Apple tree Semerenko

  • Taste: Sweet, with a pleasant flavor of spices
  • Aroma: gentle
  • The weight of the fetus, g: from 150-180 to 200
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, 140-170 kg from a tree
  • Frequency frequency: leaning to frequency
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 4-5 year
  • Timing of ripening: Lateness
  • Removable maturity: Second half of September – mid-October
  • Bleed: when complying with the correct temperature regime – up to 220 days

See all the characteristics

Site Seven – this is a real classic of apple-breeding. It is extremely difficult to find people who, at least once, did not see his fruits on the counter or did not try them. But it’s nicer to find out how to grow such a culture with your own hands.

History of removal of varieties

Site seven is pretty old. Back in 1947, he was introduced to the state register of fruit plants. Accurate origin of unknown. In a number of sources it is reported that this culture was found random in the 1880s in one of the gardens of the Kiev province. What happened before – forever remains unknown, one can only assume that the famous fruits have become the result of random spontaneous selection.

Description of varieties

The plant has several synonyms at once – this is a rennet Simirenko, and green Ranet Simirenko, and Simirinka. Apple dimensions vary quite widely. And yet among them, large copies are definitely dominated. Great light spots on the skin are well noticeable.

Growth at the grade seven is very vigorous, it sometimes even creates some problems. Krone resembles a wide circle. For her typical spreadability. Ophid leaves elongated. They bend on the manner of the boat at right angles; Typed light green color, with a slight brilliant effect.

Features, pros and cons

The grade seven is very old, and it would seem, newer varieties should fasten it. But it is completely wrong. Culture is very in demand as dackets and professional apple trees. Tree is covered with a simple gray bark. For him, straight boring green shoots, which sometimes bend a little bit.

Lentichki from this variety rare and small. During the year, the increase is 45-60 cm. This indicator depends on the age of a particular plant. Large white flowers look like saucer. Problems in the cultivation of this plant will be:

  • Weak frost resistance (even in the middle strip without shelter in any way);

  • self-pollination is impossible;

  • Due to active growth, it will take a tree annually;

  • Immunity to the paschers and mildew is very weak;

  • After 15 years of development of the apple tree will be fruiting unstable.

However, all these problems do not allow denying and immutable advantages:

  • Excellent commercial and consumer characteristics of fruits;

  • excellent level of transportation;

  • excellent yield;

  • Resistance to cold and heat;

  • Fitness for baby food;

  • Small risk of crop cream;

  • Fitness for diet food;

  • Usefulness in avitaminosis and anemia, with rheumatism and gastrointestinal pathologies.

Ripening and fruiting

Seven – Simple Latest Apple Tree. The necessary maturity for harvesting is raised in the second half of September. Stage maturation can accurately until the middle of the autumn. The first collection occurs on 4 or 5 years. Important: The grade is inclined to fruit periodicity.

Regions growing

The cultivation of the apple tree seven is perfectly in:

  • Central Black Earth District;

  • other districts of the south of Russia;

  • various Ukrainian regions.


On one tree you can collect 140-170 kg of apples. Among this volume, at least 90% of fruit has product quality. Seven-year-old tree gives an average of 16 kg of fruits. Peak fertility Culture is gaining to 10 years. Note: when vaccinated with a shorter we win the very first fee is made sometimes for the 4th year.

Fruits and their taste

Transportation of apples Seven can almost without restrictions. Technically ripe fruits painted in light green tone. Storey fruits gradually yellow. Their form – more often the right circumference, less often cone. The average mass of fruit fluctuates from 150 to 200 g.

Other apples features Seven:

  • large size;

  • smooth robe;

  • Mass of light subcutaneous points;

  • creamy and white pulp with a special juit and tenderness;

  • Attractive gentle fragrance;

  • Sugar content from 7.5 to 12%;

  • The share of titratable acids from 0.4 to 0.7%;

  • The blend (when complying with the correctly selected temperature regime) reaches 220 days;

  • minimal risk of sickness;

  • Evaluation of the tasting examination from 4.5 to 4.7 points.

Features of cultivation

For apple seven, moisture-intensive soils with high air permeability are important. Better if it is fertile loams or sues. In the first years, it is necessary to water the tree so much so that it takes place as it should and quickly reached the optimal condition. However, the “wetlands” of the earth is contraindicated. In mature years, it is necessary to water the apple tree 4 times during the season:

  • in front of blossom;

  • after its end;

  • When apples ripen and pour;

  • When a tree is preparing for winter.

The crown is recommended to form on the manner of the bowl. It is such a geometry that facilitates the care and collection of apples. The breaking of the crown should take place annually. The young apple trees cut only the longest growths. If the culture is planted in the sand, then it is necessary to add clay to the bottom.


The first feeding is held in 3-4 years. Up to this point should have enough nutrients in the soil itself and in the original bookmark. Culture requires both organic and mineral nutrition. Per 1 sq. M to use 5-7 kg of fertilizers. It is necessary to bring them in spring the method of uniform scattering under pumping.

As soon as the time of formation of fruits is coming, apple tree feed the potassium. The optimal version of its introduction is the addition of potassium monophosphate to watering water. Per 1 sq. m is spent 10-20 g. The gap between two feeders is 14 days. In the summer they use predominantly liquid organic.

Frost resistance

According to this indicator, the Honored Grade “With History”, alas, loses most newcomers. Already the temperature is -25 degrees for him are akin to a catastrophe. Therefore, it is impossible to grow such plants without a shelter for most of Russia. Frosses are not excluded even in Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories. Only diligent farmers can avoid trouble of this kind.

Review reviews

Gardeners note that the collection of apples seven is “in several goals”. Stored the collected fruits will be very good. Pretty long tree retains all its advantages. And also this variety is less than many other attacks apple tree fruit. Other estimates note:

  • demandingness to cultivation conditions;

  • partial degeneration of the variety due to cross-pollutions;

  • versatility of fruits (both in size and use);

  • responsiveness for care;

  • Preservation of elasticity of apples with a debt of storage.

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