At what distance to plant eggplants?

Eggplants are taken to grow a seaside. This option is used in many regions of Russia. Sowing material seeded in the container, care for shoots, and finished seedlings are transferred to open ground or greenhouses.

To achieve high yields, you need to properly choose a scheme for growing fruit culture. If you land up too thickened, seedlings will not develop properly and will not be able to bring a rich harvest.

Schemes for greenhouses

Methods of landing eggplant to the greenhouse is almost similar to the fallout seedlings in the open sky. The difference between these methods is in terms of transfer of plants from containers to the site. Due to the fact that in the greenhouse of bushes, it is better protected from adverse weather conditions, seedlings can be transferred to 14-28 days earlier compared to the deadlines provided for open soil. The date of transplantation of plants is adjusted with their condition.

Gardeners have developed several schemes of planting vegetables, differing in density and other characteristics. The first option is called one-row. Plant eggplants of low-speed varieties should be at a distance of 40 cm.

The interval for the average shrubs increases to 50 centimeters, for high – about 60 centimeters. Shrubs should be conveniently in bed with regard to their growth and structure of sheet plates.

When placing landing in two rows between them, leave a gap of 50-70 centimeters. In this case, it is recommended to place plants in a checker order. With this distance, shrubs will not push the shadow on each other, and the roots will get enough free space for full development. When choosing a scheme, it is necessary to consider the size of the plants. Some varieties form compact shrubs, others – splashing, with thick and lush green mass. Growth intensity also affects the choice of landing circuit and the optimal distance between bushes and rows.

If a drip irrigation system is installed on the site, it is also necessary to take into account. Seed out the seedlings should be so that it receives enough water. Such a watering system will be useful in the cultivation of moisthed cultures. Planting vegetable seedlings, you need to consider the following features.

  • When landing eggplant with narrow and compact rows, it is enough to use only one ribbon for watering. It is placed between rows next to seedlings or as close as possible to their stems.
  • With medium sizes, there will be two tapes for sufficient irrigation of plants. So vegetables will receive comprehensive moisturizing. Regular and moderate watering is important for the formation of juicy and delicious vegetables.
  • Three irrigation ribbons will be needed in the case of spacious beds. The main thing is that shrubs get enough water, especially in a hot period.
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Methods for open soil

It is necessary to plant seedlings to open areas only when weather conditions will be appropriate. The soil should warm up to about 18 degrees Celsius, and early spring frosts completely retreat. If frosts return, young and rapid plants can suffer greatly or die. Before planting, bend the procedure for quenching. Crates with seedlings endure fresh air and leave for a certain time so that they adapt to new conditions. Every day of the time interval gradually increase. First, the seedlings leave for an hour, gradually increasing the time to day. If you skip this step, shrubs will be difficult to get used to new weather conditions, and the adaptation process can strongly delay.

Before planting eggplant, the garden is abundantly. Get plants from tanks need carefully so as not to damage soft and thin roots. After each seedling is placed in the landing pit. They need to prepare in advance. In most cases, a fertilizer’s portion or a special soil mixed with organic and minerals lay in wells. Experienced summer residents say that they do not need to deepen bushes in the planting process, otherwise they will feel discomfort, which will negatively affect the growth, development and fruction of culture. Plant transfer is performed in the evening, at sunset.

If there were plants from the family of the Polenic, it is better to choose a different place for growing eggplant. These cultures are pulled out of the soil a large amount of nutrient elements, so the soil must be filled with their balance. The process takes about two years. Locations are remarkably suitable, on which legumes of crops, cucumbers or cabbage grew. After these plants, the land retains a large amount of nutrient elements that will need eggplants in the process of growth and fruiting.

You can place seedlings in any way, it all depends on the configuration of the garden and variety features (growth rate, height, root system structure and other characteristics).


One of the most common ways to design a plot is landing with rows. Also, this option is often called tape or one-sided. Depending on the size of the plantation, the landing may be two- or three hundred. In any of the cases you need to adhere to certain rules. When choosing a suitable way, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the location and grade eggplant.

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To date, the following landing scheme has been widespread, which can be used for most varieties: The minimum distance between the rows should earn at least 70 centimeters, and it is extremely recommended to cut this indicator. The gap between the bushes may vary. In one row, it can withdraw from 30 to 40 centimeters, no less and no more. Landing should be quite spacious. If you observe this simple rule, you can not worry for the comfort of vegetable culture.


The following way is widespread thanks to convenience and practicality. Plants sitting in this way do not discard the shadow on each other and wonderfully coexist on the garden. Square-nesting landing will have a positive effect on yield, but much depends on the characteristics of the variety, or rather, the height of bushes.

Experienced gardeners advise adhere to important recommendations.

  • All tall shrubs are distinguished by impressive dimensions. So that they were comfortable, seedlings are planted according to the 70×70 or 60×60 centimeters scheme. If a spacious location isolated to cultivation, you can safely choose the first option.
  • Seating 40×40 or 50×50 centimeters is remarkably suitable for low pepper. Due to more compact sizes, it can be placed closer to each other.
  • For the last category, which includes average plants, choose one of the above schemes. Some gardeners calculate the average value, considering it optimal. In order not to harm plants, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of a more spacious scheme. Consider that free space you need not only the above-ground part of the plants, but also its root system.

As soon as the landing was completed, the beds need to be carefully moistened. It is advisable to use warm and resistant water, as the cold liquid for plants is a kind of stress, resulting in a reduction in yield. Additionally, each bush can be watered with a solution of warmaning of weak pink color. This component effectively destroys infections, disinfection of roots and soil. Young plants are preferably kept in a fellow until they are completely rooted. Intense sunlight can harm the sensitive green mass of seedlings. Leaves must be fully used to new conditions so that the straight rays have become safe for them.

It is also recommended to cover eggplants overnight to protect them from a decrease in temperature after sunset. This procedure will be especially useful in regions with an unstable climate.

What to take into account when landing?

During planting vegetable crops, inexperienced gardens often make various errors displayed on fruiting. Avoid them is not difficult, the main thing is to clearly observe the agricultural engineering for each variety and adhere to the councils of experienced specialists. The following recommendations will be useful even to those who are not the first year is engaged in growing eggplant and other fruit plants. One of the most common mistakes lies in the landing insufficient seedlings. To get a crop as early as possible, some dackets carry plants before they type the desired length, and their root systems will definitely. With adverse weather conditions, some varieties can not only loosen, but also die.

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Initially sowing material germinate in one container. As they are height, a peak is carried out, in the process of which seedlings are seated in separate containers. Next, hardening is carried out, which is needed for quick and easy adaptation of eggplant. And only after that – and the achievement of a certain age – plants can be transplanted into greenhouses or open ground. The second factor to be taken into account when landing is a suitable distance between plants and beds, taking into account all the characteristics: Place of cultivation, growth of shrubs, watering system, plant structure. To land the maximum number of seedlings on one site, the landing is often done too thick to get as much vegetables as possible from one square meter. But in the end, the yield falls, and the plants begin to hurt.

The condition of the soil is of great importance for fruiting. If it is exhausted, to achieve a rich and high-quality harvest will not work. Correct the situation by applying fertilizers. Plants feed the nutrient elements into certain phases of growth and development. Sour soil is risks. Also held peroxide. Having chosen the appropriate scheme and correctly causing shrubs, getting a stable harvest every season will not be much difficulty. Eggplant – Popular Vegetable Culture. Vegetables are used to prepare salads, hot dishes and conservation for the winter. For them there will always be space both on the festive and dining table every day.

Vegetables can be transported on long distances and for a long time to store without loss of taste, odor and attractive appearance.

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