Apple tree Uspenskoye

  • Authors: All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants. AND. IN. Michurina. N. AND. Savelyev
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 180-200
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, 200-250 c / ha
  • Frequency frequency: Annual
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5 years
  • Timing of ripening: Autumn
  • Bleed: 2-3 months
  • Purpose: Fresh form

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Apple Kompenskoe received widespread among the gardeners and summer residents. The plant has won the attention due to the high, high-quality, continuous fruit and sustainability to many diseases.

History of removal of varieties

Uspenskoye brought in the All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selections of Fruit Plants. AND. IN. Michurina. The author is N. AND. Savelyev. The variety appeared when crossing the varieties of Prima and Chever Michurinskaya.

Description of varieties

Tree growth force – average. Croon apple tree scattered, medium-thickened, slightly drooping. Plant height reaches 3.5 meters. Leaves are long, with twisted, the screw-shaped tip of the green shade, the surface is very smooth and shiny, with a light nervous and largest edge. Skelette tree branches, covered with sulfur bark, grow from the trunk almost at right angles, the location is compact. Saving medium height, straight, rounded shape, brown-brown shade, with the presence of medium fee. Flowers are large, fine-haired, have free fitting of petals, tint light pink.

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Features, pros and cons

The pluses of grade Assumption belongs:

  • regular fruiting;

  • good transportability and excellent commodity;

  • high resistance to the paschers;

  • good resistance to winter temperatures.

The plant has only two minuses: a tendency to sprinkling fruits when aging and a short shelf life.

Ripening and fruiting

Apple tree belongs to autumn varieties. Paint the fruits begin in mid-September. The variety has middle pureness and annual fruiting. The tree begins to give a crop for the fifth year after landing.

Regions growing

Apple tree grade Assumption is successfully grown in the regions of the South and Middle Urals and in Central Russia.


Assumption’s grade refers to cultures with a high degree of yield. From plantations Collected 200-250 c / ha. One garden apple tree can give up to 40 kg of harvest. Fruits can crumble at the deletion of removal, so the harvest must be removed on time.

Fruits and their taste

Fruits have the right, round-oval, smooth shape. Close-size apples, fetal weight – 180-200 g. Color green, with light, yellow tint, coating – red, with the presence of a brush for most of the fetus. Skin smooth, with shine, dry. Tasting score is 4.2-4.6 points. Useful substances in one apple: 26.4 mg / 100 g of ascorbic acid, 16.1% soluble dry substances, 11.5% sugars, 396 mg / 100 g of r-active substances. Gentle pulmonary consistency, fine-grained, juicy, white shade. Taste of apples sweet, with small sourness. Fruits have a high freight look, use apples in a fresh form.

Features of cultivation

So that the tree grew well and fruity, he needs an open, illuminated place of growth, protected from winds and drafts. If there is a shading, then it should be short-term. The tree grows well on fertile, with good air permeability of soil. These may be drum or sampling soils.

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Apple tree seedlings have a very powerful root system, so before landing it is placed in water for 1 or 2 days. The best time for planting an apple tree – Early Spring. Soil for planting plants are prepared in autumn.

The size of the landing well should be 70 cm in width and 90 cm deep. Between seedlings withstand the distance of 3.5-4 meters. Before omitting the seedling in the hole, organic fertilizers make it on. Omitting a seedling, its roots are evenly straightened, and when soaked asleep, the seedlock shakes slightly so that the root system is not formed in the root system. The root neck is left over the soil, after which it is good tamper. At the end of the landing on the root system, 2-3 buckets of warm water are poured and mulched peat.

In the spring, the pests are prophylactic. It lies in the whiten of the trunk of lime. Throughout the fractures are harvested in order to prevent pests. Crane apple trees requires regular trimming. It is carried out in the spring.


Apple tree partially self-free. However, for high and high-quality crop, she needs pollinators. They can be summer or autumn varieties of apple trees.


Throughout the season, the plant is fed by organic and mineral fertilizers:

  • compost;

  • humus;

  • manure;

  • ammonium nitrate;

  • Potash and nitrogen fertilizers.

Frost resistance

The variety has a high frost resistance and good winters without shelter. Withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius.

Diseases and pests

Apple tree has pretty resistant immunity to many diseases. But most often the tree is amazed: fruit rot, powdery dew, black cancer. Insect pests can also affect the plant: apple fruit, wave, color, red tick, leaflet.

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