Apple tree Royal Beauty

  • Full size: Small
  • Removable maturity: September
  • Synonyms names: Malus ‘Royal Beauty’
  • Decorative: Yes
  • Height: 3-5 M
  • Crown: Weeping with a width of 1-2 m, toltenoidal
  • Branches: hang up to the ground
  • Epishers: hang up to the ground
  • Flowers: Dark pink, up to 3 cm in diameter
  • Color: Dark red, with a purple tint

See all the characteristics

Apple tree Piano Beauty No wonder has such a magnificent name. She can bring significant benefits to gardeners. However, it is necessary to deal with all the nuances of its cultivation to eliminate errors and achieve maximum result.

History of removal of varieties

The name should not be misled – this is a culture of purely domestic origin. And she appeared in the middle of the twentieth century. As a basis, an apple tree was taken by Nedzvetsky, already well proven in different places. And the new type was originally, by the plan of developers, decorative purpose, which is emphasized by his name. Plants have synonym – Malus Royal Beauty.

Description of varieties

An attractive feature of the plant is elegant red foliage. At the same time, solid aesthetic quality does not interfere with achieving good vegetative indicators. Fruits themselves also add piano beauty charm. This variety is great for decorating both personal subsidiary sites and public spaces.

Crown 1-2 m wide at the POYAL OF MANAGE is formed by a weak type. Tree height from 3 to 5 m. Shoots fucked up to the earth. The leaves are green, with a purple impression, when blooming – have a bronze-red color, and the orange-brown tone is acquired in the fall. This apple tree will bloom.

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Features, pros and cons

The negative parties of the culture are:

  • the failure of fruits without heat treatment;

  • weak growth;

  • Serious growth inhibition with any trimming.

However, these problems are fully balanced:

  • decent weather resistance of a tree;

  • minimal quality quality requirements;

  • ability to grow almost in any climate;

  • lack of complex sophisticated care.

Normally an annual increase of 20-25 cm. In adult trees, the crown acquires an umbrella view. The diameter of yellow colors sometimes reaches 5 cm (in other sources they write about 3 cm). Characterized Purple or Dark Cherry Color Buds. Fruits will be held on branches for a long time.

Ripening and fruiting

The first buds on the Royal Beauty can be seen in the first and second year of cultivation. However, it is still empty. Present fruiting comes to 3, sometimes for 4 years. Breaks of apples for this culture are not typical, it gives single fruits. Already at the early stage of the fertility with a collection of 1-1.5 kg of fruit no one surprise.


This feature is not described anywhere. Is associated with the fact that the plant has no culinary value. But apples, indeed, a lot – always mention that the branches of the Royal Beauty are covered with small fruit.

Fruits and their taste

For them, dark red color is typical. The fruit itself has an oblong shape, similar to the extended cone. Apples are small in size. Their section does not exceed 1.5 cm. Eating is impossible due to the presence of unsuitable substances, so the taste is not classified and is not described.

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Features of cultivation

For piano beauty, fresh soils are needed with a good level of moisturizing. Dense or saline land is unsuitable. Weakly acidic and neutral loams and sandes are preferred. The plant is light-cuply, tolerates (but it transfers) halftime. The gap between the trees should be 2.5 m, and the aisle – 4 m.

If underground water is closer to 2 m to the surface, the apple tree is almost inevitably dying. Excess moisture on the surface is also destroyed. The landing well should be doubled the koma with roots. Badnogeneous soil improves using the mixture:

  • 3 parts humidia;

  • 1 pieces of leaf land;

  • 2 pieces of sand.

In the year, the piano bump landing should be watered actively. In the next seasons, it is necessary to participate only on the background of drought. So that the water evaporates slower, the priority circles mulch the pine bark either chip. The root of the root neck is unacceptable. Sensitivity to pruning can not be considered a serious disadvantage, because without her apple tree looks decorative; Only occasionally Careful sanitary and rejuvenating trimming are held.

Frost resistance

Royal Beauty – winter hardy culture. It is calm at temperatures up to -30 degrees. Therefore, the usual winter for the most part of the middle strip will be completely calm. However, in the stern season, additional shelter is still necessary. It will be required in Western Siberia, in the Urals, in other cold regions.

Review reviews

They celebrate:

  • Indeed, spectacular species, especially in spring;

  • minimal fortitude of the variety;

  • abundant fruiting;

  • Preservation of visual attractiveness in any season of the year.

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