Apple tree Vityaz

  • Authors: WITH.AND. Isaev (Russia, VNIIS them. Michurina)
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3-4 year
  • Timing of ripening: Lateness
  • Removable maturity: In the second half of September
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Appeared when crossed: Pepin saffron X Anis striped
  • Transportability: Yes
  • Self-velocity: Self-dodged

See all the characteristics

Apple tree Vityaz – one of the promising domestic varieties. But it is necessary to use it very skillfully and competently. And for this, first find out all the details and nuances.

History of removal of varieties

Created an apple tree knight to VNIIS. Michurina. Pre-development management took over with. AND. Isaev. Basic works were conducted in the Botanical Garden at Moscow State University. Breeders set the main purpose of improving frost resistance and enhancing immunity. Anise striped and pepin saffron were taken as the basis – widely known varieties.

Description of varieties

Features, pros and cons

In favor of the apple tree, Vityaz testify:

  • abundant formation of fruit;

  • full-fledged crop fancy;

  • Attractive product quality apples;

  • Frost resistance of variety.

However, the plant will have an empty crown. In most gardens it takes too much space. Despite this, the trunk is relatively low, bends to the ground, the height is not more than 2-3 m. Outwardly, the knight is rather even on a mandatory willow. Plant has a universal purpose.

Ripening and fruiting

Apple tree Vityaz refers to late varieties. You can remove the harvest from mid-September. You can expect the appearance of apples for 3-4 years of cultivation. The varieties belong to the self-alopeco group.


Fruiting will occur annually. Collection is very great. Under favorable conditions, it reaches 240 kg. Such results give adult apple tree provided good care.

Fruits and their taste

Apples Vityaz have yellow-green color. In shape they resemble a wide or rounded cone. Mass of one apple reaches 150 g. And also celebrate:

  • smoothness of the peel;

  • Pleasant sour and sweet taste;

  • juice of pulp and white color;

  • tasting indicator – 4.8 points;

  • the possibility of preserving the crop almost in the middle of the spring under the refrigerator conditions;

  • ribbed apples;

  • Purple-red intermittent strokes and stripes;

  • Carmic blush;

  • Decent transportability.

Features of cultivation

It is possible to plant a stack of Vityaz, both in spring and autumn. It is more expedient to choose the autumn period when the seedlings have time to root a little. But in areas with harsh climates and early frosts do not do so. It is very important that:

  • Soil waters stood low;

  • landing went to a low holmik;

  • The site was sunny and well warmed during the day.

Plant can survive and half. But fully shaded places are definitely not for him. In this case, count on a good harvest is hardly possible.


Feeding needed by knight and autumn, and spring. With the approach of the cold, the rolling circle is necessary to mulch. But nitrogen fertilizers after the end of the active vegetation can not be applied. The remaining feeding procedures apple trees are also well known to the gardeners and have long been standardized. It is very important to add supephosphate during preparation for winter.

Frost resistance

Plant has an average level of resistance to cold. Nevertheless, at temperatures below -40 degrees, partial frosts are possible. In all some cold regions, this culture will have to be covered. Exception is only the southern regions of the country. But and there it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of a specific coming season.

Diseases and pests

Immunity of Vityaz to the paschers and other fungal defeats are not bad. But it must be reinforced with the help of spring processing. In the conditions of mass applean epidemics, processing is better to repeat again. From insects danger represents:

  • apple moth;

  • fruit savory;

  • haworing;

  • fruit;

  • Various types of silkworms.

Review reviews

Vityaz estimates from practitioners gardeners are positive. No significant flaws from this variety are not called. However, it is noted that an apple tree spreadability can create serious inconvenience, especially in small gardens. Fruits can be successfully sold – they are highly appreciated by buyers. What is important, when stored, the quality of the harvested harvest is only rising.

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