Blackberry Black Daimond

  • Authors: G.San Francisco, Oregon, America
  • Taste: Sweet with sourness
  • Aroma : strong, rich
  • Weight berry, g: 5-8 g
  • Berry size: medium and large
  • Berry color: Bright black, glossy
  • Period of fruiting: mid-June – the beginning of August, fruiting lasts about 4 weeks
  • Yield: up to 35 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy, -27 … -30 ° С
  • The presence of spikes: No

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Blackberry Black Daimond can be found today on sites, both gardeners of professionals and amateurs. It has become popular thanks to good yields and great taste.

History of removal of varieties

There was a described variety in America,. San Francisco. From here Black Diamond broke around the world.

Description of varieties

The blackberry of the described species has become in demand due to good fourth. After harvesting, the berry retains its commodity view for 10 days.

This view is still known as black diamond. Purpose of universal berries.

Bushes are formed by reprehension. Black Daimond can be described as a variety of moderate growth. The shoots are formed tall, flexible, semi-stranded. Their length can reach 200 cm. To the height of the bushes grow up to 3 meters. One of the advantages is the lack of spikes on shoots.

Timing of ripening

Blooms blackberry in May. The period of fruiting begins from mid-June and continues until August. About 4 weeks you can enjoy delicious berries.

The variety belongs to early ripening.

Regions growing

Black Daimond can be successfully grown both in the south of the country and in the Urals, in the Moscow region and other regions with a temperate climate.


As for the yield, then the bush can be collected with a thorough care of a plant to 35 kilograms of berries. High yield degree.

Berries and their taste

Attractive berries, rich, black with glossy shade. They are characterized by a sweet taste with small acidic and dense, juicy flesh. As for the fragrance, it is rich, blackberry.

On the bushes there are fruit large and medium in size. Their mass can reach 5-8 grams.

Features of cultivation

The following types of soil are suitable for growing:

  • Chernozem;

  • loam;

  • Sand soil.

In the latter case, you will have to use constantly fertilizer.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Place for landing – necessarily sunny or half authentive, and otherwise the quality of berries will deteriorate. Between the bushes it is important to observe the distance of 1 meter. Depth of planting seedlings 500 mm.

Plant in a pre-prepared pit, the dimensions of which 40x40x40 cm. In order not to make feeding on the first two years, it is worth putting a nutrient mixture from compost, potash salt and superphosphate to the bottom of the planting material in the amount of 1000, 50 and 100 g, respectively. All components are mixed, poured into a hole and sprinkled with fertile soil.

So that the plant is easier to stretch up, put a sleeper. Better if escape will be located on the support zigzag.

In the case when the planting of the material is planned for autumn, the preparatory work is carried out 14 days before landing. Plots that will disembark in the spring are prepared in the fall.

Watering and feeding

Without regular irrigation gardener can not do. On one bush, which has been for several years, a week should leave up to two buckets of water.

In the first year, you will definitely carry out feeding of potassium and calcium. Autumn good fertilizers fit well. In their composition must be:

  • iron;

  • zinc;

  • Bor and other trace elements.

From organic fertilizers you can use horse manure, chicken litter, ash.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

It is worth saying that the variety in question belongs to the frost resistant. Its frost resistance from -27 to -30 degrees. Thus, in the southern region, underfloor material is not used, but in the northern regions you can simply cover the bushes after trimming the coniferous sweetheart.

Diseases and pests

Black Daimond has high resistance to insect attacks and diseases, especially the anthracnose, gray rot. However, preventive treatment with copper vigorous, fungicides, the infusion of garlic allows you to preserve young seedlings and adult plants healthy.


Modifying a variety with several ways:

  • root up;

  • Seed green or won shoots;

  • Share bush.

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