Apple tree stroyevskoye

  • Authors: E. N. Sedov, Z. M. Serov, B. IN. Zhdanov, E. BUT. Dolmatov, All-Russian Research Institute of Breeding Fruit Cultures
  • Taste: Dessert, sour-sweet with a clear predominance of sweetness
  • Aroma: Moderate
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150-170
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: At the age of 8-11 years – 117 c / ha
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: in the conditions of the Orlovsk region September 15-20
  • Duration of consumer period: from October 15 until February 20
  • Purpose: Universal

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Apple tree Stroevsky – a variety deservedly occupying one of the first places in the list of domestic elite varieties. Culture Young, showing the excellent results of stable and productive fruiting, frost-resistant, with a strong immune system, will undoubtedly become a real find for any gardener.

History of removal of varieties

Relatively young, with a good prospect of Zraevskoe variety was developed in the famous oldest All-Russian Research Institute, specializing in breeding fruit plants. Studies were carried out with the participation of. N. Sedova, Z. M. Serovoy, B. IN. Zhdanova, E. BUT. Dolmatova. The purpose of breeding research is to create a unique winter grade of an apple tree with an excellent winter hardiness, with good quality fruit and reliable indicators of disease resistance.

The test cycle was carried out from 1980 to 1991, when the first harvest was received. Since 1995, culture has been introduced into the list of luxury apple trees. Zoned stroyevskoye in 2001.

Created it in natural conditions of the Moscow region. Now the variety is distributed in the central part of the Russian Federation, in certain areas of Belarus and Ukraine, as well as in the Baltic region.

Description of varieties

The variety is easily recognizable at first sight – the average height of the trees is 3-4 m (sometimes higher), plants with wide, thickened and beautiful pyramidal crowns. Spring trees.

Saving faceted, arcuate, crankshaft configuration, with medium thickness, intensively published. Trunks with smooth bark of grayish shades. Stack variety smooth. On fresh shoots their color becomes brown. Lentichki on shoots rare.

Bright green leaves, glossy, ovoid shape. Ends of leaves are pointed, twist a little. Edges of leaflets wavy, serrated. Sheet plates are covered with pronounced veins, thick and short cuttings.

Flower apple tree attractive flowers of pale pink shades. During the flowering period, the garden is enveloped with a gentle and sweet aroma. The cropping of fruits occurs on the copies, and on the rockets.

Features, pros and cons

Sustainable variety feature is its significant fertility.

The main pluses of varieties include:

  • The excellent qualitative characteristics of the fruit, well-perfect transportation (long retain their freshness, without losing taste);

  • high degree of yield, giving opportunities for collecting a significant amount of fruits with not quite successful weather condition;

  • the presence of strong immunity from diseases, permit attacks;

  • long periods of fruiting;

  • high degree of frost resistance (up to -40 degrees).


  • Culture is not capable of self-pollution;

  • Late dates of fruiting.

Ripening and fruiting

The variety is characterized by a speedy and intensive growth. Fruit stable and abundant. Mixed fruiting type – kidney laid not only on rings, but also on fruit twigs. With blossom, culture is not in a hurry, and therefore spring frosts do not imagine danger to her.

With a good level of agrozode and relevant weather conditions, a full-fledged routine of fruit occurs 7-9 years after landing.

Full aging fruit of grade occurs by the end of September. For proper storage, we recommend to hold them on the tree for another 2-3 weeks.

Eating fruits should be made carefully, without damaging them. Store fruit usually in boxes, folding with one layer. Storage premises must be cool, with low humidity of air well ventilated. The fruits are important to regularly inspect, removing damaged copies.

For apples, an excellent firmness is characterized, with the preservation of its best qualities until the beginning of March. When applying a special closing container, the deadlines for efficient storage increase almost to summer.

Depending on the region of cultivation periods of fruiting change. In the central regions of the country, the variety blooms and blooms the whole of May, and the aging of fruits occurs at the end of September.


In the case of high-quality stock, it is possible to see the first fruits on the 5th year of the tree growth. The process of the fruction of the variety proceeds on ascending – for the first year, the harvest is up to 25 kg with an apple tree, and later – up to 55-60 kg.

Fruits and their taste

Fruits of variety usually medium sizes, slightly elongated configuration. During the ripening, change your color from yellow-greenish to a pronounced golden with red shades. Skin apples shiny, smooth. The average weight of the fetus is about 150-170 g, the greatest – 200 g (recorded – 214 g). Configuration is somewhat flatted, on the cone, the fruits are ribbed, with a slight beveled edges. Small fruits, slightly thickened, straight, osos.

Fruit funnel Cutter, conical, narrow, with weak lands. Cup closed, medium depth saucer, narrow, furred. Refined configuration fetus. Cameras closed view. Middle Length Pattern, Wedge-shaped. Conical Fruit Seeds with Light Brown Color.

Fruits smooth skin, oily and shiny. Snow-white fruit consistency, grainy, melting in the mouth, in taste it is sour-sweet. Their taste features variety does not lose even after processing.

According to the composition: sugar – 9.0%, titrated acids – 0.52%, ascorbic acid – 8.7 mg / 100 g, P-active substances – 433 mg / 100 g. Pectins, which are in a significant amount of fetus, contribute to the normalization of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate toxins and other harmful elements.

Features of cultivation

For productive cultivation of a variety when disembarking, an optimal timeline should be followed:

  • In the spring, disembarks are produced before the start of the Society (the end of March is the beginning of April);

  • In the fall, the landing occurs when the volume of appropriate works before the time of the soil frozen, in 1-1.5 months (at the end of September – October).

Planting is carried out in fertile soils with low acid content. Otherwise the soil fertreal.

Places disembarking should be covered, because in the shaded places of wood, sluggishly grow, weakly fruit. Does not like soil grade, oversaturated moisture.

For the landing, we recommend to take the Saplings of the One-Year, which are quickly adapted to new conditions.

The greatest crops are observed in trees lined in chernozem, gray forest or dend-podzolic soils.

Timely trimming – an important condition for successful grade growth. Formation of crowns are carried out in the initial years after planting seedlings. Further the crown is adjusted.

Crossing events are held 2 times a year – at the beginning of spring and at the end of autumn. The tree is delivered from the raised, deformed and weak branches.


The disadvantage of culture is the inability of the plant to independent pollination. To obtain full yields near the culture, a number of tested varieties are planted: an explorer, veteran, warrior memory.

Diseases and pests

Variety Sustainable Diseases and Pest Attacks. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can ignore the conduct of preventive measures:

  • The propagation of malical dew will prevent the treatment of plants with a colloidal sulfur composition (80 g per bucket of water);

  • The spread of moniliosis prevents the immediate elimination and destruction of the amazed fruits;

  • The variety is rarely subjected to insect attacks, and therefore additional measures to protect plants are not obligatory here (the exception will be cases when the apple tree is located near the damaged fruit crops).

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