Blackberry Natchez

  • Authors: Institute of Arkansas, USA
  • Taste: sweet
  • Aroma : Thin, Blackberry
  • Tasting evaluation: 4,6
  • Weight berry, g: 7-12
  • Berry size: Large
  • Berry color: Black
  • Period of fruiting: stretched, June – July, 35-40 days, sometimes longer
  • Yield: 15-20 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: Low, up to -14 ° C

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Blackberry Natchez at gardeners enjoys well-deserved popularity, because care and content do not deliver too large hassle. And sweet fruits that ripen pretty early, pleasant and sweet.

History of removal of varieties

Natchez is a rather young variety. His authors are employees of the Arkansas Institute (USA). Selector John Clark in 2007 received a patent for this variety.

Description of varieties

Blackberry bush of this new variety is high (the height on average is approximately 2 meters) empty shape. Runs are long – 3-4 meters, over time, from a reprehensive position, go to a more horizontal. Fragile branches, tend to clouds. The plant has a powerful root system and is distinguished by rapid growth, there are no spikes on it. Leaves have light green color with a terry surface, edge leaves edge. White flowers have 6 petals. Berries grow by brushes for 12-25 pieces.

Timing of ripening

Natchez is counted to the varieties of fairly early ripening. Blackberry has a flowering period since mid-May. Fruption time lastively is approximately 40 days during June and July. When organizing a faithful care and a comfortable temperature regime, fruiting may continue and more.

Regions growing

Successfully grown in all regions of Russia. But in cold winters will need additional shelter.


From one black-based bush during the season you can remove up to 20 kilograms of the crop, so this variety is considered to be a high-yield.

Berries and their taste

Blackboy berries Natcheza saturated dark blue, almost black, colors with a very pleasant sweet taste and a thin berry aroma. Sometimes it is felt kislinka. Tasting evaluation of 4.6 points. Meat juicy with dense consistency. Cylindrical berry form, slightly elongated. Blackberry Natchez differs rather large sizes, with the first yield berries have an average length of 3.5-4 centimeters, weight is average equal to 10 grams. In the future, berries can reach the settings of the matchbox, and the weight can be up to 20 grams. When the final ripening of fruits occurs, the berries are emitted easily, because the cup is dried.

Features of cultivation

For the successful production of good harvesting the soil should be a fertilized. When carrying out the landing, it is necessary to observe the correct distance between the individual bushes, which must be at least 3 meters. This variety prefers well-drained subliblished soil. Screwing should be reduced, and groundwater should be closed at a distance of no less than one and a half meters from the surface. If the soil is too wet, it can cause the root rotting and even the full death of the plant.

The increasing shoots under the severity of mature fruit or due to severe busting winds can be too bending to the ground, so it is necessary to provide support.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

For active growth of blackberry bushes for landing worth choosing well-lit plots. But it is necessary to remember that the plant does not like active sunlight too much, so at a summer temperature more than +35 degrees, the place of cultivation should shade. Otherwise, the plant can get burns. As well as the site should be protected from busting of winds, which can lead to robberies.


After the end of the fruiting shoots are trimmed under the root. The variety of Natchez has a low ability to replace the Black Original Escapes. Therefore, it is necessary to delete some new shoots to preserve a good level of fruiting. And should also be removed with the Garden Secatrator to remove the old shoots on which the berries will not be formed. To get a good harvest, the plant of this variety is enough just 5-7 fruitless shoots. Side branches should be shortened by 30 centimeters.

Watering and feeding

Blackberry Natchez loves moderate watering. Therefore, it is quite sufficient to water the plant 1 time per week. At the same time, one bush must use 4-5 buckets with water. When the ovary is formed, watering should be more regular: 1 time every 2-3 days, using 2 buckets of water. It is impossible to allow too strong soil drying.

The fake of this black-based variety is carried out 4 times during the year:

  • in front of wintering;

  • after the end of fruiting;

  • during vegetation;

  • before the attack of the renal.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

The plant distinguishes insufficient frost resistance, so it is important to prevent freezing of shoots. To this end, they are required to be put on the ground. How the insulation can be used by humus, corn leaves or sawdust. In addition, it can be straw, vegetable trees or hay. Sometimes leaves of fruit plants can be used, but it is better to avoid it, since it may be harmful microorganisms.

Diseases and pests

The variety is distinguished by good resistance to many common diseases. Insects are also harm to the bushes they are extremely rare. However, you can additionally protect the blackberry bush. To this end, it is recommended to use:

  • 1% burgundy liquid;

  • mulch from peat or straw manure;

  • Dust tobacco dust solution.


Blackberry varieties Natchez multiplies by the way of rooting the top plants. The tops of young branches that have reached an approximate half-meter must be trimmed by 10-15 centimeters. From the kidneys will appear lateral shoots. After the growing small leaflets on the top, it is required to burn it to the soil and deepen a little, approximately 5 centimeters. After that, the deepening place to sprinkle the substrate. When the vegetative period is completed, the tops are already well rooted, and the buds will appear.

In the next spring period, it is necessary to perform small cuts with a sharp razor, and shoots put in small beds with moisturized earth. In the autumn period on the cuts there will be new sprouts. When several sprouts are formed, they should be digging up and disassembled into individual seedlings, while acting carefully, in order to not damage the young root system.

Preferred time for landing of the black-based variety, Spring protrudes until the renal dissipation. This is due to insufficient resistance to low temperatures.

Review reviews

In accordance with the reviews of gardeners, the blackberry can be used immediately in the fresh form. But it is also great for the preparation of sweet blanks and a variety of desserts.

Due to good safety during transport, it is possible to carry berries for significant distances, and the appearance does not lose. Foreign view can be saved for two weeks.

Sort Natchez is a very good choice for growing in country areas or on specialized plantations for further commercial use.

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