Application of manganese for garden and garden

Ordinary manganese at the garden is able to perform many important functions: from disinfection of the sowing material to the control of pests. To obtain the desired result, use this drug is always required in accordance with the instructions.

Pros and cons

Permanganate potassium looks like a miniature crystalline dark purple shade. When adding to water, the substance is instantly dissolved, staining liquid into pinkish or purple color. In the composition of mangartee, potassium, oxygen and directly manganese. The presence of these components and explains why the drug is so often used in gardening and gardening. Manganeseman is useful in that it allows to carry out effective disinfection of soil, seeds, premises and even devices used in the garden.

It destroys fungal disputes and makes it possible to activate the formation of young seedlings, contributing to the extension of green mass. The advantage is that the use of the substance does not affect the taste characteristics of the plant or human health. The resulting solution is characterized by the efficiency of use. It provides protection against Tly, Wire and other pests, and also destroys mold and fungus. Manganese feeds the culture of ascorbic acid, which as a result activates the production of chlorophyll and speeds up the ripening of the crop.

Nevertheless, the use of manganese in the garden may be harmful, especially if it is wrong to use it or breed. The oversupply of manganese is able to spoil the taste characteristics of the product, and incorrect dilution leads to burns and on the plant, and on the skin of a person. When irrigating the Earth, the high-concentrated solution can be destroyed by the beneficial bacteria contained in it, its structure will change, and the processes of water exchange and gas exchange will be disturbed.

Finally, excessive irrigation of landings with a strong solution will lead to the fact that the content of magnesium and potassium in the soil will reach the level on which the plants are already dying.

How to use a solution?

An infusion based on mangartages is applied at the stage of training cultures for landing.

Seed etching

Most gardeners, despite the emergence of new drugs, prefer to disinfect the sowing material in manganese. For this procedure, a concentrated solution is prepared, the shade of which can be designated as dark burgundy, after which seeds are lowered into it. As a rule, only 1 gram of crystalline is taken on a glass of water. Previously, of course, the grains are cleaned from plant residues and carefully examined for rotations or deformed instances. Disinfection continues for 20-30 minutes, after which the sowing material is washed with a few minutes under clean running water. Soak seeds better on the eve of landing in open soil or seeding.

Similar to the processing of tubers and bulbs of flower crops, cuttings and rooteplood. As a result, all malicious microbes and disputes are destroyed, and the landing material will grow faster. Concentration in this case is selected depending on the type of plant. So, for soaking potato tubers, it will take a gram of a gram of a substance in 5 liters, after which it is possible to leave them in water almost 8 hours. Some gardeners, however, believe that it is enough for this, if the solution is created from 10 grams of manganese and 10 liters of fluid. To enhance the effect of the drug in it, you can add 2 grams of copper sulphate. Bulbs sufficiently disinfection for an hour in a mixture created from 3 grams of substance and liter of water.

If symptoms of disease are found on the planting material, the solution is made more concentrated – 20 grams of crystals are diluted in liter, and the processing is reduced to 20 minutes.

Treatment of boxes, tools and greenhouses

At the end of the season, it is reasonable to process the allocating inventory by the payroll: Household gloves, rubber boots, shovel, robble and other tools. Secators, knives, scissors and other items used for trimming, disinfected before each use. To prepare a solution in each liter of water divorces a teaspoon of the drug. In the late autumn, the frames of greenhouses and greenhouses are also washed with mortar, racks with drawers in basements and cellars are wiped. It should be done with the help of a highly concentrated fluid, for the preparation of which 3 full teaspoons are bred in 10 liters of liquid.

All metal parts are enough just to wash with manganese, and wooden elements are soaked in it in it for several hours, after which they dry naturally in the sun. The walls of the design is enough to rinse the simple water. Working in a closed space is recommended to carry out in clothing with long sleeves, rubber gloves and protective mask. For convenience, it makes sense to take advantage of a sponge. Having completed the processing of the greenhouse, it is recommended to open all windows and doors in it and leave in this form to a couple of days. It is necessary to mention that, processing the premises where the harvest will persist, it is important to wipe not only the shelves, but also the walls. Pre-cellar or cellar cleaned from garbage and cobwebs.

Before landing, seedlings should be treated with the Tar, which was previously used to grow seedlings. The containers and pots of plastic are quite easy to rinse the antiseptic agent, and the wooden boxes will have to soak for several hours. For disposable peat pots, spraying with a strong solution. It is worth mentioning that If possible, these procedures should be carried out at the beginning and at the end of the season.

Treat land before landing

Potassium permanganate is ideal for painting the soil for sowing seedlings. In such a situation, the liquid warms up to +65 – +70 degrees, pink crystals are added to it. Shada Antiseptic should get bright pink. Having richly watered soil, it is necessary to wait until the soil cools up and dries slightly, after which it is time to go to the landing. Similarly, the soil is processed in the greenhouse and outdoors before planting seedlings and seeds. A hot solution is suitable for disinfection of the priority circles and aisle of perennials.

For the drying of the soil 0.5 g of mangartages divorces in a liter of warm liquid. Watering the beds more convenient, cycling the usual watering can, although it is worth a spraying for better digestibility.

It is important to realize that the introduction of manganese acid salts in the soil will significantly increase the level of acidity and to normalize it will be required to use the lime and perform the surface resistance.

Application from pests and diseases

Manganese solution helps to fight with fungus provoking the appearance of a black leg in seedlings. While the seedlings stay at home, they can be watered 1-2 times with a weak concentration, characterized by a gentle pink tint. To create it, 3-5 grams of crystals are bred in 10 liters of water. Watering should be carried out strictly under the root. If the fungus is still penetrated into a ramper, then the expanded sprouts must be hurry to remove along with earth lumps. The appeared hole is filled with fresh soil, and all the contents of the container spill a bright pink medicine.

These grated cultures like pepper and potatoes often suffer from phytoofluorosis. For the prevention of this disease, a solution based on manganese. For its preparation, it is necessary to dilute 10 liters of weakly pink fluid, and then add 200 grams of crushed garlic cloves to it and give mixtures of about 30 minutes. A pair of tablespoons of liquid soap or shampoo is added to the liquid solution. You can process plants with this mixture every two weeks.

Noticing the symptoms of pulse dew on hydrangea or roses, it is necessary to immediately spray the culture with a saturated pink preparation. The above-ground part of the affected plants is processed on average three times with an interval of 4-5 days. The use of potassium permanganate before flowering strawberries will allow to protect bushes from gray rot. Processing is repeated again after a couple of weeks, but with the use of a more saturated composition. Therapeutic solution is created by dilution of 2 teaspoons of substance in 10 liters of water. The larvae of the beetle-clutch love to apply harm garden root roots: beets, potatoes and carrots. However, the disinfection of seeds before planting, as well as the irrigation of the soil after germination of germs will allow them to cope with them. Manganese woman gives you the opportunity to get rid of Tly, and in combination with boric acid – and from ants.


Manganeseman is an affordable fertilizer to which most cultures react positively. The lack of manganese in the ground leads to the fact that the immunity decreases in plants and yields. As a rule, guessing the manganese starvation, it is possible for the state of young leaves: their streaks remain green, and the main fabric acquires an unpleasant dirty yellow tint. Cabbage, beets, carrots and other vegetables to be filled with mangantamy in the middle of summer. For every 10 liters of water, 3 grams of crystals are added and this quantity is enough for processing 3-4 square meters of landing. Gooseberry, Raspberry and currant pink solution are watering in spring time to stimulate fruit.

In the spring, many cultures can also be sprayed with a versatile solution consisting of 3 grams of boric acid, the same amount of potassium permanganate and 10 liters of water. For the processing of strawberries to the above components, a glass of wood ash is added. In general, the manganese is not rebeling to embrace, immediately after landing and throughout the active development. Fairing tomatoes, the first time the mangalls should be made when the seedlings reaches a three-week age. The solution should be prepared by dissolving 2 grams of substance in 10 liters of water. The mixture can either wash the seedlings or spray. This drug is used yet by a couple of times for the season to prevent the development of phytoofluorosis.

The cucumbers are most effective to fertilize the manganese solution at the time of active fruiting, that is, in the period of the occurrence of flowers and the formation of uncess. The mixture is prepared similar to the tomato.

Precautionary measures

Dilute manganese is allowed only in glass containers. Keep crystallini also in a glass vessel, hermetically closed lid. The finished solution is not allowed to leave in warm or under the sunny rays. It follows in rubber gloves to protect the skin, and it is also necessary to carefully monitor that the substance does not fall on the mucous.

Tips for Dacnikov

Preparing a solution of manganese, should always be taken Warm water, Since crystals dissolve faster in heated fluid. Falling asleep substance, the mixture must be mixed until it is completely dissolved. Irrigation is better to organize in the evening when the sun rays do not fall on the sheets, which means there is no danger of burning burns. The liquid is sprinkled not only on the plant itself, but also partially on the ground. By the way, the water itself must have a neutral pH level. The concentration of the solution is determined depending not only from the prescription of the drug, but also on the specifics of the culture.

Disinfection of greenhouses and greenhouses by mangartee-novice gardeners advise on a clear scheme. Preparing a bright pink solution, for its application, you will also have to prepare a soft rag or sponge. First of all, the room is exempt from plant garbage, rotten ropes, branches, landing residues and other unnecessary items. Immediately from there and the entire inventory is carried out, since its disinfection should be carried out separately in the fresh air. Cleaning the frame and walls from the mud, it is necessary to wash all the elements of the buildings by manganese solution. Upon completion, there is a cleansing of doors and lights, as well as wiping the construction outside.

In the next video, you will be waiting for the use of mangalls for the garden and garden.

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