Blackberry Ogej

  • Authors: America, John P. Clark
  • Taste: Sweet, thin gentle fruit, without bitterness and acid
  • Aroma : there is
  • Weight berry, g: 7-8
  • Period of fruiting: the beginning of June
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy
  • The presence of spikes: No
  • Bleed: Yes
  • Watering: moderate, does not tolerate the convergence
  • Synonyms (or Latin name): Osage

See all the characteristics

Blackberry Orejan – one of the attractive American varieties. His advantage is the wide opportunities of eating. Because with this plant and it is necessary to familiarize yourself in more detail.

History of removal of varieties

American blackberry variety has the original brand name OSAGE. Russian name is its transcription. The main breeding work on creating a variety led John p. Clark together with other employees of Arkansas University. The project, started in 2000, was called upon to withdraw the taste for a fundamentally new level. Blackberry created by cross-pollination of the seedlings; Gybrid Registration Completed in 2012.

Description of varieties

Timing of ripening

The formation of fruits at Blackberry Osage comes in early June. Because this kind is advised to grow together with the famous ouachite. Then the landing will be complemented by each other, the maximum increase in the cause of the crop. Fruit from Osage lasts 40 days. Because we can eat berries in early August.


On 1 blackberry bush may have to 5 kg of fruits. This is a completely decent level even in the whole culture. Compared with other earlier types, Osage wins even more. Take the berries start as soon as the surface will darken.

Berries and their taste

In descriptions of the tasters often mentioned fruit feeling with thin sweet notes. The flesh has a solid consistency. The fruits themselves are rounded, their mass is 7-8 g. The fragrance is present, but not too much expressed. Blackberry Osage is good and fresh, and in frozen, and in canned form, the crop can almost without any problems.

Features of cultivation

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Plant needs neutral soil. Lime and alkaline areas are strictly contraindicated. SUPPORT ACHESSID MUST MUST SUPPLY LATE SPARE, Because it is important to her hard heat. Only in the southern regions is allowed autumn landing. In this case, it is important to make sure that the temperature at least some time does not fall to zero and below.

Approximately 14 days before landing it is necessary to dug deep pits. 125 g of superphosphate, 50 g of potash nitrate, some organics. Tight ground improves river sand additive. If the earth has a weak acid reaction, you need to put the heated peat.

Watering and feeding

Variety racks to drought. But decent irrigation without overvailing is very important during vegetation and when booking fruits. With a competent landing, you can start feeding on the second or even on the third year. Spring lay ammonium nitrate. In the formation of fruits, additive of phosphate and potash fertilizers is required.

Thanks to the compost or humus fails to provide:

  • nutrition bushes;

  • Holding moisture;

  • Optimal soil looser (it will not be lifted).

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

Resistance to low temperatures has not yet been studied, since the operating experience in domestic conditions is small. However, there is evidence that culture transfers cold no more than -13 degrees. Therefore, its landing even in the Black Sea zone must be covered.

Diseases and pests

Resistance to the damage to the pathogenic organisms and harmful insects at the Blackberry Osage is quite large. However, yet some precautions will not be superfluous. Bushes can be seated only at a certain distance from raspberry. Prevention also implies:

  • removal of weeds;

  • Lust of the Earth;

  • drainage;

  • Protective processing.

Wheards, various ticks can attack his blackberry. Of the vegetable diseases, danger represent:

  • anthracnose;

  • mosaic;

  • Purple spotlight;

  • septoriasis;

  • Gray rot;

  • Curlyness;

  • Puffy dew.


Often use root offspring and green cuttings. Blackberry Osage also allows you to resort to the division of the bush. Basically, it is divided when it is necessary to transplant somewhere. It is very important that such seedlings have a powerful root system. All the old branches that will be only in vain the juices pull, you need to completely remove. Reproduction of root offspring is carried out at the very end of spring.

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