Application of manganese

Manganese or permanganate potassium is well known for its antiseptic effect. Use in medicine is very widely: and from poisoning helps, and wounds cavities. Experienced gardeners found the use of a useful powder when working in garden sites. The heatman’s solution is applied not only for disinfection of seeds, soil, but also as feeding, felt by the shortage of nutrients during seedlings, as well as for preventing various diseases.

Fertilizer benefits

Specialized flower shops offer to choose effective chemical additives for plants, but during fruiting it is recommended to give preference to people’s secure funds. In this case, hazardous substances from chemicals do not get into fruit and will not serve the reason for poisoning.

Main methods for applying mangartan.

  1. Manganese for strawberries is used during breeding. Breeding strawberries seeds, goddes, dividing bush. Before sowing seeds, it is necessary to pass disinfection to remove fungi and prevention of infections.
  2. Disinfect working equipment and pots for seedlings.

Standard solution is prepared by concentrated, single interest. 10 g of mangartean is taken and divorced until complete dissolution in 1000 ml of simple water. Seeds are lowered in a solution for 15 minutes, and the inventory rubs. With this dark solution, you can water the land – tortigate, but before landing seedlings or seeds.

Such a solution will burn the roots of the strengthened plants.

Effective from diseases and pests as prevention:

  • from Khushchev;
  • against gray rot;
  • mildew;
  • black leg;
  • nematodes;
  • Weevils and ticks.

Strawberries have so many pests that prevention is necessary 3 times a year:

  • before planting – the tillage of the soil;
  • Before flowering in May;
  • At the beginning of flowering in June.

A weak solution is prepared for planted plants: 1-5 g of manganese. The soil is poured by this solution for disinfection, prevention and treatment in the early stages. In the launched forms of diseases, mangartage is useless.

Treatment is not carried out, only damaged leaves are removed or completely destroyed.

How to make a solution?

Strawberry lacks microelements, so it requires a combined feeding unit, including several active substances. When interacting with each other, they fill the lack of nutrition. Manganese will add to the land of manganese and potassium, ammonia alcohol – nitrogen, iodine disinfected, boric acid – boron as growth stimulator.

For the solution you will need:

  • Manganese – 1 g;
  • Summer Alcohol – 2. L.;
  • iodine – 10 drops;
  • Boric acid – 2 g;
  • Warm water – 2 and 10 liters.

Dilute at first boric acid, then add a manganese with ammonia alcohol and iodine in 2 liters of water tanks, then the mixture is diluted 10 liters of water. Apply before flowering.

Promotes abundant crop, is prevention from diseases.

Methods and periods of application

Manganesewoman in moderate quantities and strictly applied according to the schedule will not cause harm plants. It applies to both the root part and greens with fruits, flowers. The main purpose is not to develop diseases and disinfect the soil. Potassium diluted with water, potassium permanganate can be pouring, to feed the plant, the spraying of leaves and colors is provided. Soil treatment is carried out not more than 3 times a year:

  • before landing;
  • spring before the appearance of buds;
  • At the beginning of the summer with the appearance of colors.

Before planting concentrated mortar, land is disinfected. In the spring before flowering, a combined feeder is carried out. At the beginning of summer, during flowering, the roots can not be fertilized, but to spend a spraying with a weak solution: 3 g of mangartee on 10 liters of water. It is recommended to carry out procedures in the evening, in calm weather.

During fruiting, it is allowed to wipe with a pale pink solution only leaves as disinfection.

Special type of strawberry processing after harvest – in autumn. Water by payroll at this time of year should only be in an exceptional case – one of the treatments in the spring or the green part is amazed by disease.

Before the onset of frosts to destroy insect larvae or fungal dispute, watering free areas of soil, where new seedlings will be planted in the spring.

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