As pausing pepper?

The issue of proper steaming of peppers is relevant for a huge number of gardeners, since this vegetable is grown on most of the plots. Carrying out such events is carried out according to the rules that need to be adhered to. In this article, we will deal with how you need to be faithful to pepper.

As pausing pepper?

Pauses features

Removal of pepper processes is the necessary procedure. Bulgarian pepper, as a rule, is characterized by medium height indicators. But sometimes its bushes grow up and high. If you do not get rid of lateral shoots, then bushes will start over. It can adversely affect the landing state as a whole.

The lowest varieties of membrane makes no sense, because they do not break through strong shoots on the sides.

If they appear, they are obtained by weak, not affecting the process of vegetation or fruiting.

As pausing pepper?

The process of passing has its advantages and disadvantages. First, find out what the main advantages of this procedure are hidden:

  • the amount and quality of the crop of peppers increases;
  • Bustards are exempt from unwanted branches, due to which plants may further obtain a much larger amount of natural lighting with oxygen;
  • Houring leads to improving quality and strengthening stocks;
  • Provides a longer time and volumetric flowering of the punch on the beds;
  • Pepper, which has passed the correct procedure of steps, grows more fleshy and tasty.

As pausing pepper?

Careful gardeners-gardeners must take into account the fact that Operation for the cleaning of steps of the punch has one important drawback – it leads to a slow growth of the bush. Passwords on the pepperborn are never cleaned in hot weather and high humidity. Against the background of these circumstances, a comfortable environment is created for the appearance of dangerous diseases of the fungal nature, rotting root.

It is best to remove steppes in the morning, so that in the evening all the left wounds were able to shit and dry. It is also recommended to sprinkle areas of breakdowns of wood ash.

As pausing pepper?


There are various schemes for the proper removal of pepper steps in the household territory. The nuances of such operations largely depend on where the plant is located: in open soil or greenhouse conditions. In different conditions, summer residents need to resort to various actions. Consider how it is necessary to properly cut down the peppers and in the open soil, and in the greenhouse.

In open soil

Pasching the sweet and other peppers can be carried out in the conditions of open soil.

Each dacket must remember that the deletion of the so-called corona bud is primarily required.

Thanks to this action, it will be possible to stimulate the rapid growth of cooks. Only after this operation can be further pruncated.

As pausing pepper?

Find out how exactly the pruning of peppers in the open ground:

  1. It is necessary to remove extra processes that are located in the side zones of the bush;
  2. It is required to cut those branches on which there are a large number of sheet plates (on each of the shoots it will be necessary to leave no more than 2-3 leaves);
  3. The weakest twigs need to cut the tops;
  4. It will also require a neat pressing of shoots that are at the level above the first leaflet.

All other manipulations that will be required from the dacket will be the same as in the case of processing greenhouse landings. It is necessary to cut unnecessary buds formed between the nodes, as well as those that do not give fruits.

As pausing pepper?

In Teplice

In the conditions of the greenhouses, the vegetable in question also needs proper steaming. This procedure should be carried out since the beginning of the movement of seedlings into a greenhouse room and continue with respect to an adult plant. We will analyze step by step, how the specified operations are held.

  1. On the seedlings planted in a greenhouse, shoots off, as soon as the bushes are growing to a mark of 15 cm.
  2. Next you need to remove the top growth point. Do it to guarantee a vegetable more magnificent branch of shoots.

As pausing pepper?

On the pepper cutting bushes, these procedures are carried out:

  1. Be sure to remove side twigs;
  2. Cut the first formed buds;
  3. Sleep the shoots located at the top.

It should be borne in mind that in those greenhouses where a good heating system is installed, pepper bushes grow much more spread. For this reason, the removal of shoots is required in regular mode, in accordance with their growth.

As pausing pepper?

Basic methods of formation

There are several basic variations of pepper steps. Each of them has its own characteristic features and nuances.

  • In one stem. The specified meat method involves the fragment of those shoots that were formed directly in the foliage sinuses. As a result, only the stem and leafy plates remain, which differ from it. The cutting of the twigs is carried out using a well-fulfilled knife that needs to be sterilized with alcohol.
  • In two stems. This is a more gentle operation. It affects bushes much softer. It is necessary to neatly cut down the steps that are located in the lower half. As a result, there should be only one that develops from a leaf sinus in the upper half.
  • In three stems. The main goal of this procedure is to leaving the main trunk. Together with him left two stepsing, which are in the top of the plant. Those shoots that are located downstairs, be sure to continue. The considered viewing method will increase the number of inflorescences and buds.

As pausing pepper?

Each Ogorodnik himself chooses a method of step-down peppers. It all depends on the level of experience and knowledge of a person who has taken away removing unnecessary steps.

Subsequent care

After the procedure of steaming the plant, it is necessary to ensure the correct care. Neglect this can not be in no case if you do not want to stay without a rich harvest. The main care is the following actions.

  • It is very important to provide plants correct watering. He must be regular. The plant is watered along the drying of the upper soil layer. Too abundantly, the pepper should not be too absent, since excess moisture is always harmful.
  • The second important step is the loosening. This procedure is required after each watering.
  • It is necessary to carry out a weeding of lined pepper beds. Timely removal of harmful weed grass will contribute to a healthier and rapid culture growth.
  • We must not forget about the introduction of high-quality feeding of a suitable type. In May-July, vegetable vegetables are required for nitrogen compositions. As for the period from August to September, it is advisable to use phosphate and potash feeders.

As pausing pepper?

As pausing pepper?

As pausing pepper?

Possible mistakes

Initially, it may seem that it is very easy to grind peppers. In fact, many dacms often make a number of incorrect actions. Learn about the most common of them.

  • Often gardeners are gardeners are accepted for papper meat, when dry weather is saved on the yard. It is strongly recommended to do so, since the boring foliage effectively protects the landing from wet evaporation.
  • One of the frequent bugs of dachensors is to step by peppers suffering from different diseases. Such actions are strictly prohibited, since patients of plants are without too weak.
  • An erroneous action is also the thinning of those pepper bushes, which are planted at a very impressive distance from each other. There is no need for such operations because it will be particularly difficult to confront unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Gardeners-gardeners are very often taken for the looting of pepper varieties, which in height reach 20 cm. Actually do this no need.

As pausing pepper?

As pausing pepper?

Useful Tips and Recommendations

        If the dachnik planned to conduct pausing of peppers lined in its site, then he should be armed with several useful tips and recommendations.

        • Upon completion of the trimming of Peppers, Kostik spends all his strength not on the growth and development of shoots, but to create the necessary obscenities and fruits. This fact is recommended to take into account each gardener.
        • Prothesing of shoots must be carried out correctly. If the procedure is performed with an error assignment, it can provoke a plant flowering stop. In the worst cases, landing may even die.
        • Pepper steps is a very important procedure that is required as accurately and carefully. The summer resident should act so that during the removal of stepsing it is not to damage rather gentle pepper bushes.
        • There is such a way at which it is necessary to leave 4 stem. It should be borne in mind that a similar method is applied in rare cases. Most often, those summer houses are addressed to him, which only learn to passiveness do not have due experience.
        • Before proceeding with pepper passing, it is important to consider his varietal belonging. For example, the Vinny Pooh varieties and the “Capitstnie” do not need such procedures at all.
        • Unnecessary pigs necessarily need to be removed. If this is not done, only 10-12 juicy and fleshy fruits will be able to fully. Everyone else will develop curves, not the most delicious. Non-tempered peppers may have rough skin.

        As pausing pepper?

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