguished by high yield. From the tree they collect on average 10-12 kg of fruits, with hectare – up to 8-10 tons.

Regions growing

According to the state register, this cherry is zoned for cultivation in the Central region.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Flowering wood begins in May. Since the brunette belongs to self-free varieties, it is not necessary to have a nearby Farmel trees, but they can increase yields, contribute to the increase in the size of the fruit. For these purposes, Vishni Vladimir, memory of YNIKEEV.


In the south of the plant transfer to a new place closer to the middle of autumn. In the middle lane, the best period is considered to be 2 decades of September. When growing in a colder climate, spring landing is preferable. In the choice of place, preference is given to the elevation. Cool slopes filled with the sun most part of the day.

Growing and care

Rounds of watering for cherry brunette make up about 3 l per tree. A month before harvesting, the making moisture will be completely stopped. Fertilizers contribute periodically, preferring complexes with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus content. First feeder perform in 2-3 years from the moment of landing, performing it at the end of the cherry tree flowering, and then after 2 weeks.

To maintain a neat, compact shape of the crown plant requires trimming. All branches are removed above the level of soil at an altitude of up to 50 cm. And also cut dry shoots without increments directed inside the crown.

Resistance to diseases and pests

According to the degree of resistance to the affected by fungal diseases, the variety is estimated by the average. He is resistant to Cockkomikosis. Middlely affected by moniliosis. In the period of fruiting in the raw summer it is feared the anthrax. On the leaves with unfavorable climatic conditions, a holey spot is developing. Need periodic spraying with copper-containing drugs.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Winter hardiness varieties are rated above average. With a strong decrease in atmospheric temperatures in spring floral kidneys can be affected by frosts, which significantly affects the yield. Drought plants are not bad, it is necessary to increase the norms of watering in the heat only during the flowering and formation of the barring, as well as during the leaf fall. Soil must have neutral acidity, breathability. Drainated wood-podzolic land or loam, in the south – chernozem.

Review reviews

Dachini seeking to get this rare variety of cherry. Brunette – the real pride of any collection, and its fruits are considered one of the most delicious. Especially a lot of positive feedback is associated with regular and abundant production. The cherry tree in summer is literally sleeping with fruits, and they are truly large and sweet, easily mature on branches.

Negative brunette reviews practically not to find. Many dacities for 10 years have no difficulty with damage to fungi and infections. The only minus can be considered a weak fusion of berries, save them only during freezing.

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