Bryanskoye apple tree

  • Authors: BUT. AND. Astakhov (Vni Lupina)
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: Moderate
  • The weight of the fetus, g: Middle – 150, maximum – 300
  • Full size: medium or above average
  • Yield: 270 – 350 c / ha
  • Frequency frequency: Regular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3-4 year
  • Timing of ripening: Earlynes
  • Removable maturity: in mid-September

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Among the apple tree with the early meetings of ripening, the variety of domestic selection – Bryanskoye occupies a decent place. Beautiful, appetizing externally apples with a gentle aroma and pleasant taste like many. The grade is popular both among lovers and among farmers growing fruits for further implementation.

History of removal of varieties

Bryanskaya variety became the result of the work of Alexander Ivanovich Astakhov, the doctors of agricultural science, which worked in Vni Lupina. Apple tree Bryanskoye created by a breeder when crossing the hybrid shape SR0523 with a variety of a winner.

Description of varieties

Early middle-grade variety. The tree can reach a height of 5 m. Apple tree grows fast. SERO-brown trunk. Crown of rounded form. Direct branches that depart from the trunk under a stupid angle, are directed upwards up. Crona Middle Little. The shoots of brownish-brown color, medium in size, straight. In cross section they are rounded. Kidneys and young shoots have light down.

Leaves Large, Rounded, Green. They have a short pointed tip and a screw-like tip. The edge of the sheet wavy and small. Flowers are large, pure-white, with a pleasant and mounted bees aroma. When ripening, apples from the branches are practically not tremended.

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Bryanskoye belong to the varieties of universal destination. You can use fresh, use in cooking and for the manufacture of juice. Apple grade is suitable for storage. In the refrigerator or in a cold cellar, apples can lie until February. Fruits have an attractive freight form and the possibility of transportation over long distances. Given the possibility of fairly long-term storage of apples, it is easy to guess that the grade is in demand for sale in the markets and in stores.

Features, pros and cons

Grade Bryanskoe has a number of advantages, among which you can allocate:

  • frost resistance;
  • high and regular harvest;
  • Self-slope;
  • major fruits;
  • pleasant taste;
  • Appetizing appearance;
  • transportability;
  • Resistance to pasta.

Of the minuses, you can note the following:

  • The grade has a weak resistance to fruit rot;
  • The need for ripening.

Ripening and fruiting

Sorted speed. Fruiting begins in an apple tree at the age of 3-4 years. When growing on clone stock – for the second year. A good harvest of an apple tree begins to give a life for 5-6 years. Bryansk fruit regularly and actively. Gives abundant harvest of apples. Fruits from branches do not appear.

Removable maturity Apples reach in September. In the tree, the fruits of consumer ripeness do not fully reach. Therefore, apples need to ripen (at least two weeks).

Regions growing

Suitable for growing throughout the Central, Ural, Volga-Vyatka Regions.


High yield. Branches literally covered with fruits. From hectares collected approximately 270-350 C apples. It is enough to have one tree of this variety on your homestead or summer cottage to provide seven apples for the winter.

Fruits and their taste

Fruits have medium sizes. Middle Weight – 150 g, some fruits achieve mass 300 g. The main color of the apple is herbal-green, and the coating color of the fetus is distinguished by a dark raspberry tone. On the surface of the apple, the wax raid is noticeable, under which glossy skin is. The form of the apples is rounded or a weary, medium one-dimensional. Middle thick skin. Inside fruits there is a juicy white flesh. Heart has the shape of a bulb. In open cameras there are small seeds.

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Taste with apples sour-sweet, harmonious. The fruit makes a moderate, pleasant fragrance.

As part of the pulp contains:

  • sugar – about 8.8%;
  • Organic acids – 0.45%;
  • Vitamin C (acid ascorbic) – 9-11 mg (per 100 g).

Tasting rating high – 4.8 points (on a five-point scale). This speaks about the beautiful flavors of the fruit.

Features of cultivation

Before boarding, you need to choose a place for an apple tree. The plot must be on the well-lit sun place. Groundwater occurrence should be low. The best options for planting an apple tree variety Bryanskoye are considered loamy, sampling soils. The reaction of the soil medium must be neutral.

The soil plow or leaving, get rid of weeds. Mineral or organic fertilizers contribute. For about one or two months, PMs are prepared for planting an apple tree seedlings Bryansk. Sit down the young village early in spring or autumn (before frosts). Landing scheme – at a distance of 5 m from other trees. The recommended landing size is about 1 m wide and about 0.7 m in depth.

Young apple trees need periodic irrigation. Especially if hot weather has been established and there is no rain. Wood formation is carried out 2 years after landing. Sanitary trimming of apple trees are carried out as needed by removing broken and damaged branches.


This is a sammantic apple grade. Additional pollinators are not required. Can grow alone and good fruit every year. Suitable for growing in small garden sites, where not to plant a lot of trees.


In the spring, it is recommended to bring various mineral fertilizers. Autumn – organic.

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Frost resistance

Apple tree is able to withstand significant cooling. Frost resistance is good. The tree can carry frosts (-32-35 ° C). Apple tree adapts well to different change in weather. The variety is not afraid of a sharp temperature drop over a short period of time.

Diseases and pests

The variety is sufficiently resistant to various diseases of fruit trees. There is a high immunity to a brummer, which appeared at the variety due to the introduction of the VM gene and polygen, which are responsible for the stability of the apple tree to the brishe. Immunity to this disease allocates this variety among many other.

From diseases that are dangerous for the Bryanskie variety, it is worth highlighting moniliosis (fruit rot). To protect the tree from this ailment, prophylactic treatment of fungicidal agents are carried out. It is also necessary to deal with pest insects (axes, fruzens), which can be a disputation of mushrooms.

Review reviews

Apple tree Grade Bryanskoye grown in many gardens. Reviews are mostly positive. Gardeners celebrate a good variety yield, a delicate taste of fruits, its resistance to most diseases. From the shortcomings of summer houses sometimes distinguish the fact that apples from the tree need to collect very carefully, so as not to damage their smooth surface.

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